New Far Cry 4 video: Follow the development team through Nepal

Another glimpse behind the scenes as the studio embarks on a research trip

Go behind the scenes and learn more about the research that went into building Far Cry 4′s open-world Kyrat for the next-generation. The team travelled to Nepal with VICE to draw inspiration and create authentic Kyrati characters and environments native to the region. Far from the tourist trail, they encounter people whose stories can help an outsider better experience the fabric of life there, both culturally and politically.

In the second video, discover the immensity of Nepal and steal a glimpse at what inspired the development team to create the full open world experience of Far Cry 4. Beware! Surprises loom at every corner. You will also visit the Tal Bahari temple, a sacred place whose intensity resonates with the devotion of its people. Finally, venture to steep and dangerous roads that will lead you to the Guerrilla Trail, a historic road during the Civil War.

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I like those vids – not only we get to see how they affect FC4, but also they allow us to see what devs seen back there. Good job, Ubisoft!

Riddimworks 31 July, 2014 @ 20:57

Hail to the franchise that got me HOOKED on First Person Shooters to begin withv[FC3 to be exact] Ditto to Ziomano’s comment. Interested to see how the “one game-two player co op mode” pans out when the game drops also. On my wish list for sure


Great video series really interesting – the scenery is stunning!


roll on part 3….. hugely interesting

Hope Ubisoft doesn’t screw this up like Watch Dogs.

Them not screw over , you believe videos + the hype
never do = then only ith can be good ore even supper good .

Also watch dogs on ps4 is downgraded ( stil ps3 /xbox in the runing )

Can not wait untile dev. teams make games 100% to curent gen ( them can make old gen but not hold back on curent gen )

More intrested in to see real gamplay

Enjoyed fc3 a lot so hopefully 4 will be equally as fun. The developers should set fc5 in Hawaii for their next ‘cultural research’ trip.

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