Free RESOGUN update goes live tomorrow – full details

Ship editor, new trophies, local co-op and leaderboard changes

Ian Pickles, Producer at XDEV Studio Europe here today with some news regarding the all new RESOGUN update which hits your PS4 late tomorrow night, 22nd June.

This update, which is free to all owners of RESOGUN lays the ground work for the forthcoming Heroes expansion due on Wednesday which will expand your RESOGUN experience with new modes, game world and more.

RHU_Blog_Screenshot 3

In addition to getting you all ready for Heroes though we wanted to do a little extra for everyone out there to thank you for the amazing support and reception you showed to RESOGUN on release. The guys at Housemarque and us here at XDEV Studio Europe were amazed by the reaction to the game and thank you all so much for getting behind the game.

With that in mind, alongside lots of tweaks, improvements and bug fixes, this free update contains a few special treats from us.

Ship editor

One of the more requested features since the world first got a look at “dem voxels” was the ability to create your own ship. Housemarque listened and created a fully featured Ship Editor for you to play with as part of this free update!

RHU_Blog_Screenshot 1

Design your own ship from the ground up using a detailed voxel editor. Position the afterburners and weapons, set your own attributes to govern the ships skill at agility, boost and overdrive and choose either of the standard weapon sets for your ride. Want a flying Delorean with the agility of the Nemesis but firepower of the Ferox? Go right ahead!

RHU_Blog_Screenshot 2

But that’s not all… what’s a ship editor if you can’t show off your custom rides? We went one step further and fully connected the editor online, share and download ships from your friends, rivals and the community at large and try out new ships to see what gives you the edge in the leaderboards.

This really is a massive addition to the game and one that is going to stir up the competition. Being able to tweak ship attributes means the game is tactically deeper and there are tons of new tricks to make that high score bigger… that and if you can think of anything better than saving the last humans while piloting a flying ninja unicorn ship then I’d like to hear about it.

We’re really excited to see what you guys come up with in the editor and will be right there online sharing our own ships.

Local co-op

Another much requested feature was the ability to play local co-op in game and the good folks at Housemarque have heard you and added that to the expansion too.

Moar Trophies

We love a good trophy set and were really proud that so many of you achieved the platinum after the game launched. We worked long and hard to make a set that was a challenge but still achievable and we’re incredibly proud that we were a lot of player’s first platinum trophy on PS4.

Because we like trophies and we like to spoil you all, we added trophies to not only the forthcoming expansion but also to this free update too!

This is another great reason to come back to the game and improve your overall trophy score. Again these have been designed to make you play with the new additions to the game and while challenging should be achievable for most of you with a little bit of effort – for those that need a little bit of help we’ll be back in a week or two with an exclusive trophy guide for both the Heroes Expansion and the Update created by one of our very own QA team – keep your eyes on the blog for that in the near future.

Hall of Fame

Since release we’ve seen you battling it out for the top scores on the leaderboards and go all out to save the last humans. Some player’s blew our minds in terms of the scores they could achieve and others… well some others surprised us with the discovery of some really sneaky exploits.

Such as this:

And this:

I bet you thought we weren’t watching huh ;) So with the huge amount of changes brought about by the editor and assignable attributes to ships we’ve spent some time ironing out the main game and fixing some of the exploits where we could.

With that in mind we’re left with little option but to clear the leaderboards and start afresh alongside the release of this update. That being said we didn’t want the superhuman efforts to go forgotten so we have added a Hall of Fame Leaderboard to display the achievements of the original RESOGUN Heroes. All scores in the Main Hero difficulty leaderboard will be forever displayed here to show future generations the level of skill (and in some cases sneakiness) that was shown by our community in the early months of RESOGUN.

And with that I’m out of here. We’ll be back on the blog tomorrow with more information about the Heroes Expansion pack. In the meantime enjoy the update and thanks again so much for all of your support for RESOGUN.

To all the Heroes we salute you – now get out there and save the last humans.

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You guys are amazing listening to your fans and taking in feedback!
Can’t wait to dig into it once again, and get those new trophies! Resogun is still my favorite game on PS4~
Really looking forward to the DLC itself aswell!


Cannot wait i hope there are loads of trophies this has been my most loved game i hope there will be a Resogun 2 one day or a vita port as would love to platinum this again…..Whats chances of a Dead Nation 2 also :)

I will surely try out this update tomorrow!

medenko1975 21 June, 2014 @ 16:19

Many thanks for this updates!!!


They promised Driveclub for PLUS in January 2014. They delivered nothing.

And why is GTA 5 on sale in PSN yet there is no info here on it?


Wah wah wah.


Could it be that the GTA in question is for PS3?

MonkeyMonger 22 June, 2014 @ 06:55

Would you rather a non finished game?

Its GTA 5. Wanna play it again? Pre order. Wanna wait and see what is coming? Wait and see.

Design your own ship looks pretty good. I shale be going back on this tomorrow.

Most excellent! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Finka_Karfein 21 June, 2014 @ 19:38

Local co-op. I use dual DS4 so rarely, now’s the time :) Thanks!


This was the first game I downloaded on my new PS4, and when I was told to “Save the Last Humans” by my DS4 I was sold. An excellent title by a top dev team.

Well done guys!

vincedelicious 21 June, 2014 @ 20:46

*fangirl scream*

DoYouLikeMyID 21 June, 2014 @ 21:11

What an amazing update! Thank you guys so much, I’ll definitely check it out. (And earn all the trophies! :D) I’m
not usually one for buying DLC, but I feel bad that I’ve gotten almost every single one of your games for free (the only exception being Super Stardust Delta, which I bought on release) so I may pick up the DLC or season pass at some point to show my support :)

Now if only we could get 3D support in a future update… I mean this game in 3D would probably blow everyone’s mind – it would at least blow my mind. I really hope you can make this happen too ;)

Alphaembryo 21 June, 2014 @ 21:45

Local co-op?! Just amazing! Thank you very much!

RedMustang72 21 June, 2014 @ 23:20

Was my first Plat for the PS4 too, great fun, and the update is cool, but will there be new levels to play at any point?

COOL stuff, thanks :P I might try & do a flying Pig(not sure why that just popped up in my head for) :D

Can’t wait to return to Resogun, the platinum was my first on the PS4 and Katy trophy of 2013 and I’ve not played it much since.
This is a great looking update and I also look forward to getting the DLC next week


So is local co-op in tomorrows update or the upcoming expansion?


Ship editor looks great, So, who’s making me a Back to the Future 2 Delorean? :D

Captain9Fingers 22 June, 2014 @ 12:36

One of the best games of all time is getting better :)

supersmith2500 22 June, 2014 @ 16:21

Where’s the update? Don’t say they lied again. :(

supersmith2500 22 June, 2014 @ 16:22

Ah, tonight.

LordBeloved 22 June, 2014 @ 19:36

I think most people misunderstood this:

The update will be free, the DLC won’t be…


Great you added new set of trophies on this update. Major reason for me to try it out and finish it up. Thanks

jellyhedgehog 23 June, 2014 @ 15:12

The ship editor is awesome.

Brilliant :)
I think I speak for many of us when I say thank you for the continued support on resogun.


I missed out on Resogun as I didn’t buy a PS4 at launch. Seeing this post intrigued me as I really, really like how you’re continuing to support the game and add more features. I bought it today and it’s possibly my favourite PS4 game now. Flying around in a pixel (sorry, voxel) art version of the Normandy while EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE EXPLODING INTO A MILLION PIECES is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Well played, Devs.


I’ve still not had the update to this? I can see the DLC on the store.. but yet no update.. am I missing or not doing something?


Scratch that.. went in to the game and that kicked it off.

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