Feast your eyes on a brand new DRIVECLUB trailer

Gamescom 2014 video shows how challenges are integral to Evo’s PS4 racer

It’s Gamescom 2014, which means we’re sharing a new DRIVECLUB trailer with you all! This time, we’re showing you how challenges bring the world of DRIVECLUB together to prove who’s got the skills to earn fame for their club.

DRIVECLUB is all about enjoying the thrill of the fastest and most exciting cars on the planet, sharing the fun of driving them in stunning events and challenges that you set-up with friends.


It’s not just about crossing the finish line first – although that will net big rewards for you and your club – there’s a lot more to play for in every race. Earn big points for driving with flair or expert precision. Earn accolades for each of your cars and club. Try and beat face-offs for drifting, speeding & nailing the racing line. Everything you do earns you fame, which helps you unlock new cars and liveries for you and your club.

When you do cross the finish line, you can start something new with your friends by creating a challenge. Who you include is up to you, but it pays to get as many drivers and clubs involved as possible, because the rewards become bigger when more people take part.
You can even set up the challenge so that everyone involved can invite the drivers and clubs they want to join in, sparking new friendships and rivalries and giving your challenge the chance to go viral.


In this video we asked our friends across the PlayStation family to get involved, so keep a look out for friendly faces from Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica Studio, XDev, SCEE and of course Shuhei Yoshida. So check it out (again!) and start thinking about who you will play DRIVECLUB with – and share this trailer with them so your club is ready for launch on 8th October ;)

Enjoy all of the excitement that comes out of Gamescom everyone – there’s more to come from Evolution Studios at the show! ☺


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Captain9Fingers 12 August, 2014 @ 19:09

So looking forward to this game but what impressed me was the player models in the cars, that’s insane!

CoolRichy007UK 12 August, 2014 @ 21:16

good thing about this game is ITS NOT FOR GIRLS


Well that was incredibly sexist and unneeded. I’m sure there are female gamers out there that will love this just as much as guys.

This hasn’t been answer yet – is the drive club ps plus edition (demo) going to replace a full title from the line up? I’m looking forward to drive club but not to demos taking the place of full games

It’s not a demo it’s a slimmed down version you get 12/50 cars and only one continent of tracks I think. You can still get platinum trophy according to an interview I saw with evo dude

If that does count as a demo or trial then what does I count as .
Either way it’s not a full game which is what we are supposed to get in plus

I am really looking forward to this. It looks amazing. Well worth the wait.


Not for girls…lmao…get real


All looks pretty much pre-rendered in this clip?! Hmm… still really not sure what to expect…

Wait so this game already released? August 10?

It says “launch on 8th October” at end of article :)

Hi, Do we get a beta like 2 weeks before the release or not?


Adding Evora GTEs to this game might be better than Adding normal Evoras like those in this trailer in this game, I think

@Sicmay they NEVER promised you DriveCLUB in the manner that you are talking about (a free game). The lingo has been clear from day one. It is not a demo. Please name another “DEMO” that gives you the full game BUT only allows you to play 1-5th of the game where you actually get to do ALL THE FEATURES/CHALLENGES of the full retail game? and you earn trophies, stats & etc that you get to keep? and you get to participate for online rank/clubs that you get to keep?

PlayStation Plus edition has always been FREE for all PS+ members to download & play ONE of 5 world (11/10 tracks) with 10 of 50 cars and the ability to play online/offline, join clubs & etc. While, if you want to upgrade, you get a discounted price on the game to unlock the rest of it.

DiamondRabbit 13 August, 2014 @ 22:29

Is there any information about how big a team can be in Drive Club. I’ve seen that there can be a minimum of 2 (which isn’t really information) but nothing on maximum. Or if you can be associated with more than 1 team?


2-6 players source: go to 15:49


2-6 players source: go to 15:49

Logitech GT Driveforce wheel support?


Think you may find some of the girl are very good on theses games

DRIVE CLUB will be an ok game, what i realy wish is GRAN TURISMO FOR PS4!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

As Driveclub was meant to be realeased when PS4 came out,will we get the full game on plus because of the delay

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