Journey and The Unfinished Swan are both coming to PS4

The two critically acclaimed PSN titles out soon in full 1080p

It’s always fun to see what a new game console can do. Seeing as PlayStation 4 isn’t even a year old yet, a few studios based in Santa Monica wanted to bring their award-winning games to the PS4. Read below for the details on two very special announcements from two great studios that are part of the PlayStation family.

Experience Journey on PS4

Hi everyone, this is Jenova Chen, President and Creative Director of thatgamecompany. It’s been quite a ride seeing how far Journey has come in the two and a half years since its launch on PlayStation 3.

Thanks to the many referrals of our players over the years, we’ve seen a steady flow of new players discovering the game and a community of veterans helping them along the way. Many players who bought a PS4 wrote us wondering if they will be able to experience Journey one day.

Today we are happy to share that a whole new generation of players will experience the wonder of Journey when it comes to PlayStation 4 later this year.

Thanks to the heartfelt efforts of fellow developers Tricky Pixels, players new and old alike will share in the beloved Journey experience in visually stunning 1080p. More details about Journey’s release on PlayStation 4 are in the works for future announcement.

Until then, players can enjoy discovering, or rediscovering, Journey’s predecessors – flOw and Flower – both are available now on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

The Unfinished Swan comes to PS4

And, now it’s my turn, Ian Dallas, the Creative Director for Giant Sparrow. I’m pleased to announce that The Unfinished Swan is coming to PS4 later this year, and for those of you at Gamescom, stop by the Sony booth to see the game running at 1080p firsthand.

The Unfinished Swan is about awe and wonder – the kind you experience as a child when reading a book for the first or even tenth time. We hope to inspire this same feeling in people that are new to the game or have already enjoyed it on PS3.

We want to thank the folks at Armature Studio, who did all the work to bring the game to PS4. They put a ton of effort in to make it look amazing, including going back to the original art files and regenerating higher resolution versions.

Over the past few months we’ve really enjoyed watching our game take shape on PS4. We can’t wait for you all to play it either for the first time – or the 20th.

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Journey on PS4? Yes please. Well done guys. These are all beautiful titles that should be on the ps4

Surely this dosent come as a suprise for anybody.
But im so happy to see them both on PS4! Especially Journey! Was already stunning on PS3, so cant wait to see it on PS4! :D
This is the sort of PS3 to PS4 port i welcome with open arms!

Release date is 2014?

Alreasy sick of all the PS4 ports :/. Played them on PS3 already. This will just be the ps3 version with 1080p.


If only they released these ports without forcing you to play them.

Maybe one day they will learn.

I’ve never owned a PS3, several other people who own PS4s are just like me. I’m happy to play these ports/remasters/etc on the console I do own. These things don’t take as much time as full games for the teams to finish and it gives those guys something to do between games/projects.


I’m not a fan of massive ports either but just because you played the games doesn’t mean everyone has, I know I haven’t and I’m excited for this.

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I assume they’re cross-buy?

The trailer description says “Get more for your money with Cross-Buy – purchase this game for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and get the other version at no extra cost”.
So it would seems so!

Cool. I should never have stopped believin’

Lionel_Redstar 12 August, 2014 @ 15:41

Thank you guys ! Can’t wait to make a 1080p Journey :)


I have Journey on disk, does the cross-buy still count as it is a download from the disk?

StefNighthawk 12 August, 2014 @ 15:59

As usual, cross-buy is only for digital releases or if a PSN-code was included. There is no other way to verify if a physical copy is first hand or second hand.

Expected, but still excellent news! I recently replayed Journey and it really is incredible, one of the best and most unique game experiences I’ve ever had. Recommended and a must play for everyone who is open to a more relaxing game once in a while.

Vulcan_Spectre 12 August, 2014 @ 15:45

Whoever thought up of Cross-Buy deserves a medal. I love it. Can’t wait!

European_Gamer 12 August, 2014 @ 15:49

Not really surprising after the Germans leaked it last week,but still good news.

BTW it’s difficult to imagine that Journey can look any better.


If you’ve played The Last of Us Remastered, then you’ll realise having it on PS4 will be a massive improvement graphically. All that bright, glittering sand and rays in full 1080p.

madmanwithabox12 12 August, 2014 @ 15:49

Vita? I thought Unfinished Swan was supposed to be coming to Vita…


Me too buddy – gutted doesn’t begin to describe my feelings. Ditto, Journey.


given theyre cross buy, its no bad thing although i would have preferred vita

zalwelgoedgaan 12 August, 2014 @ 15:55

Unfinished Swan gave me motion sickness, but yeah kudos for retroactive crossbuy.

Awesome!! I bought Journey for PS3 – I will buy it for PS4. Must have for everyone!


Reminder to everyone (including myself) that hasn’t played Journey, Flower or Flow there is a bundle that includes all of them on the store for £15.99 cross-buy accross Vita, PS4 and PS3!/en-gb/games/journey-collector's-edition/cid=EP9000-NPEA00425_00-GJOURNEYCO000001


now to figure out my punishment for not playing any of them previously on my PS3…


Great news… I own both, so, it will be cool to replay if I find the time.
Now, I did play unfinished swan using move, will that control method be available in the PS4 version?

Those 2 games are some of my favorite experiences on PS3 ever, especially Journey. Magical games. I hope they support cross-buy, or at least a discount for those who already bought them.


Great news :) !

But the timing is kinda weird… I would have expected this announcement at Gamescom after a couple of hours, no?


It is nice that people who did not own a Playstation 3 can play these wonderful games. However, please stop with the ports. Sony you have a legacy of games last gen, let’s make a new one!


These are mainly for the people who never had the pleasure of playing them on 7th gen.

A lot of our current PS4 players are those who crossed over from 360.


Awesome. Journey was great and I look forward to playing through again.


Journey on PS4? AWESOME! Can’t wait to relive the journey all over again.


Woohoo just what everyone’s been waiting for! … oh wait. I mean yay for cross buy but is Playstation even trying anymore?!


This news was leaked a couple of weeks or so ago, but I really thought they were coming to Vita too. Incredibly disappointed :-(

Weeks or Months?


Well, these remakes are nice for the Xbot crossovers but not that interesting for Playstation gamers who, if they respect theirselves, already own these. As a Playstation gamer that can be quite tangible at times, how they continuously aim to please the ‘other side’ and PS newbies, whereas us veteran Playstation gamers are left with a hunger for more.. Bad enough the Dualshock 4 turned out as a PS/XBOX hybrid -_-

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