Ace Combat Infinity gets new content and Team Deathmatch event

Find out what’s coming up in Namco Bandai’s air combat sim

Ace Combat Infinity was released roughly one month ago and just hit one million downloads! Could there be a better time for the PlayStation 3 digital exclusive free-to-play experience from the Ace Combat Series to receive awesome updates?

Let’s start with the Team Deathmatch event that will take place from 18th to 21st July. This event is an answer to the huge amount of feedback we received from players wishing to battle against each other for airspace supremacy, and we hope they will enjoy it. We also prepared great rewards for players taking part in the event, including exclusive Emblems and Nicknames, as well as in-game credits and ‘Research Reports’ to boost their progression in the game.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

Everybody’s welcome to join-in as long as your aircraft matches some basic requirements as detailed here. This is only the beginning as we are already planning more to come.

The solo Campaign mode of Ace Combat Infinity also receive a brand new mission this week: “Avalon” as a reference to the Avalon Dam that appeared in Ace Combat Zero. The mission will let players experience a tough fight in a ravine that will require great skill and precision not to crash your plane. Only the best will reach the dam at the end of the ravine for a final brawl.

In order to gain experience and develop your arsenal and skills, a seventh mission for the multiplayer Online Co-op Missions mode is also being added to the game this week. This new mission, named “Weapon Base Assault”, gives players the opportunity to set up the most effective team to overcome land-based targets but still watch out for aerial enemies. Cooperation is key once again in this mission, especially for players aiming to get an S rank.

Keep flying and see you up there!


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Hello i have a question plz i bought before 1 week the season pass for One Piece unlimited world red (psvita) but it keeps charging me for the DLC Nami Swimsuit pack/Quest for money those DLC’s dosent include in season pass or its something wrong by your side? thanks


That question isn’t relevant here. Please keep on topic.

if i keep on topic they will never see my post…and i will repay for the DLC’s that already paid becouse i want to play them now,my point is to see my message if they dident so they fix it, np to delete my message, it will be already read thanks again.

OK.problem solved by Jawad Ashraf

Hey Anthony, i guess the Launch Commemoration Pack for this game is still M.I.A. right? It was supposed to be released like two weeks, ago, but then mysteriously vanished.

No longer willing to play games that want microtransactions from me. Make real games, with no extra payments, or get lost.

European_Gamer 17 July, 2014 @ 12:53

Namco Bandai har changed its name to Bandai Namco.

I love AC series. This instalment in the series is not that bad. However this video shows that having good aircraft is more important than skills in this game. 50k points is a lot. Try doin that with one of the earlier aircrafts. I started getting 50k not sooner than i bought EA-18 and leveled it up until my SP weapon was lock on missle.

Summing that up, you need to play a lot to be able to play same style you are used from other AC games.

Thanks for new map. I am looking forward to it. Hope there will be more.


And one more thing. This is not pay to win game. No matter how much you would pay, it is all about firepower, and that you cannot buy. Without some heavy flying even real money will not help you.

Btw there should ne some encouragment to actual cooperational play. It would be nice if i could call a friend (with d-pad) to help me destroy a target and if successful then we could get both get double points. Or mark to a frien (also with d-pad) a bandit that is tailing me. Right now there is no advantage from coop play. This radio link is a joke. It does not matter in the end if i play close to others or not.

chronokingwing 30 July, 2014 @ 16:59

e PSN such as the adfx-01 morgan for those who didn’t get the drop

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