Rogue Legacy release date confirmed for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita

The acclaimed roguelike arrives on PlayStation Store on 30th July

What’s up guys! We’re crazy proud to announce that the official release date for Rogue Legacy on ALL Playstation platforms will be 30th July, 2014! That’s only three weeks away! That’s complete insanity, and we’re totes mcgoats excited to finally bring it to consoles and handhelds.

Now, before I go into a list of the awesomeness that is the PlayStation versions of Rogue Legacy, I just want to give a shout out to the guys at Abstraction Games. They did almost all of the work on bringing the game to PlayStation, and this would never have happened without them. So big ups to them for all their help!

For those that don’t know, I should probably explain to you guys what Rogue Legacy is. It’s a rogue-lite game where you must conquer a magical castle which is constantly changing. Every time you die, your children succeed you. Each child has his or her own unique genetic traits, so one child might be a near sighted wizard, and another could be a flatulent ninja. So every play through is unique, right from the get-go.

As an added bonus, all the money you earn is passed down to your children, giving each generation a leg up on the last. And you’ll need every edge you can get, because this game is hard!


Anyways, before this gets too long, let me list out why the PlayStation versions are awesome.

  • Cross Buy! — Do you want the awesome portable-ness of Vita? Or do you want the epic big screen experience of PS4/PS3? Don’t worry, you won’t have to make that choice because we’ll just give it all to you!
  • Cross Save! –– Going out? Play on the Vita, and when you get home, your save will be brought over to your PS4/PS3 via cloud magic!
  • 101% content! — Every single feature in the PC version, including all of the content patches, has been faithfully brought over to the PlayStation versions. So you get all the extra Bonus zones, traits, and boss remixes jam packed into those sweet little bytes, along with just a little bit more. But only just a little.
  • Multi-lingual! — Rogue Legacy’s been translated into a whole BUNCH of languages for you guys. We’ve got English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. :D
  • PS Vita control scheme bliss! — When we originally made Rogue Legacy, we made it with the PS Vita buttons in mind. No joke. We gambled that if it did well, we wouldn’t want the Vita version being nerfed in the control department, so we made sure to not use too many buttons. That crazy gamble we made over a year ago paid off, and that means the Vita version plays perfectly! Happiness!
  • Platinum Trophy! — Aw yiss! Platinum awesome-ness! Thanks, PlayStation!

Anyhoo, enough talk. We’re crazy excited to be bringing Rogue Legacy to all of the PlayStation platforms, and we hope you guys enjoy it, too!


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LordBeloved 09 July, 2014 @ 17:02


Awesomeness! I’ll be buying this day one, even though I already finished it on my Mac :D

Did not expect to see it this month. Great suprise! It seems to be having all the good stuff! Cross-buy, save etc.
Any idea on price yet? Very much looking forward to this!


I’ve been waiting for this for so long! (CENSORED) The Last of Us, Destiny and Diablo 3; Rogue Legacy is where it’s at, WOOOOHHH!


I agree with you, gameplay is awesome, now wait for the indie hating comments.


I just want to make clear before the foam-mouthed AAA-Crusaders jump on me in the virtual alleys of the Internet, that I don’t care either way about what games anyone likes, it’s a joke, don’t take everything so seriously, we’re all in the same boat and so on, and so on.


If this game was made back in the 90’s, it totally woulda been a AAA game.

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Day 1 buy for me.
Game is great and addictive, I just hope the price would be like the PC.

:D! Can’t wait, buying day 1!

HarryFabian 09 July, 2014 @ 17:09

Great news, a terrific game. Hope it does well.

Awesome, was playing the pc demo in the last days waiting for the ps4 release, the price will probably be 15€ (same as the pc version) but i hope that early buyers/ps+ members get some kind of discount since the game already had some good promotions on the PC (around 3€).

RockLobster2074 09 July, 2014 @ 17:11

So glad this is finally coming! I’ve dodged it in so many sales because I was waiting for the Playstation versions. Cross-buy and cross-save is great and the fact they focused on Vita is brilliant since that’s the platform I’ll play most on. It just looks like it’ll really fit. Great work, guys. Can’t wait!


It runs SO well on the PSVita.

Although my platform of choice is the PS4, just because the d-pad on the PS4 controller feels suuuuuper nice.

HomessaHomem 09 July, 2014 @ 17:11




I soooo can’t wait to grab this for my Vita. Day one for me!



Just in time for my holiday to Spain. Winner.


Nice! And we translated it into Spanish too.

madmanwithabox12 09 July, 2014 @ 18:21

The Vita love is always appreciated. Somebody needs to support the thing. *thumbs up*


Looks and sounds great! Can’t wait! Any multiplayer support?


No multiplayer, sorry. This game was made to be a single player experience.

danielm1979 09 July, 2014 @ 18:29

I could have sworn I clicked on an image from Castlevania… oh you indie games!



Can I get a download code for a couple of weeks early access?
For my birthday?
No ?
Are you sure?
*Puppy eyes*

tired-hippo 09 July, 2014 @ 18:46

Alot of good PSN store goodness coming in the next month and a bit with this, oddworld new and tasty and hohokum.

TheMegaRedHead 09 July, 2014 @ 18:56

Day one for me ! Thanks for cross buy/save !!!

dee4life4444 09 July, 2014 @ 19:12

I’m predicting this for August PS+!! :)


I don’t think so, but it doesnt matters 30 of July is also the day we will learn for August ps+ games :)


Keep dreaming :D


Day one buy, My platform of choice is PS4 :D Can’t wait !


This is awesome!
I’ve been looking forward to this for ages. I’d give you my money now if I could!
I’ll be mainly playing this on my Vita but I love that it’s cross buy and cross save so I can show off my skills (or how rubbish I am) on the big screen :)

Day 1 can’t wait! TLOU day after too lol!


Italian language?


Having finished this on the PC, as much as I hate to say it (as I don’t want my console to be indy only) this game will be awesome on the Vita and shall be re-bought on day 1.

This game quite literally hates you, and your first born.


F**king finally!

I had a great time with this on PC when it came out originally but the moment I heard it would be released on Vita I stopped playing and waited for the portable awesomeness that this will be.

Combine this with Binding of Isaac and I will never see my friends again.

excellent any word on price?

ever since mercenary kings posting without a price i suspect plus? which would be great if not its a buy anyway

Platinum Trophy! — Aw yiss! Platinum awesome-ness! Thanks, PlayStation!



Yeah we were pretty excited when Sony gave us the a-okay on that. Thanks Sony :D

TotalBiscuit257 09 July, 2014 @ 23:23

Fantastic! Definitely picking this up, day one if there’s a PS+ early adopter discount…

(Pretty please? Would be totes awesome!)


Everybody NEEDS to play this! It’s an amazing game, really well done, really addictive and rewarding. One of the best indies out there, you won’t regret it.


Day 1! Thanks guys. I’ll probably play it on my Vita too as it’s the perfect pick up and play game XD


Awesome. Been Waiting for this. Have it on PC but hate using a keyboard. Better with a controller imo


Yeah, we tried making keyboard work, but it was always meant to be played on a controller.

BenderUnit22 10 July, 2014 @ 05:18

Bought this the second it came out on Steam, gonna buy it again on PSN.

I just hit level 507 on my PC save yesterday. Can’t wait to do it again <3


It kind of looks like a modern version of Ghouls and Ghosts from the pictures :) Looks really good and I can’t wait to pick it up.

bubble_boy01 10 July, 2014 @ 14:14

Perfect timing, just ‘finished’ Spelunky and was looking for something new to get ridiculously addicted to. It looks great!!!

Awwww 20 days. Why can’t we humans hibernate God? Why?! Try harder.


Great, Cant wait. Do you know pricing yet?


Was worried I’d have to decide which version to buy so crossplay is awesome news!

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