Everything you need to know about Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition

A recap from Blizzard one week ahead of launch

Greetings, nephalem! John Hight here to bring you an update as my team and I prepare to unleash a whole lot of evil on consoles everywhere. I’m pleased to say that on 19th August, just two short weeks from now, you’ll be able to lay waste to Malthael and bring peace to the streets of Westmarch from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy with the release of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition.

The Ultimate Evil Edition is filled with all the features, fast-paced action, and legendary loot included in the Reaper of Souls expansion set, as well as all of the content of the original Diablo III. With a new chapter to play through and the new Crusader class to master, plus the freedom to explore endlessly with Adventure Mode, your path to new heights of power will be literally in your DualShock-wielding hands.

Diablo III Reaper of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4

I want to remind everyone to get your pre-orders in if you haven’t already. Doing so will land you a devilishly sweet pair of Infernal Pauldrons, which provide some powerful bonuses for your characters, and they look pretty cool too—a plus considering you can also use them for transmogs (a new feature available in UEE). For those who pre-purchase the game digitally on the PlayStation Store, you’ll also pick up a set of helm and weapon transmog recipes, a Spectral Hound minion, and three additional character slots.

The Ultimate Evil Edition also includes some console-exclusive features—like Apprentice Mode, which boosts lower level players when they’re playing with higher level players; the Nemesis system, which sends monsters that have slain your character on to wreak havoc in your friends’ games; and more—all of which make playing with your friends even more challenging and rewarding.

We’ve also teamed up with Sony to bring PS3 and PS4 players some exclusive content: a Nephalem Rift inspired by The Last of Us, and a larger-than-life transmog armor set based on Shadow of the Colossus. If you haven’t seen these yet, you should check them out at our blog.

Diablo III Reaper of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4

For players who’ve been holding off on bringing justice to Diablo on console, now is the perfect time to join the fray, as the Ultimate Evil Edition is a maxed-out version of the game, with Diablo III and all of the latest updates for that, plus all of the new content that we launched with the Reaper of Souls expansion. And if you’ve already played Diablo III on console, I have good news for you as well: you’ll be able to transfer your characters over into this new release and continue your adventures—even across console generations.

One more cool piece of news for PS4 players: the next-gen console architecture makes it much easier for us to offer ongoing patch support for the PS4 version of the Ultimate Evil Edition. This means that as we continue to patch the game on PC, we’ll now be able to roll out related patch content, as appropriate, on PS4 as well. It’ll take some additional time beyond the PC patch rollout, but we’ll get them to you as quickly as possible.

After slaving away in the deepest depths of the Burning (development) Hells, I’m excited that the game is almost here and ready for you guys to play. Slay well, nephalem, and we’ll see you in Hell!

Diablo III Reaper of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4

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I would have bought it, if I could transfer my save from PC and if we could get an official reply about how much are you going to support this version with upgrades.

Meh just noticed the part about ongoing patches, ignore that part of my post :)


The trouble with importing PC saves is that the existing versions of (console) Diablo and (PC) Diablo are quite drastically different. A lot of items were added/removed from both versions of the game (Lets use Staff of Herding as an example) so importing PC data could scramble all kinds of things.

Plus, the console import is effectively just adding the expansion pack to an existing game (as PC users were already able to do). Importing a PC save to Console would be more like Duplicating a character as you could continue to use both with the latest content… and then people would start complaining that you couldn’t sync your characters etc.

Then there’s the fact that console saves are local, PC are cloud based, both use a different database format… the list goes on.

I can see why people would want to import their PC saves, but it’d be a technical nightmare. I just see it as a opportunity to try out a new character :)

Thanks for the reply :)


Is it even available for preorder on the PS Store?

Only on US PSN… Sucks that EU can’t preorder on PSN :(


Its on UK PSN which is EU, BTW why do I have 2 of the pouldrons DLC and 2 of the game waiting for download? It has 4 items to download is this normal?

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So to confirm console version WILL get patch 2.1 and later?

Actualy NO! On Blizzard site they said it will be everything till 2.0.5 patch and it will get a day 1 patch to 2.0.6 – so no deep rifts, no goblin treasury and no seasons :/ I don’t get it … and exactly as in previous version they propably wont make further patch avaible – my only question is WHY? They mess it up – AGAIN :(

TheMegaRedHead 08 August, 2014 @ 13:19

I think we will get it but not at launch.



Actually Maybe! You don’t know whether we will or will not so best stop pretending you do. For at least the PS4 they say above that;

“This means that as we continue to patch the game on PC, we’ll now be able to roll out related patch content, as appropriate, on PS4 as well.”

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Do you guys have the trophy list ready? I wonder if we have to finish the game with every character or so to obtain platinum.

I’d actually like to pre order this on psn but currently that option is not available…

So… just over a week till launch and still no ability to pre-order this in the EU while the US store has been able to pre-order this for a while now?

The only thing making me wait to see if I buy this is how quickly it arrives on the EU store. If it’s not at least available to buy digitally on the day of release, then I’ll just skip this.


Question: Will you guys make this game available as a pre-order on the EU store? might not get it if its not!

As some one who never stopped playing the pc version, even through the horrid days of auction house and crap loot drops, this is a must for me. I got it on PS3 and it definitely works great with the controller. I would’ve loved some PC progress brought over because we know Blizzard can do it but this will do just fine. Also need some news on when the UK can pre-order digitally.

EggersTownVille 07 August, 2014 @ 17:00

Hi John

Does this game have a LAN mode on ps4 ?

P.S thanks for bringing this game to console mate

I really hope it does so i can play without using any downloads. (ps4 uses more data than i would like it to some times, this is a problem when using mobile data)

siberianhamster 07 August, 2014 @ 17:08

I don’t have a Laz-Z-Boy.

Can I still play?

How about you guys actually make it available for pre-order on the EU PSN store instead of just the US store?

Really looking forward to this game!

“For those who pre-purchase the game digitally on the PlayStation Store, you’ll also pick up a set of helm and weapon transmog recipes, a Spectral Hound minion, and three additional character slots.”

That’s great. Now It would be cool if we could, you know, pre-order the goddamn game.

Don’t have the option to pre-order this game in the PS store?

EU store being shafted again?

“One more cool piece of news for PS4 players: the next-gen console architecture makes it much easier for us to offer ongoing patch support for the PS4 version of the Ultimate Evil Edition”

So wait, does it mean there would be NO post-launch updates for the ps3 version?


I was wondering the same thing :/ huge bummer if confirmed.


No updates for PS3 version no, just PS4 and XB1, but hey your getting the game cheaper.

Can’t wait! :)

Even without the digital delivery pre-purchase bonus we’re getting 12 characters slots (2 x 6 classes) instead of the 10 available in the vanilla version right?

Will we be able to transfer our old PS3 Diablo 3 save/characters to the PS4 Reaper of Souls?

Nice of Sony to post about preordering on the EU blog when we can’t preorder.

Yep, half the replies on this blog post are about that! totally agree though.

Normally authors reply to all useless blogs, now we’re asking where the pre-orders are and we get ignored..

Anyone knows anything about languages available?
Will it be the same as with the PS3 version where you had only one language and it was dependable on which region/which country you bought the game or there will be more than one available?

Same thing happened with the Digital Guardian Edition of Destiny, it wasn’t available to preorder for a while. But it appeared eventually, so this should too. Only problem is that it’s out next week! If people want this game for launch, they pretty much have to get their physical order in for Tuesday so it can be dispatched Wednesday and recieved Friday. Not much time~


Feels like I’ve been waiting ages for this! Should drag me away from ARR for a little bit until Destiny comes out! Super excited to dive in the game, as I held off on the PC version for soooo long :D

One week from release ?? Was this not supposed to be posted untill next week ?
That wholud explain why u cant preorder it yet, i do think it will reach psn next weeks update. ( just my own thought )

When can we preorder the digital copy and what price is it gona be?

DragonxTortoise 08 August, 2014 @ 00:10

Please price it up already and have it available for preorder. Leaving it one week before it dues out is stupid. I mean you have games available for preorder that are not out until sept/nov and this is out in 2 weeks and there’s nothing on the store…


never played this before but pre order down load psn cannot wait

Everything we need to know… Except price and when we can pre-order digitally…

cmon preoder for eu psn

My body (and soul) is ready!

“Jawad Ashraf 6 August, 2014 @ 11:54 am 11.1

Pre-orders typically get added on a Friday. We may have pre-orders for a few of the bigger releases but I can’t confirm anything today.”

From a thread earlier in the week so could be added for pre-order later today.

Pre-order is up on the store guys!

So the game will be 2.0.5 and will have a day one patch to 2.0.6 – WHY ? You mess it up – AGAIN! Nice job … hope this time you will release patches for this game – not like the previous version … but propably you won’t! So we get half of the addon for a price of a full game – YEAH – $ONY!


Patches are coming, although they will be released slightly after the PC version of patches, the devs have said withe the easier architecture of PS4 we are able to patch the game unlike with the previous gen

OK so first the good news..Diablo 3 is now available to pre-order on psn in the eu! Bad news, it costs £60…a clear £15 more expensive than most online retailers.

£60 digital pre-order.

No thanks.

Pandadosmares 08 August, 2014 @ 13:21

So the US pays Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition ($59.99) and we pay 69€?

Had a quick look and cheapest seems to be at Simply Games:–ultimate-evil-edition-ps4

£43 so nearly £20 cheaper than PSN price

Apparently $60=£60….
Disappointing after TLOU had a decent pre-order price but back to the usual it seems.


Thats why i will not be purchasing the digital edition, £44.99 from Game

Can someone please point me to the incentive to ever buy the digital edition from the playstation store??

Wow, just noticed the install size..

File Size


D3 PS4 size:
us webstore – 26,1 GB
uk/german webstore – 58,4 GB
german PS4 store – 62,7 GB


I have the store set to Italian and I noticed that there are different packages added to the Auto-Download queue after the pre-order. One seems to be the main game:

~20.5GB: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition

There is also an additional very large package:

~37.8GB: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition (Italian).

Both are described as “game”.

I guess that the second, very large package containst the European Localization: I talked with a Blizzard representative and he stated the console version comes with all European languages available.

Since I’m mainly interested in playing in English, it would be nice to know whether the 37.8GB package is optional or required. Maybe the 20.5GB package contains the complete English game already?


In my download queue is only the 37,8 GB file and 1.1 MB Shoulders (german store)

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Why do we have to pay almoust 70€ in Europe and US 60$ ????
Let me help you 60 USD =~ 44-45 €….that’s why we should never….never…. miss math lessons.


Itsthe same thing here in UK £60 USA $60 If USA was to pay the same as us in the UK they would have to pay £100.70 its rediculouse how USA get their games so cheap.


$100.70 not pounds my mistake, thats the equivelent of what games cost here in UK


$60 = £35.72 NOT £60 either charge the propper UK price or increase the USA price to $100.70 stop ripping the UK and other regions off.

Will RoS also come available as add-on only? Since I already bought Diablo 3, I’m not paying for the same game twice.
PSN price is rediculous indeed, I’ve found a dutch retailer who sells it for 36.99, but I still think I’m being ripped off since I’m only interested in RoS.

i see HD Video Output is 720p please clarify that’s 1080p ?


PS3 also wont be getting update patches for rifts etc, updates are for PS4 and XB1


Its 1080p 60fps btw yes



39.99€ PS3 version
69.99€ PS4 version

somebody don goofed

Anyone know if i can play with someone from the US ?

If i buy EU version and he buys US version .. is coop possible ?


You will be able to play with people fine.

xTwistedShotx 10 August, 2014 @ 12:48

so if Ive gotten 400 paragon lvls on pc can i transfer that over to ps4 or no i really don’t want to start over but if i have to i will


I have two D3 Games in my PS4 library, can we please get an answer, if the 20GB Game is english only, and the 37GB one Mulit incl. eng/ger/it… we only need to download one?


Maybe one of the downloads is Diablo 3 and the other download is the expantion? But why is there also 2 DLC items for the pouldrons? I dont get it???

Is it normal to have 4 downloads waiting for Diablo III 2 game downloads and 2 DLC downloads that look like duplicates (hope this gets posted in main article replies this time) Thanks!


I posted a pic of what I mean on facebook at #PSN can someone clarify if this is normal thanks again!


BTW in my Library section, its only showing the 2 pauldron DLC Items, no game, I hope we dont have trouble with this game at launch, because you have been told now 1 week before its release.


Nothing wrong, the bigger gamefile is like the uk retail Disk with all languages, the disk version is 41GB installed.
Blizzard conformed, the wrong size 58/63GB (eurogamer)
I am sure the 20GB game file is english only, so faster download for most people.

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guyz beware, EU version is 720p
US version is 1080p


its a typo.

otherwise, with your logic the us version can only be played with 2-4 players and not solo (which is incorrect) and also the eu version would not be able to be controlled using a dualshock 4 or have online play.


i hope it is a typo

US game description:
2-4 players
Network Players 2-4
26GB minimum save size
Remote Play
1080p HD Video Output
Online Play (Optional)

while EU game description:
1-4 players
Network Players 2-4
14MB minimum save size
HD Video Output 720p


I would pre-order the digital version, if only they make it available on Qatar’s playstation store :/ For whatever reason, pre-order of digital version is available in every other country / region (including Middle East) but for Qatar… Did they forget about this country? :S

We currently have Destiny, Battlefield & Dragon Age game pre-order options available, but for Diablo III:/

Sony when can we preload the game US has alredy done it but we it is not many hours left

Sony playstation 4 store price £59.99, Game UK price £44.99, your pricing is nothing short of disgusting, a digital copy should not, i repeat should not cost more than a retail boxed copy!!!!!!

I preorderd d3 on ps3 at a price of 600 DKK. A week later it was only 500 DKK. And now you want me to pay for the game again??? Not gonna happen. Nice way to treat customers. Now i know why i play Wildstar.


My hubby has this on his PS4.
If I buy it for my PS3, may we be able to play together?
Googled it, but not coming up with anything specific.


I purchased this game for ps4, but then i discovered an awful thing: the whole game was only in spanish and i couldnt seem to switch to the original language (english) or my actual language (brazilian portuguese). It disappointed me. For that, i asked for a refund. Too bad, because i was really looking foward to play it on ps4. I hope they release a language pack to allow players to choose whatever audio language/subtitles they want, as it is on PC.

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