Skullgirls Encore muscles onto PS4 and PS Vita this year

New edition of acclaimed fighter will include all DLC content

Very little has been constant during Skullgirls‘ two year existence – after all, the game has changed distributors and even developers. But one thing has stayed with us all this time: people asking us to port the game to PS Vita and, more recently, PS4.

We read your comments, we took them to heart, and we’re finally making it happen: Skullgirls Encore will be coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita later this year!

Skullgirls Encore on PS4, PS Vita

The PS4 and PS Vita releases of Skullgirls Encore will be the complete version, including all of the DLC characters, stages and story funded by Lab Zero’s Indiegogo campaign, as well as “All Play” multiplayer lobbies and an extensive art gallery.

Skullgirls Encore for PS Vita will also be playable on PlayStation TV, and support up to two local players using DualShock 3 or 4 controllers.

We’ll have more info on features and pricing as these exciting new versions get closer to release.

We’re headed off to Evo 2014 and will be holding a side-tournament with a $5000 starting pot from Lab Zero and Autumn, and PlayStation 4s graciously provided by Sony for the 1st and 2nd place winners.

So if you’re going to Evo, be sure to stop by and meet the Lab Zero team and enter the tournament!

And if you can’t make it, be sure to tune into MadCatz’s Twitch stream to watch the Skullgirls Top 8, starting around 1.00pm PST on Saturday, 12th July!

If you’re going to Evo, be sure to stop by and meet the team!

Eliza update

Those that have been watching our stream know that Eliza is coming along nicely, but we’ve gone ahead and put together a short video showing all of her (obviously unfinished) moves in action.

All of this is being tested now in our PC beta, so you can trust that she’ll be fun and balanced when she’s released on PlayStation 3 later this summer.

And here’s a sneak peak at Eliza’s story mode.

Skullgirls Encore on PS4, PS Vita

Eliza’s story mode is our biggest, deepest yet. Fans interested in Skullgirls’ story and lore will find a lot to enjoy here.

Beowulf and Robo-Fortune

At the Skullgirls Anime Expo panel, the Lab Zero team revealed a bit more about Skullgirls’ future, with Beowulf move concepts.

Beowulf is a wrestler, and will draw on all sorts of over-the-top wrestling moves. In addition to being a great grappler, he’ll also be able to throw his chair, The Hurting, and use it in interesting and strategic ways.

We’re just about to begin animation pre-production for Beowulf, so for now, take a look at a few of these early concept pieces!

Skullgirls Encore on PS4, PS VitaSkullgirls Encore on PS4, PS Vita

At our Anime Expo panel we also revealed the final design of our new “remix” character, Robo-Fortune.Skullgirls Encore on PS4, PS Vita

We have a million ideas for palettes based on robots throughout games and anime – can you guess which one this is supposed to be?

Unlike our April Fool’s “clone” character, Fukua, Robo-Fortune will be fully drawn over with her new design, and also feature new animations to make her look and feel significantly different from her flesh and blood counterpart.

And thus concludes our update on all things Skullgirls: new platforms, new characters, and continued momentum. Thanks for reading!

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Nice one, can’t wait to have this on my Vita.


Questions for Sony mainly: Will Skullgirls Encore have cross-platform functionality with PS4 and Vita, and will the game be crossbuy with the other Sony consoles?

FortyPercent 10 July, 2014 @ 22:30

Awesome. If this is crossbuy I’ll definitely be picking it up, having both the Vita and PS4 version would be ideal. Loving the PC version right now, but a PS4 version would be nice as I prefer the DS4 to my PCs controller for fighters, and would love a portable version too. Looking forward to it.


You know you can just connect the ds4 to your PC via USB and use it as a PC controller, right?

FortyPercent 11 July, 2014 @ 00:15

I know, but that would require repeated pairing and unpairing of the controller every time I wanted to switch what platform I use it with, I believe. I’m willing to go for this for the convenience and a portable version, hence saying “if it’s crossbuy”.

DizzyQViper 11 July, 2014 @ 00:18

You even use the DS4 wireless with a free 3rd party app if your pc has bluetooth (or a bluetooth dongle). Better yet that 3rd party app allows you to turn off the light bar so you dont have the irritating reflection from it on your tv screen…

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Good to hear, especially since my upgrade to Encore for my Ps3 apparently got lost somewhere. I’ll forgive Lab Zero for that if they build in compatibility for Ps3 fight-sticks on the Ps4 version. :)

Muramasa, BlazBlue and now Skullgirls… PS Vita where awesomeness happen.

Now is a good time for Sony to make PS3 arcade sticks compatible with PS4… otherwise I see no reason to triple dip on skullgirls especially because I can just plug in my PS3 arcade stick to my PC and it works without issues.

I’ll get this for the vita, thank you.

dummysystem 11 July, 2014 @ 13:16

thanks !!! The PS4 really needs some 2D fighter. This is a great news. Will there be crossbuy/crossplay with the Vita ? I love the artwork and definitely can’t wait for this game. Thanks again.

JayGreen1983 11 July, 2014 @ 13:36

Looks cool :)

jehuty_2174 11 July, 2014 @ 14:39

So many great fighters are coming to vita, look good and play well. But i ve been buying fighters out of frustration, since BandaiNamco are leaving us hanging TEKKEN-less. Even though i own Skullgirls, and enjoyed it, I want to get down with Tekken. BandaiNamco Sony make it happen. So i ll be skipping this unless its crossbuy^^

HomessaHomem 11 July, 2014 @ 16:02



Vita version for me!


Vita version for me as well.

Also I have to say, great job on Eliza, her moves set looks very fun visually. I especially like the upper cut animation.


Crossbuy support would be nice. Also happy to here this will have PS TV support.

TG-Deathwish 13 July, 2014 @ 23:01

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