In Space We Brawl promises couch co-op chaos on PS3 & PS4

Your first look Forge Reply’s fun, frantic twin-stick shooter

Hi there PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Alessandro and I handle marketing and PR here at Forge Reply. I’m with you today to talk about our brand-new game, In Space We Brawl.

Here at the studio, we have always enjoyed couch multiplayer games. In fact, that’s what we do in our lunch breaks: playing together and laughing, yelling and taunting each other. Eventually, these emotions drove me to join Jacopo, one of our game designers, in a brainstorming session that ended up with a sketch on a napkin. And so the basic elements of In Space We Brawl started falling into place.

Here is a glimpse of what we wanted to achieve:

In Space We Brawl is a local multiplayer, twin stick shooter with a lot of innovative features. Another source of inspiration has been the classic versus beat ’em up genre, because of the diversity in the characters and the fighting styles. We decided to elaborate on this and went for a diverse roster of spaceships and weapons: In Space We Brawl lets you try 100+ different combinations, between 11 vessels and 11 tools of space-destruction.

Are you going to equip an agile (but fragile) Pulsar ship with a deadly plasma sword? Or do you want to fully take advantage of the energy generators of the Cypher ship? The sniper rifle would be a nice match, considering that its insane damage output is balanced by a high cost for each shot.
If you feel like a pro, you can pilot a Striker and use asteroids as weapons. Or you could go for the Grinder – a ship that lets you ram your enemies with its chainsaw – and pair it with a flamethrower.

Define your style and put your skills to the test in 8 different battlegrounds, each one defined by specific space hazards such as solar winds, black holes and nasty alien nests.

Gameplay-9 Podium-2Spaceships-and-weapons-selection

After defining the concept, we worked on a playable alpha. We immediately realised that the key to achieve the best fun formula would be to employ a lot of playtesting, as well as a great care in balancing all the spaceship/weapon combinations.

That’s how a crazy idea came to our minds: to meet our future players ‘live’, in order to create the best game possible, for them and with them! We took a laptop with us, four DualShock 3 gamepads and a small table with a set of camping chairs… and we set off for Milan, Turin and Florence.

That was all we needed to re-create the ‘couch multiplayer’ atmosphere, in squares and hangout places. It was an amazing experience that filled us with enthusiasm and inspiration. Last but not least, we gathered a lot of invaluable feedback that helped us improve the game. This video shows what happened (hint: we had fun!).

Italy was only the beginning and the second stage of our Street Playtesting Sessions took us in other European cities: Krakow, Glasgow and Munich. And now, we would like to visit other countries as well! If you think that a Street Playtesting Session could fit in your home town, or if you know a special venue that would do, please tell us on Twitter at @InSpaceWeBrawl or Facebook.

In Space We Brawl is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (with juicy “next gen” special features). And it will be Cross Buy!

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll share many details about spaceships, weapons and battlegrounds, so follow us and check the official site. It will be updated soon with a blog filled with insights about the game and its development.

In Space We Brawl is fun, competitive and brutal and we can’t wait to show you more. In the meantime, post your questions here. We will be happy to reply!

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madmanwithabox12 14 August, 2014 @ 16:05

Wasn’t this supposed to be coming to Vita?

Alessandro Mazzega 15 August, 2014 @ 11:29

Sorry, not for now! This game is designed to be a couch (local) multiplayer game, so you need 2 or more controller and of corse your friends! If you take a look to the “Street playtesting” video you’ll understand what I mean :)


I think this article is the source of the confusion:

To be honest given the type of game it makes more sense for PS3/PS4, although more Vita games are always welcome :-)


madmanwithabox12 15 August, 2014 @ 12:59

Cool, thanks for the response. There’s a lot of confusion flying around at the moment, I wish Sony would just get their messaging straight. One minute X game is on PS3 and Vita, then it’s PS4 only etc. The Gamescom announcements haven’t been very clearly communicated to people – hence I thought this one had been confirmed for Vita. Thanks for the clarification.

Biggest mistake they made regarding this problem is announcing Papers Please as PS4 exclusive when it’s only going to be on Vita.

non vita? passed

loadstone007s 14 August, 2014 @ 16:34

Wow, what a god awful trailer…

Alessandro Mazzega 15 August, 2014 @ 12:04

We are really sorry to hear that you don’t like our trailer, what we want achieve is transmit the pleasure of the local competition in a space battle mayhem, in order to enjoy the shocked face of your friend when you shot him down with a very skilled maneuver. Anyway further you’ll see more gameplay (promise :) )

I hate trailers that show more of people rather than the game itself.

Also, no Vita, no buy. And don’t even think of saying, ‘just use Remote Play’.

This isn’t a Vita game because it’s designed to be a couch co-op game. It’s nice that there are still some developers trying to make this kind of experience, as it’s sadly ignored by much of the industry these days.

zalwelgoedgaan 14 August, 2014 @ 23:13

If you want local co-op, Nintendo will always be there for you. Always.

DarkHeroofGames 15 August, 2014 @ 13:36

Fantastic to see so many indies coming up with awesome local multiplayer ideas! Looking forward to even more! :D

LieutenantFatman 16 August, 2014 @ 06:09

Looks like a lot of fun, great to see another game with local multiplayer for 4 players, looking forward to seeing some more gameplay. :D

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