Alienation unveiled at Gamescom 2014

Your first look at the latest from Dead Nation & Resogun studio Housemarque

According to respected sources, UFOs have been sighted around Cologne, Germany. A team of rogue scientists at Housemarque (RESOGUN, Dead Nation, Super Stardust HD) have apparently unleashed an outbreak of alien spores that has the potential to infect all who consume the material.

All netizens are warned to stay on high alert, as the major invasion is expected to begin sometime soon. Only the most ruthless mercenaries that can ravage solo or team up in squads of 4, are expected to survive. The threat is not to be underestimated and our last defense will rely on twin-stick mastery of the third kind.


The technology involved in the occupation is truly out of this world and leaps beyond what humans have experienced in past generations. Contact with the foreigners is expected to bring forth a level of destruction and visual resonance that may render the world as we know it obsolete.

Still, from the top down, it looks as if we have a fighting chance. We can unite and learn together to build up a stronger resistance. Gathering and developing our last resources is the key to success. All fighters are expected to stand-by and expect this event. You have been warned.

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I had lots of fun with Dead Nation (got platinum trophy on PS3) so I defiantly see this DN’s successor as a tittle for me.

madmanwithabox12 12 August, 2014 @ 19:30

Vita? Please, please. Bring this to Vita. Somebody needs to be making games for Vita. That gamescom briefing was dreadful…

You do understand that the vita isnt a magical device that can run anything,right?
Always make me laugh when People request a good looking ps4 game to come to the vita.


xampage: Dead nation is on the vita, and this seems to be pretty much the same concept. Drop the graphics a bit and this could very well be a vita titel.


I loved Dead Nation!!! Everything about it. Well ok just one small thing I didn’t like was that it was only two player. But with this being 4 player, I’m so excited!!!!! Looks great!

Is it splitscreen or shared screen? Copy War of the Monsters (Playstation 2) where if you are split up then the players get their own screens and when close together the screens merge into one shared screen.


Looks like Dead nation with a different skin and some color. I liked Dead nation anyway, so bring it on.

Rogue…oh yes the dear old hubb will be taking many rockets to the backside

darksidersguy123 13 August, 2014 @ 04:04

this game has a lot of action in it that’s for sure :) looks cool to play :)

Woah! There’s a lot going on in those clips.

Love Housemarque games. Day 1 for me!

M0rd3r-n-kill 15 August, 2014 @ 17:33

Ale gówna ta gra!!! To ma być nowa generacja?
What’s the świt? !!

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