Introducing WiLD, a PS4 exclusive from Rayman creator Michel Ancel

Your first look at Wild Sheep's hugely ambitious adventure

Hello PlayStation Blog! My name is Michel Ancel, you might know me best as the creator of the Rayman series, and Beyond Good & Evil for Ubisoft. Recently, I co-founded a new independent game studio in Montpellier, France along with a bunch of very talented guys and gals. We call ourselves Wild Sheep and together we are working on an exciting new game called… WiLD.

When we started working on WiLD we wanted to make sure that we would have fun playing our own game even after months and months of development! This is the reason why the world of WiLD is the size of Europe, with dynamic weather and seasons, and filled with interactive opportunities that feel endless.


Every time you play you’ll discover new things, even in the same place as before. But… the best feature came from our prototyping phase when we started playing as wolves, horses, sheep and… even trout! So we decided that in WiLD every creature should be playable, even the giant and dangerous ones!

All these features combined, open so many new gameplay situations, especially when playing online. How you approach the game is up to you, what you do and even what you are – it’s all up to you.


On the tech side, because WiLD is created exclusively for PlayStation 4, the game will use the full power of the console and all its crazy sharing capabilities.

It’s early days still, so that’s all we can tell you at the moment but make sure you check out our video and see what you think for yourselves. We hope you like it, and we can’t wait to tell you more soon.

L’équipe est impatiente de vous faire decouvrir encore d’autres secrets de Wild !

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wuxianfengguang 12 August, 2014 @ 19:18

Game of the show for me once I heard the name Michel Ancel!

Okay. This is it for me. I’m getting a PS4. Finally. This looks like a game I’ve been waiting for ages.


Looks promising, definitely something to keep an eye on.

It looked best compared to other games shown, but, uhm… what is it anyway? Is it open world? Random creation everytime you start? Survival? Exploration? I don’t know…

jep more info wil be nice .

Looks really nice. I want it!

Awesome. I want it!

Every creature playable, it’s gonna have online and it’s and survival adventure? Just seeing what it looks like made me want it already, but that’s just too much for me. I really want it. It sounds so perfect.

I don’t even know the last time I was so hyped about a game.

so big sandbox game , i am very intrested
indeed best gamescom reveal .


This is to fantasy what No Man’s Sky is to sci fi! Looks amazing, and definitely one for the wishlist!

agreed, Wild and No Man’s Sky are both games I can’t wait to play….why can’t it already be 2015

and Rime can’t forget Rime….3 games I really want to play



There is such a strange word in the title: exclusive.
What does that means?
The last time I heard that was at the articles of tearaway for vita.
But we all know what happened with it.
You guys really hate the VITA.


Like it? I LOVE IT!! Looks and sounds amazing!!! Can’t wait to see more!

zalwelgoedgaan 12 August, 2014 @ 20:14

Will we see some homages to European landmarks, maybe?

Maybe stone circles, can’t really see people coming out of a wooded area and running past the Bastille or Brandenburg Gate.

freaking gorgeous, a beautiful surprise on the show

Youssef_Mazen 12 August, 2014 @ 20:28

How the hell do you make a game the size of Europe? First thing I’m doing is TRYING to fly to the edge of the map as an eagle.

Pretty much the only game that I was interested in with the Sony conference. Looking good, keep it up.
HUD? HUDless mode? Hardcore mode? Can you build a small cottage from sticks and stones?

CoolRichy007UK 12 August, 2014 @ 20:46

thanx for the idea Youssef_Mazen im gonna do that before you :D

This game was a real stunner. Everything that people often believed to maybe find in No Mans Sky – WiLD immediately showed that it has everything that explorers might dream about. Fantastic!

CoolRichy007UK 12 August, 2014 @ 20:51

yea golwar this is the type of game the ps4 was made for and you get to play as any animal you want :D when i get this game im gonna play as a wolf and look for the snow :D

You got my full attention with this one. Looking forward to learning more! :D


Being able to play as a wolf is something I’ve been wanting to do since Okami. It’s always nice to break away from being a human/alien all the time!


Very intruiging, wonder what type of gameplay it will offer. The wolf almost looked real at some point.

BreakingSerenity 12 August, 2014 @ 23:26

Really interested in knowing more of this game. I agree this for me was game of the show. At E3 it was No Mans Sky and at this one it’s wild it’s like wow what else can I do? How big is the wild what’s the story left me wanting me to know more.


This looks Amazing i want this thank you.


This looks amazing, can’t wait to hear more about this.

I’m sure this will be an awesome game! Very creative idea which totally different from other games. I hope it will be a survival based game which is my type of game which such a beautiful graphic.



Now make it compatible with Project Morpheus and it will be a truly out-of-body experience.

Couch co-op or GTFO… looks perfect for the wife and I.

SpellingWiserd 13 August, 2014 @ 05:25

Yes but can I be an owl?

SpellingWiserd 13 August, 2014 @ 05:26

When playing as a ride able animal will that player be ridable still? Like could someone control a horse as their buddy shoots stuff from their back?

I guess with the size of Europe, it will be rare running into another player :)


Depends how much players there are in one world.

loadstone007s 13 August, 2014 @ 08:02

Looks incredible! Love it!!
When can we get the game?


I love that game very much, thank you! :D I’m going to play as a wolf when i get to play this beautiful game :)


I’d really like to be a Direwolf! Or maybe a three eyed Raven!

TeddyBearTwinkle 18 August, 2014 @ 23:53

This int a harry potter game duh


This and No Mans Sky are what are making me excited about for my PS4 wish we had an idea of there release dates!

This game and bloodthorne are the ones I’m looking forward to most , and am curious about hellblade .

And multiplatform games are witcher 3 and dragon age and of course arkham knight.


Looks really nice, hope it won’t have the mmo gameplay feeling. No HUD would be pretty “wild” too.

CoolRichy007UK 15 August, 2014 @ 18:59

@11 when he said PS4 exclusive HE MEANS IT PS4 ONLY – not xbox not pc nothing else just ps4

as for xbox getting the next tomb raider i got one word for all xbox users :D but im not saying it

I have seen the promise of these types of games so often that I have lost the feeling of wonder I used to get at the potential experience a game like this could bring. I think about exploration, crafting and discovering in a world that doesn’t sleep. You exist in the world but it doesn’t care if you are there or not. The things you craft are tangible and the things you do are not driven by objectives or storie points. Think monster hunter but no timer or questing. Just in the world finding things monsters and surving. I hope this game is something like that.

Amazing! I can’t wait, I love animals always wanted more games where you play as an animal, especially wolves. I LOVE wolves!!!

These are the games I have been waiting for! I hope they keep it free roaming. Would be cool if it were mmo and you could team up with others in an almost endless world. Go on a hike for days with mates. maybe start vilages or something :) Would also be great to play as an ant or a bee or something :)

I want to be a butterfly


This seems incredible!!

TeddyBearTwinkle 18 August, 2014 @ 23:52

Out 2015 end off

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