New Destiny trailer details PlayStation-exclusive maps, guns and gear

Find out what additional goodies are coming your way on 9th September

With Bungie’s epic shooter Destiny hitting PS4 and PS3 with a mountain of PlayStation-exclusive maps, guns and gear, we’ve compiled an in-depth video that outlines exactly what you’ll get come 9th September. Watch the official trailer above — it’s quite the production!

Click here for a closer look at the full suite of PlayStation-exclusive Destiny content. And stay tuned through the next week — we’ve got more Destiny coverage as we get ready for launch day.

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Making these extras an extensive timed exclusive is really poor practice. Sony must have paid an inordinate amount of money for what attests to a few skins and two maps – hope it was worth it Bungie.

They all do the same. Just look at the Tomb raider fiasco.

It said at the end, timed exclusive until at least 2015! Hahahah enjoy the wait xbots!


Until fall 2015. It’s a whole year!

counterUAVbaby 28 August, 2014 @ 12:16

That’s the reason why I think PS community is just st**id! I will become stupis too then! Lara Croft the rise of tomb raider is timed exclusive to Xbox One! HAhahahah enjoy the wait Ps ponies.

counterUAVbaby 28 August, 2014 @ 12:16


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Do I need Plus for the single player campaign (the only thing I care for) if not I won’t buy because I won’t renew the Plus “service”.

In the beta at least, non-Plus members could play everything except the Fireteam mission that required teaming up with other people.


Hollie from Playstation Access confirmed to me that you don’t need PS+ for the single player and that you will still have other people running around on the map with you. Only the actual mutiplayer specific aspects are PS+, so the crucible and the end-game raids (forgot the name)

Day 9.9. Can’t wait! *–*

Personally, I think timed exclusive content for multiplatform is a bit pointless.

You’re only taking away content that people on other platforms could have had access to.

SCE has such great first-party games, which further makes timed exclusive content in multiplatform games a bit redundant imo.


I like it a lot! Give us more exclusives!

Not too fussed about exclusive bits and Bob’s but destiny looks good, enjoyed the beta a lot.

Nice exclusive contents !!

VictorAnalogy 28 August, 2014 @ 11:31

Not a fan of timed exclusives, but at least Sony are up-front and honest about the nature of the exclusivity. Unlike another console manufacturer who shall remain nameless.


Destiny look like a fun game but why it so much hype? Can someone please reply to this? Thank you very much :)

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