Freedom Wars invades Soul Sacrifice Delta this week!

Brand new free content for the PS Vita action RPG detailed

Look, I know we’ve got to stop meeting like this, but it’s been a whole fortnight since the last update. Anyway, it’s not my fault if Freedom Wars has decided to invite itself into the world of Soul Sacrifice Delta!

The party crashing Sinners shouldn’t be too much of a problem, mind: they are slaves too, so you and they should really hit it off. I guess they’ve done some kind of deal with Carnatux, as he happens to have the latest Sinner fashion on his shelves now:

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Okay, they may not look too fancy by Soul Sacrifice standards, but I’m told they’re all the rage in the Panopticon and yours to own if you defeat the Dionaea three times. Bargain!

As if this wasn’t enough motivation, there’s also a couple of really nice offerings for you in (the unlikely) case you do not die a horrible death, destroy the Dionaea’s cursed parts and defeat the beast. Piece of cake!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)
#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Just hit the “DOWNLOAD” button on the title screen, then head over to the “Otherworld Pacts” in the “Additional Pacts” section and claim your gifts.

Right, this should keep you busy until the next and very last time we meet… On that bombshell, goodbye!

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Question: how many active players are in SSD? (asking because I don’t know)

    AnBPiEsse3 25 August, 2014 @ 3:14 pm    

    Me! 😀

    Archacus 25 August, 2014 @ 3:19 pm    

    Ok so at least there is on person 🙂 Good to know 🙂

    But you know, I’d rather hear some number 🙂 You know if every active player will reply under my question…. than… hmm…. it could be troublesome to count it, right? It would turn to general census, no? 😀

    jellyhedgehog 25 August, 2014 @ 3:22 pm    


    I play with 2 firends. But I just got back to Monster Hunter and SSD is kinda boring for me right now. But its good to have a new Archfiend this week so I’ll will try it out for sure 🙂 I know like 2-3 other (Polish) active players but I play with other ones.


    I have Delta but have a few pacts left on SS before I start Delta

    Artemisthemp 26 August, 2014 @ 11:48 am    

    I haven’t platinum it yet since, Alice Maze makes it a little bit of a problem

supersmith2500 25 August, 2014 @ 3:18 pm   2

when is it coming?

HomessaHomem 25 August, 2014 @ 3:20 pm   3

I hope to see summonable Freedom Wars spirits in Destiny of Spirits too. 🙂

WearingFin 25 August, 2014 @ 3:39 pm   4

And it should be mentioned that Soul Sacrifice Delta is still on sale until Wednesday. Come join us!

NO--one23 25 August, 2014 @ 3:43 pm   5

Me and three friends


Is this a temporary offer? I still haven’t finished regular Soul Sacrifice. I have about a few quests left in both pacts IX and X…stuck on the Dog Sniffs one errr. I’m just not good enough to solo him and finding it difficult to find other players online


sigh naming a quest in Soul Sacrifice warrants moderation…let me rephrase it then. I have a few missions left in IX and X Avalon Pacts and I’m having difficulty trying to solo the behemoth in IX. Been difficult finding other players and I’d like to finish Soul Sacrifice before I start Delta. Are the Freedom Wars bits only temporary?


God damn it I love this game.


Here is a franchise that lost me. “OMG this is amazing” said everyone before it came out. Hungry for Vita titles, I snapped it up, and got bored with it after five minutes. Tempted to give it another bash, but what is this Delta version? A sequel? An update? A v1.1 or 2.0? I have no idea. And rather than be confused, I can’t be bothered.

wishmylove 27 August, 2014 @ 4:17 pm   10

Thank you! I love Soul Sacrifice Delta!