Destiny of Spirits celebrates 500,000 downloads with discounts and special events

Plus, news of a rare spirit just for Gamescom 2014

Salutations Spirit Masters! Destiny of Spirits has reached over 500,000 downloads worldwide! To celebrate we are running a special promotional period from 31st July to 12th August!

Destiny Orbs discount

All Destiny Orb packs will be sold on the PS Store at a discounted price from tomorrow! We are also introducing the 1000 Destiny Orb pack too!

  • 35 Orbs: Was €2.49, now €1.99
  • 50 Orbs: Was €3.49, now €2.99
  • 105 Orbs: Was €5.99, now €4.99
  • 200 Orbs: Was €10.99, now €8.99
  • 300 Orbs: Was €14.49, now €11.99
  • 500 Orbs: Was €21.99, now €17.99
  • 1000 Orbs (new content): €36.99, now €29.99

orbs icon

“Friend in Need” special raid event

Defeat the “Chaos” versions of each regions helper character. You have a chance of obtaining the helper character from each region! (Tsukuyomi – Japan, Iyatiku – US, Verdandi – EU). Rescue the Helper Spirits! Remember they are the ones who helped you to become a Spirit Master!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5) #08 - Co_Op (5)

But you must defeat the “Chaos” alternate Spirits…

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5) #08 - Co_Op (5)

Supporter rental cost reduced

During the celebration period the rental cost for supports will cost 80% less Spirit Points!

Return of all previous limited summons

All previous limited summons are back during the celebration period. You can summons characters from Knack, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice Delta and Doko Demo Issyo!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5) #08 - Co_Op (5) #08 - Co_Op (5)

*Patapon limited summons available until 20th August.

So don’t miss out on all of the above and thank you for playing Destiny of Spirits!!!

And just to add… Those of you attending Gamescom 2014, bring your PS Vita along! Use the HUNT feature at Gamescom and get the Super Rare Spirit OURANOS!


You can check out all the latest info at the Destiny of Spirits Player’s Information site!

That’s all for now. See you at Gamescom 2014!

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ccrazymonkeyyy 29 July, 2014 @ 14:07

What about the summer sale?!?


That’s tomorrow.


See Sony? This is how loyal your Vita fans are compared to PS4 fans and you treat us like crap? Good job.

I gave up.

1. I’m fed up with treating EU like a whipping boy. You postponed 2 TIMES special even for just EU, and you didn’t even care to give anything in return! I had to wait nearly month longer to be able to summon asian spirtis.

2. I’ve already conquared all teritories… and as I needed space on my memory card I’ve removed game… (just after you postponed event for the 2nd time)… and guess what? I’ve redownloaded it (spent over 1 hour on it) just to notice that I need to conquare every single teritory once again… can anyone explain me why progress is saved on Vita and not on server?! Spirit collection -> server, Friend list -> server nearly everything -> server

and progress -> memory card (o.O) when I saw it I’ve raged quit the game.

Bit shame, as I had nice collection of SR spirtis nearly maxed out…


Oh look.
After weeks of complaining you got what you want and your already complaining about something new.
I’m so surprised


huh… And why do reply even if you didn’t even play Destiny of Spirits?

Take your childish malice and go play somewhere else, dunno build sand castle or something. Sorry, I don’t feel like playing with you.

Progress of multiplayer games should be saved on server. Or at least there should be some kind of warning that if you will remove game you will lose whole your progress. You didn’t play it so you might not know it, but some of end game bosses have counterattack rate set to about 80%… that means that even with maxed out Lady of the Depths you don’t stand a chance… that’s why to beat game in 100% you will need at least one time buy Orbs. And I paid for it…. so why am I forced to beat the game once again?


You get a warning that you’re deleting the game including all data when you delete a game. You just never bothered to read it. And since you have PS Plus, you KNOW you should always allow cloud saving on your vita games, right?

Blame yourself for being foolish, not the dev.

You still have your collection of SR spirits though, should be a breeze to conquer the world again.

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For a F2P game, the support for this has really been amazing. Even through the initial technical troubles, the team stood behind their product, and did everything they could to fix things, and please the gamers. The game is constantly supported with interesting raids and events, and the return of the summonable rare spirits is very much appreciated!

Now, how to summon a lady of the depths… :-)


lady of the depths is by far the best spirit you can get… with +200 pure bonus everyone will want to rent your spirit. It is must have for higher lv bosses.

The only spirit I wanted to summon was -Hel- I love her design, but you still can’t summon her… probably she will be part of some event.

HomessaHomem 29 July, 2014 @ 14:37


Timberman80 29 July, 2014 @ 17:34

This :)

Oh btw. is Zlatorog still labeled as a nordic summoning?

zlatorog -> slavic not nordic

zlato -> golden
rog-> horn

zlovkvetinaci 30 July, 2014 @ 09:08

Noo, you monsters! Now I have to game hard again! :D

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