Your first look at DRIVECLUB’s dynamic weather in action

New videos show off the PS4 racer’s incredible climate simulation

Evolution Studios took the wraps off DRIVECLUB’s dynamic weather system at E3 in Los Angeles this month and we were there to see it demoed live. Today we’ve got some new direct feed gameplay clips of it in action and an interview with the game’s Art Director Alex Perkins.

The clips are all taken from an early demo of the game’s realistic – and fully customisable – weather system, which will be available for DRIVECLUB as a free update for all players shortly after launch.

We’re really excited to give you an early look at how wind, rain, snow and everything in between can affect your races and how you can customise it in your challenges. Take a look at the new videos and then keep reading for more from Alex.

To see the videos in full widescreen, head on over to the DRIVECLUB Facebook page.

How have you approached weather in DRIVECLUB?
Alex Perkins: We’ve approached our weather system with the same guiding principles as we’ve done with everything in DRIVECLUB, to make it as immersive and fun as possible. We’ve developed a powerful engine that has the capability to model the entire environment in stunning detail; from each cloud that makes up our living skies, to every crest and fall in the tarmac beneath your wheels.

From there, we’re breathing additional life into the environments by developing the earth’s atmosphere around it. Originally we focussed on authentic lighting and skies as the tool for you to customise stunning backdrops for fun challenges with your friends. Now, we’re developing a dynamic weather system that plays into all of this, adding another powerful tool to your arsenal.

The cloud cover and conditions you choose will dictate how much snow and rain will fall. The wind direction and speed determines where snow will settle. Then when it stops, the temperature and height of the sun governs how quickly clouds evaporate and roads dry out. We’re really striving for consistency in every detail just like we have done with everything else in the game.

What’s the scale of the weather types in the game? Is it just rain or snow, or can we expect drizzle, sleet, downpours, blizzards and so forth?
Alex Perkins: You can expect every one of those and you can expect it to change dynamically and unpredictably while you race – because we’ve designed it to be just like real weather systems. Spots of rain can become torrential downpours or transition into blizzards, quickly or slowly, and when the clouds clear up the tracks will dry out too.

So if you’re in Norway, for example, you’ll face heavier snow when you’re racing atop the mountains and much lighter snow or sleet when you descend to a lower altitude. Lots of things play into this, like elevation, wind speed and temperature. We can even adjust all the way to zero visibility conditions too – the only limit will be the need to balance things for fun and usability.

And what about really extreme stuff, like thunder and lightning?
Alex Perkins: Deafening thunder storms with flashes of fork lightning are what we’re aiming for. Our intention is to make this as immersive and exciting as we can.


How customisable will the weather be?
Alex Perkins: We want you to be able to create epic races that you want to share with your friends because they took your breath away. Just like we do with time of day, skies and time lapse speed, we’re going to add lots of options for you to be able to adjust how the weather plays out in your challenges. We don’t want to just offer fixed settings for “rain” or “snow”, we want it to be dynamic and exciting. We’re still working on how best to present this to you and we’ll show more closer to launch.

On that note, can you go into details on exactly what implications dynamic weather has on gameplay?
Alex Perkins: As you’d expect, weather is a game changer. When your tires get wet it’s harder to brake and easier to drift, which has a big effect on how you race and score fame for your club. It’s not just the handling that changes though, visibility can also change massively and impact on how the game plays too, especially at night when you’ve got your windscreen wipers going like crazy and your headlights are reflecting on the snowflakes ahead of you to blanket the sky in white.

Accurately replicating real life weather sounds like a massive technical challenge? Is that fair?
Alex Perkins: Challenging ourselves is part of what makes us Evolution Studios. We’re very ambitious and we want to keep pushing our own tools and the power of PS4 to create new and exciting game play experiences. We’ve had to learn a lot about weather systems and experiment with how it interacts with everything else in the game.

It’s all about the detail: the dampening surfaces, moisture absorption, changing material appearances, lighting in the sky, and so on. It’s amazing to see this come together; to see little details like rain forming puddles that can hold water, then dry out or get bigger depending on the terrain topology and changes to the temperature. To be able to make a break-thru like this is what makes the new PlayStation 4 hardware so exciting.

As ever we are pouring our hearts into every detail, to make sure we have a weather system that looks real and is exciting for you to play with.

3 Author replies
xXzerosandonesXx 08 July, 2014 @ 15:07

Mother of God…

Damn, Sony!

God, I love great rain simulation in racing games. I have very fond memories of the TOCA series on the PC, just for the rain. Do the weather right, and you have won me over pretty much.

European_Gamer 08 July, 2014 @ 15:55

You should get the game RAIN.

Just that Rain has no cars in it. ;)


I with you Golwar ;) Racing in rain is cool !! reminds me of PGR4 on some other games console :p

killah_fury 08 July, 2014 @ 15:11

Looks awesome!

FYI: The link to the Facebook page is broken. You need to add http:// to the beginning of the link.

Fred Dutton 08 July, 2014 @ 16:16

Akk. Fixed. Sorry folks.

Come on SONY your not fooling me, that is real life racing in the rain! :D WOW! :P Looks ASTONISHING! :P

Looks… brilliant

I was thinking… you know what would be great to see? Dust storm! Racing on track in the middle of some dessert (probably there isn’t anything like that, right?) and baaam! out of “nowhere” you are entering dust cloud, and you hardly see anything… that would be spectacular….

Anyway… I hope that one day… they will start making games where hitting road sign is bad idea… I mean really?! It should have smashed hood and window. But I kinda know that making detailed damage model would be probably harder than making game…. too much work to do, right?

(oh also side note: FF IV still with not uptdated price, dunno if you are aware so just leaving side note)


*spectacular but also kinda foolish thing to do (+not realistic at all)

The weather looks very nice indeed. But my God, why these videos are shared on Instagram and not on Yotube with 1080p?

The link to Facebook page is broken as well.

xXzerosandonesXx 08 July, 2014 @ 15:16

Or Gamersyde with 1080p and the ability to directly download.

These graphics aren’t just good, they are crazy good. And most of all, the game looks really fun! It’s arcade racing without being *too* arcade (if you catch my drift). Add in competitive clubs, and you have something quite special indeed.

I’m going to enjoy playing this.

That looks incredible! any chance of lossless/uncompressed 1080p footage that we could download (like KIllzone did) so we can see just how detailed this looks in action :D

Fred Dutton 08 July, 2014 @ 16:20

No immediate plans for that, but we’ll have lots more great footage coming your way over the next few months.


Wow. Looks amazing. 1080p footage please! :)


So the game will have unbelievabel graphics, OK.
I´m more than sure that now a day´s everybody should already heard about that.

There is only one thing we all want to know. Please, please, please and again please give us a list of the supported wheels which will work from release or in the near future with this really beautifull game.
I know that the thrustmaster will work, but that can´t be the only one or am i wrong?????

An Answere would realy be appriciated.
THX and can´t wait for this Game.

Fred Dutton 08 July, 2014 @ 16:21

We’ll confirm details as soon as possible.

How about direct feed?

Mikelarry85 08 July, 2014 @ 15:45

nice job evo, definitely has my attention now

Photo Mode please.


Replay Mode with Photo Mode even better


Looks amazing :-) Seems like Driveclub is going to squeeze every core to achieve the graphic greatness :-)

medenko1975 08 July, 2014 @ 15:51

omfg droolz :=:)

Nice weather simulation but wouldn’t that fit better a real racing simulator then the more arcade like style I see in the demo movies.

European_Gamer 08 July, 2014 @ 16:15

Wow, Instagram share confirmed.

Looks amazing :(

Nelsonslb1991 08 July, 2014 @ 16:25

those graphics O.o, just wow. i never seen a game look this close to real life. amazing

fps_d0minat0r 08 July, 2014 @ 16:38

Looks great.
But if we can see gameplay of this, why not TLOU remastered which will be releasing before this?
Somethings fishy… Is it really native 1080p and solid 60fps, or as next gen as the developers claim?

PaulKylymnyk 08 July, 2014 @ 16:42

This reminds me of NFS HP2, my favorite NFS game along with Undergrounds…
The graphics are simply astonishing. <<<3
Can't wait!

John_McClane_NL 08 July, 2014 @ 16:46

holy (CENSORED)… looking awesome Sony

Looks good but any update on what the plus edition is going to contain or is it just a. Glorified demo/ f2p game?


All game modes, just restricted to North American tracks and less cars than the full game.

Parhelion69 08 July, 2014 @ 17:05



Is this real life? No, it looks even better!

Thanks for your efforts Evo, this is seriously amazing.

Day One.

Stonesthrow 08 July, 2014 @ 17:21

Looks and sounds amazing. Seems like this will be my racing fix for a whole while.


I couldn’t believe at first that the second video was from the game.Evolution Studios have my money now.

Wait!what? Dynamic weather Won’t be available at launch. If its been playable since e3 Why is this?
No direct download of 1080p footage and no plans to show it.

Sounds more like the Sony hype train is doing its best to big up this game,I bet when its released it looks nowhere near as good as shown,and dynamic weather obviously won’t be the same as in the e3 demo shown to us mugs,if it was you wouldn’t need to implement it after the game releases.


You should delay this game once more.
Don’t release drive club without meteo effect, or the press will bash this game.

I guess ps4 players can wait driveclub 2 or 3 months, after all this time…no ?

abdelrahman23034 08 July, 2014 @ 17:49



ThreeWallzz 08 July, 2014 @ 18:19

Jesus that’s incredible!


Looks impressive, to say the least. I’m not a racing guy, but I look forward to trying this game.
But PLEASE Sony, treat your games the way they deserve to be treated, sharing a video on Instagram with awful quality, really? Get your stuff together, just post a good video that is closer to the final product so we can all appreciate it the way the debs intended to. That’s what “for the players” is all about.


A update after launch means that the rest of the game is being worked on so much. Wonder how big that update is gonna be, like 10GB. Looks incredible but have to ask, what happened to that first person view with the dashboard and wheel in sight. Hope that’s not gone.

vipersniper889 08 July, 2014 @ 19:10

I love cockpit view

Vasto_Horde 08 July, 2014 @ 19:19



O my lord that looks insane.


This looks great! Man, I need me a PS4 :-(

wow yessssssss

fordgt40style 08 July, 2014 @ 21:29

This game is absolutely fantastic:places,cars,sound of cars,visual(the best visual) and yet the dynamic weather system this game is absolutely the most simular at the reality but I think that arcade and simulation racer prefeur to customize cars for a race not customize weather for a race.And was speaking about 50% simulation and 50% arcade but at this E3 ,people that prove it sad that is an arcade racer ,so why we have a perfect simulation for weather and not our 50% simulation???
And why no PS camera and not customization???
But I have seen the fantastic news of after the exit we receive more cars and more circuit this is really a fantastic news!!!


Once again, this is why I bought a PS4. Thank you Evolution! I know you guys aren’t done with Drive Club, but one has to wonder, what other plans do you have for this incredible engine you have created? The implications are down-right scary!


Could you fix the Final Fantasy IV pricing on the Big in Japan sale? Also the car game looks nice.


Motorstorm does NFS ;) Can’t wait !!!


Any links to decent footage anywhere? Every video I see of the game looks either blocky/pixelated or has dodgy framerates. :/

Great work, nice to see you return to a more WRC style game after the Motorstorm series. All that effort on the global illumination and rendering has really paid off, dunno how you fit all the maths in one frame.

Probably the game that’ll have me by a PS4 for.

C0LLIER_1985 09 July, 2014 @ 09:38

this is the best weather engine I’ve seen in a game to date!!

looks incredible

Can You Explain Why ONLY 2 Replies and Why we are still missing many PS+ Discounts: 491 Comments 2 Author replies
I Posted here because you have totally ignored the original topic. Where is:
Final Fantasy IV (Discount goes live Thursday 3rd July) (Shame it’s the 9th and this still hasn’t Happened!)
now €4.99/AU$7.55/£3.99


why not use gamersyde or something ? facebook is really not the way!!


I’ve given up trying to decide whether I should get this or The Crew. I’ll just get both.

RUBBERTOE__DOE 12 July, 2014 @ 20:14

ps plus version for free! limited content tho

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