First gameplay footage for PS Vita ‘pyroguelike’ Flame Over

A quick glimpse of how Laughing Jackal’s firefighting game is shaping up

Hey everyone. I’m Al, Producer at Laughing Jackal and project lead on our forthcoming PS Vita game, Flame Over, which is appearing on Sony’s stand at Gamescom this very week!

A blend of top down twin-stick gameplay and ‘pyroguelike’ mechanics, Flame Over is a highly original firefighting game featuring randomly generated levels, near-death experiences at every turn, and a clever dynamic fire system that spreads and burns through the Infernal Industries building as you play.

Today we’re really excited to share the world’s first Flame Over teaser trailer with you. Hope you like it!

Pretty cool right? ;)

The footage in the teaser was all taken from the latest pre-alpha version of the game and features scenes from Flame Over’s starting game zone, the Infernal Industries Office.


Successfully guide your fireman, Blaze Carruthers, through the Office’s 4 danger-filled floors and you’ll move on to the opulent Executive zone, the hazardous Laboratory, and the highly explosive Factory zone, all of which are packed with even greater dangers! :S

On top of all that firefighting, Flame Over is also a race against time. Rescuing helpless civilians is all that keeps your timer filled up, and some of them simply refuse to leave until you complete mini missions for them! Ingrates!


Lose too many innocents and you’ll be hunted by the Grim Reaper, who’s doesn’t care about silly things like fires, or walls, or doors, or anything much except killing poor Blaze. Having Grim on your tail while dodging a wall of fire can be a terrifying experience!

As well as dancing with death, Blaze must also rescue cute little cats, buy over-priced powerups from our greedy Caretaker and complete mini missions to earn upgrades that’ll give you a little more chance to make it through unfrazzled.


We’ve been working on Flame Over for over a year now and the coming weeks and months will be spent working on sound design, making tweaks and additions to gameplay, improving performance and squashing any pesky bugs!

That’s all for now. We’ll be back with more on Flame Over a bit nearer release. Until then, thanks for watching and if you’re at Gamescom feel free to stop by. I’ll be the tall one stood next to the Flame Over pod with a huge smile on my face. ^^


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Seems good! :)

reminds me Rosco McQueen cant wait to see more about this game

Looks and sounds great. Looks like a great fit for the Vita.
I have been enjoying your updates the past year about it on twitter :-)



mellan_Konsten 15 August, 2014 @ 17:41

I love this theme for a roruelike and the game looks great, keep up the good work :)

But what if you like fire? :(


Very interesting game. looking forward to play it.

Announcements and news like this make me proud to have bought a PS Vita a month ago. It’s such a wonderful, yet underrated gaming device.
PS Vita needs more love from game developers.


Looks great fun!!!


What’s that Al, pretty cool you say? Personally, I’d go with… SMOKIN’!!

I’ve been looking forward to Flame Over for a while now. Sure, the big first and third-party triple-A’s are (very) few and far between, but as long as Vita continues to enjoy the support of ultra-talented indie outfits —— many of whom clearly love Sony’s handheld just as much as it’s loyal fan base —— I for one am more than happy.

Vita x Flame Over = on FIRE!!


Oh sweet!
I was sitting here the other and thinking “Whatever happened to that firefighter game I want on my Vita” and voila!
Reminds me of Spelunky but 3D…and with firefighting. What I’m trying to say is that it looks really fun and I’m looking forward to play it. Keep up the good work :D

You had me at pyroguelike! Seems a great fit for the Vita.

Game reminds me of a game on the PS1, can’t remember the name and I only played the demo… Fun times, fun times.

Might have to pick up this title just cause of them memories, and the game actually looks pretty cool ;)


This such a cool idea, something a bit different that will keep me entertained! :D Seems like such a fun game :)

Cool looking game.
I just thought of a possible game mechanic based around the actual hose.
Maybe to short to reach certain room so would need extending.
Yeah I’ve made so many games….in my head


This looks absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to play it on the criminally underrated but incredibly awesome Vita!
P.S. I love how you have loads of coins to collect that burst out like in the Lego games, I can see myself being addicted to picking up every last one!

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