Escape Dead Island release date confirmed, new trailer debuts

More news on the forthcoming single-player zombie spin-off

We are happy to announce that Escape Dead Island will be coming to PS3 on 21st November 2014. This single-player spin-off to the Dead Island series offers a third person Survival-Mystery with a strong focus on story.

Cliff Calo sets out to impress his father by filming the zombie documentary of a lifetime, but through his eyes, players will discover what it means to question their sanity as reality slips away. With an increasingly more unpredictable world comes the ever-growing zombie horde. Players will need to fight for their lives using makeshift weaponry and in some cases rely entirely upon stealth-based gameplay in order to survive the undead.

The events of Escape Dead Island will provide a missing link between the original Dead Island games and Dead Island 2 as it will let players explore the all-new island of Narapala and unravel the dark secrets behind the zombie virus.

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Really looking forward to this. Dead Island was great, so I have high hopes.


Why does everything need to release in November?
Oh well guess I gonna get it in December


No ps4 version?.. little odd given it’s a bridge between 1 and 2, am trying Not to buy anything else for ps3, though i look forward to it, if it’s not going to be to time consuming aka DI type time, then guess i’ll be getting.

I’ve 100% Dead Island and platinumed Dead Island Riptide, so i’ll no doubt pick this title and wait for Dead Island 2 on PS4!

Look forward to Vita port ;)

No ps4 version? Playstation getting as bad as Microsoft,ps4 players let down again and again

Assassin-_-MerKz 28 August, 2014 @ 22:10

Are we getting the Dead island 2 beta with this and will it be released in Ireland

You should definitely bring this to the vita. The ps3 is flooded with zombie games but on the vita you competition…. well nonexistent. If you can make a decent game vita owners will buy it just to have something new to play.

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