Gran Turismo 6: Fresh tracks, cars and features added in new update

Tear around the Red Bull Ring in four new vehicles

Hi everyone, we’ve just released a significant new update for Gran Turismo 6. See below for the full list of new features introduced:

Vision Gran Turismo

The “Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo” has been released. Experience the dynamic all wheel drive supercar that inherits the DNA of the Volkswagen sports GTI philosophy.


After the update has been installed, the car can be purchased from the [Vision GT] option within the [CARS] section in “My Home”. Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the car by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.

The “Volkswagen Vision GT” racing gear has been added to the [Special Outfit] of [Racing Gear]. This can also be acquired through the limited time seasonal event.

Red Bull Ring

The full course and short track layouts of the Red Bull Ring have been added as new tracks to the game.

This is a high speed circuit with long flat out sections, but there are tricky tight corners in between. How you handle these tight turns will greatly affect your final lap time. In 2014, Formula 1 racing returned to this track after an 11 year hiatus; the circuit truly brings together the best of the old and the new.


Additional cars

The following cars have been added to the Dealerships. You can also access the cars easily from the Recommended Cars section:

  • GT-R NISMO GT3 Nissan GT Academy Team RJN ’13
  • Lexus IS F CCS-R ’11
  • Toyota TS030 Hybrid ’12

Physics simulation update

The main improvements are as follows:

  • Dynamics of the car on surfaces with cornerstones and bumps
  • Effect of tyre geometry changes (mainly the Camber Angle)
  • Controllability of some rear heavy cars

The default settings of tuning parts have also been adjusted to match this update.

Adjustments to cars

On the various Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X models, the Active Steering in Driving Options is now enabled.

Additional offline features

  • Datalogger can now be called out from the Quick Menu of Time Trial events. However, please note that a part of the feature will be limited when used in this manner. Please refer to the online manual for more details.
  • A ‘Reset to Default’ option that returns car settings to their initial state has been added.
  • Start signals are now enabled on tracks with signals.

Additional online features

  • A window that notifies the start of events, and countdowns for course voting has been added to the lower right of the open lobby.
  • The upload timings for rankings have been changed for both Drift Rankings and Section Time Trials.

For more information on the update, head over to the official Gran Turismo site.

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0 Author replies
zalwelgoedgaan 18 June, 2014 @ 17:05

Will the GT6 servers close when GT7 is released?

Before – but if you buy a DLC, you’ll be fine ;)

zalwelgoedgaan 18 June, 2014 @ 17:12


For about 3 years, then hurry up and move to the next game.


Pix of Penrose Tackie?


nevermind, its a guy :P just wondered why there is never any interaction on the posts / comments

I want to see GT7 for PS4 :(


Thanks for the free content, rare thing those days.

andrewsqual 18 June, 2014 @ 18:37

Downloaded earlier and can’t wait to fire her up now. Thanks for all these great free content updates. Can’t wait to see what you will do with the franchise on PS4 ^_^

Why is there a 20 minute install screen after like every update???

Now the only feature it lacks is availability for PS4

The driving line is inactive when playing on split-screen. Will coming updates be remedy for this?


Can the next update do something about the install times? The longer I have to sit through these the less I want to go back to Gran Turismo.

Fatal1ty_93_RUS 19 June, 2014 @ 20:50

Man, it would be so appropriate if PD could add a couple of F1 2014 cars since now we have Red Bull Ring and it is now officially came back as one of the race stages for Formula One


If only they had the rights

Thanks again for more free concent but why add a new track to GT6 without either a new event which includes this track or some seasonal events – time trail, race (Prefer).

Fingers crossed for next week’s seasonal events ?

rmguimaraes 20 June, 2014 @ 22:47

HELP required.
After the “20” minute wait when it gets to 1 or 2 minute the installation stops and a screen keeps on saying error installing.
Error persists after two days and logging on/off.

I have been waiting for some Australian V8 super cars since the Bathurst track was included.

untill-ranger 28 June, 2014 @ 18:35

I have played this game since the first game,and as a big car and racing fun,i loved this game like no other game..have played them and night..but i can not understand why you can not turn the tire noise down..the game is great,,but the over doing,of the try driving me insane..what way to wreak the best game of all time..its so bad..I think i will have to jump x-box..for the first time since ps1..this makes me sad…but no one will fix it..Please help ….. ! …. ! …..? ? ? heLP !@#$%^&*()_+

cosmeferrari 29 June, 2014 @ 20:25

We want new models of Ferrari , PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LaFerrari !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oho nice.

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