MotoGP 14 races onto PS3 and PS4 today

Everything you need to know about this year’s bike racer

When we started work on MotoGP 14 there were really three things that we wanted to achieve. Firstly – authenticity, to have a videogame that was as close the sport as we could possibly achieve.

Second, we wanted a level of photo-realism that would, if you didn’t know it was a game, would make you look twice to check if it was real.

Lastly, we wanted players to feel as though they were bringing the sport into their living room. That once the TV coverage stopped, they could ‘live’ what they had previously only been watching.

I hope that players will feel that we’ve achieved all those things when the game arrives on PS3 and PS4 today (with the PS Vita version to follow on 4th July).



Perhaps the most exciting thing for us here at Milestone is that this is our first next-gen racer. The most obvious benefit that the PS4 brings for us is a visual one, of course. Increased resolution, the models are that much more complex, as are the riders themselves – the level of detail we can put into the game now is amazing.

We’re also using the Yebis 2 lighting engine – which is being used by Square Enix in some of their next-gen titles. This is a very powerful lighting tool that has helped MotoGP take a real step up in delivering that goal of photo-realism.


The additional power has also allowed us to make big leaps forward in elements that you can’t necessarily see in video or in screens – you have to feel them in game. By this I mean in terms of physics and AI.

The AI is much improved. Different riders will display different behaviour – you’ll also notice that when you have many riders close by they behave much more realistically than ever before – they take a more realistic racing line and now ride more intelligently. They also react to you, and each other very well – and this makes a big difference to the overall experience.


We’ve really worked on the handling models too – setting everything to pro is a real challenges and is bound to please hardcore biking fans. We’ve also added more in the way of options, so you can tune the handling to your preference, whether you’re a beginner of a more skilled player.

Essentially, the increased power of the PS4 allows us to make considerably more calculations per second, and this has improved many aspects of the look and feel of MotoGP.


I’m also very pleased with the level of content we’ve managed to include this time around. Real Events and Challenge the Champions are great additions this year. The 2013 season was incredible in terms of racing and excitement – Real Events will allow you to relive some of those great moments and great battles.

Challenge the Champions is my favourite mode though. This allows you to race as classic Champions from MotoGP history. The challenges in this mode ask you re-enact certain key battles from MotoGP’s past – or in some cases, change the course of those events altogether.

Another thing I also wanted to do for MotoGP 14 was to improve the Career mode as this always provides the biggest part of the single player experience.


You enter Moto3 on a wild card and have to progress through to MotoGP. There’s much more in the way of player choice and control now – you can speak with your manager in game, define what your objectives are, which teams you want to ride for and chart your progress to achieving those goals.

We’ve also added in some very cool new elements. As you get better, for example, your motor-home – one of the staples of any MotoGP paddock – will get increasingly lavish as you rise up the ranks. You can also now unlock data packs for your bike, where you can test and improve your ride as you race though every season.


I’m very pround of what we’ve achieved on MotoGP 14 this year. There’s so much more content to MotoGP now – new online modes like split battle for example, and the improved career mode – but I think mostly, we are happy that we have created the most authentic, most accurate depiction of the MotoGP sport ever made.

We worked very closely with Dorna, we had real MotoGP riders like Jorge Lorenzo come and test the game and give us lots of feedback on handling and the tracks themselves. We always strive for maximum authenticity – that is always our goal and something we want to give our fans.


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What is the framerate for the PS4 version? Framerate is quite an important part in racing simulator games. ESPECIALLY when you want to charge £59.99/€69.99 for the game on the PSN store!

dunderhoken82 20 June, 2014 @ 11:28

30FPS only…

turbogeek421 20 June, 2014 @ 11:17

Looks great! Had lots of fun with MotoGP ’13 on Vita (thank you Playstation Plus) which put these games on my radar. May have to check this one out too!


Any chance for a demo?

Chronospherics 20 June, 2014 @ 11:20

Looks good, not quite on Driveclubs level but I might pick it up. Have MotoGP 13 for Vita but it doesn’t play that well without analogue triggers.

jellyhedgehog 20 June, 2014 @ 11:39

Use the right analogue stick for braking and acceleration it’s awesome. Feels more like a bike.

jellyhedgehog 20 June, 2014 @ 11:47

Again £20 more expensive than the physical copy. I would not have hesitated if it was £40. The ps4’s 500gb HDD isn’t big enough so there’s a min of £50 to spend upgrading it. Not to mention the negative of having a game you can’t trade in and that might become unplayable in the future due to the closing of servers ect. So why the premium price? Because people are stupid enough to spend it. If everyone boycotted digital releases for 4 weeks the loss in revenue would force them to change the prices. They’re a joke.

The stupid thing is that the RRP price is £49.99 Yet they price the PSN price higher then the RRP price.

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skintradeuk75 20 June, 2014 @ 12:04

Photorealism, high frame rates, and realistic feeling (as such with a controller) is all well and good, but more importantly; for the love of pete why do the screenies still have Nicky Hayden on the Ducati? (just kidding, keep up the good work)

PS+ PS4 games for July: Towerfall Ascension and Strider


Is this on Vita also, or only PS3/4 as the title suggests?

Vita version got delayed so will release in early July I think.


Just got the game today on PS4 and I’m having a blast. Looks great and handles brilliantly. I hope Milestone bring WRC 5 to PS4 later this year!

The3DGalaxian 20 June, 2014 @ 17:00

I played on PC last year. PS4 this year. It is so much better. It plays amazingly. So much fun. I just wish I could have downloaded it had it not been for the £20 higher price than retail. Still, well done Milestone.

imaan_alhammadi 20 June, 2014 @ 18:27

Hiii frnds


Got my copy of the game today and I can say what a fantastic game, its hard but when you get it right its so rewarding.

SteendijkAssen 20 June, 2014 @ 18:42

According to the website the game would be available in Dutch. My 8-year old son paid 70 euro’s for the game, but can’t understand the english. What can I do? Please help, he’s very sad and disappointed. I downloaded it in PS store for PS4.

SteendijkAssen 20 June, 2014 @ 22:38

Where can I get help or a refund? Downloaded the game for PS4 from the PS store and all I can do is Instant game ….. Paid 70 bucks folks! For nothing!

SolarSystem 21 June, 2014 @ 10:41

Fix this game! It only lets me play instant race, come on 70euro for a game that not works…

jellyhedgehog 22 June, 2014 @ 17:08

It’s because it hasn’t downloaded fully.

MadDogxIRLx 21 June, 2014 @ 18:28

Beautiful Game, and like said, it’s the first proper racer out this year, it’s a shame that it’s only 30frames, but it plays perfectly and bikes look and sound amazing. My only problem is that when I’m online, I’m getting a pop up black screen on centre left of my screen with real player names REALLY distracting, am I the only one with this problem??? I enjoy the game but with this happening sigh, This really needs to be dealt with and fast, please bring out a patch fix asap.. Thanks…

MadDogxIRLx 21 June, 2014 @ 18:35

Also the game has crashed on me a few times since I bought it physical copy on Friday. Really hope that this can be fixed and someone can say WHEN !!


Can anyone tell me how to get the black box to stop popping up while playing online

I purchased MotoGP 14 ps4 from the Australian psn store today but it won’t let me play career mode. The full game says its 15Gb but it downloaded after 2.3gb. However there is no option to download the remainder of the game. Could someone please tell me what’s going on?

Glenn_The_Beast 05 July, 2014 @ 14:13

if iy play moto gp 14 iy earn trophees buth if iy sync him iy dont see him on my acount sombody the same problem add my then on ps3

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