PS Plus in September: Velocity 2X, Sportsfriends, Joe Danger PS Vita, more

Acclaimed shoot ‘em up TxK and PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale also incoming

Hi everyone. To help boost your gaming collection we have a feast of goodies lined up for next month on PlayStation Plus. Read on for full details of what’s coming your way on 3rd September.

New on PlayStation 4

First up this month on PS4, we welcome the highly addictive arcade shoot ’em up sequel Velocity 2X.

Infiltrate space stations, moon bases and alien planets to disrupt the crushing tyranny imposed by the evil Vokh Empire. Engage the Quarp Drive teleport to outsmart the enemy in race-tuned space combat, then dock your ship, jump out and run around on foot to infiltrate enemy bases. Once you’ve disabled internal defences, jump back into the Quarp Jet and continue your mission!

Next up, is the critically acclaimed Sportsfriends – a tightly-knit compendium of local multiplayer games for living rooms, parties and even your backyard.

Whether you’re into retro-style fighting games or fancy some pole vault duelling there is definitely something to keep everyone entertained in this incredible social experience. Best of all, you can pick this up on both PS3 and PS4, so grab your friends and challenge them to some hilarious sporting action!

New on PlayStation 3

First up on PS3 this month comes explosive brawler PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale. This supercharged showdown is a celebration of the stars and games that made PlayStation a household name. Not only can you play as your favourite hero, villain or mascot – you also get to duke it out in some famous PlayStation settings.

Take on up to three of your friends offline and via PlayStation Network across a variety of competitive and co-operative modes as you fight on constantly evolving battle arenas. As an added bonus you can also pick up the PS Vita version to keep battling on the move.

Next up burn villages, kidnap the princess and incinerate thieves in your quest to gather the most gold whilst obtaining over 100 badges in four game modes across 35 levels. Hoard is an addictive blend of arcade action and strategy that allows you to play with or against friends in four player co-op mode and competitive multiplayer.

New on PS Vita

First up on PS Vita this month is Llamasoft’s highly addictive psychedelic tube shooter TxK. The spiritual successor to retro classic Tempest, TxK brings you 100 levels of score-chasing gameplay married to an outstanding soundtrack that will have your head nodding as you blast your way onto the leaderboards.

In our final offering this month take Joe Danger on a ride from zero to hero in a game that lives up to its PS3 big brother with no compromises. Eye-popping super-smooth 60FPS graphics use only the very brightest colours on the PS Vita’s lovely screen, and there’s a revamped control scheme so it plays just as nicely, too – including touch controls for the editor modes!


In summary

Leaving PS Plus:
3rd September: Road Not Taken
3rd September: FEZ
3rd September: Crysis 3
3rd September: Proteus
3rd September: Metrico
3rd September: LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 Years

Entering PS Plus:
3rd September: Velocity 2X
3rd September: Sportsfriends
3rd September: PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale
3rd September: Hoard
3rd September: TxK
3rd September: Joe Danger PS Vita

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!

Don’t forget to also visit the PlayStation forums where each month we have multiplayer tournaments and challenges for you to enjoy and compete against other Plus members from around the world.

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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counterUAVbaby 27 August, 2014 @ 16:00

Omg !!! I leaving this service today!!!!

counterUAVbaby 27 August, 2014 @ 16:00


Andrew-McColl 27 August, 2014 @ 16:02

worst month in a long time, what are they one when they pick these games!

Andrew-McColl 27 August, 2014 @ 16:03


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Not good enough…

Mario__4__Life 27 August, 2014 @ 16:09

Feels great to have abandoned PLUS in favor of PURCHASING the games i want IN SALES.



Who says you can’t fo both?


*Do. Thanks for the edit button, PS Blog :)

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Ishan_The_King 27 August, 2014 @ 16:01

This has to be one of the most mediocre Plus updates ever.


Sorry but this is one of the best months ever, especially for Vita owners.

Velocity 2X, PASBR, TxK, Joe Danger..many happy Vitas out there, including mine! :D

Mario__4__Life 27 August, 2014 @ 16:10

You are too friendly. I dont know some of these games, but it appears to be the worst month BY FAR.

And when you look at ps44, some people expected knack & driveclub by now.

@Mario: Driveclub is next month, Knack probably wont come to ps plus as it scored too low on metacritic

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Oh my…

counterUAVbaby 27 August, 2014 @ 16:04

My thoughts exactly :(

fps_d0minat0r 27 August, 2014 @ 17:35

Dont worry, there will be a meaningless survey a month later when its too late, where you can vent your frustration and enjoy knowing that it doesnt count for anything.


Definitely one of the weakest line-ups in a while. I might pick up PlayStation All-Stars, see how it compares to my nostalgia of Smash Bros!

I get that the PS4 won’t have the AAA games yet, due to the infancy of the console, but even the PS3 line-ups aren’t as good as they used to be. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that there isn’t the pressure to get the games on the service now that it’s compulsory for multiplayer on PS4.

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This is such an awesome selection especially for PS4 and Vita!
Any chance that the Vita version of Velocity 2X is also included as it is supposed to be cross buy?


Of course yes it’s crossbuy. :D

Every single game which is cross buy remains cross buy when it comes to ps plus

Well someone that has a brain!

Awesomeee!!! (not)
We have plus on PS4 just to play online….


too bad, so sad

Calma Diogo, Velocity 2X e um jogo espetacular e joga sportsfriends com os teus amigos, vais ver que tem muita graca tambem. Proximo mes vem Driveclub

provavelmente meterem estes jogos mais fracos mesmo a pensar nisso, que para o mes que vem o driveclub está ai e que a malta se cala, quando o driveclub embora tenha uma versao para os membros da plus, na realidade nao conta como jogo da IGC

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Seriously? This is worse than last month and the month before… What happened to all the great games on the service? So disappointing.

I see the polling on the previous months games is missing from this post too. I guess we all know why that is. This is becoming a joke. I wish I could opt out of months.

The poll will be out when the games are out with next weeks update.


PS+ became mandatory on PS4 so now they don’t have a reason to maintain the quality of the service because people will keep buying it anyway, because they have to.

Well, looks like I’ll get the PS4 for exclusives and otherwise stick to my PC

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Only really excited about TxK


Its a good thing Plus members gets Dont Starve next week – that and TxK holds up the subscription for me personally.


You have no idea what you’re missing on then. You should probably give Velocity 2X a go as it’s the best thing in this lineup.
A new release and a REALLY REALLY fun game.


Ill give it a try down the line but i dont know much about it to get hype like everyone else.

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Velocity 2X ?????
This month wins.


Yes it does!!

Wins what, the “Most people unsubscribed from this increasingly horrible service” award?


@manistra did you unsubscribed? if you didn’t then stop whining

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zalwelgoedgaan 27 August, 2014 @ 16:03


I knew Velocity was gonna be +! Futurlab just loves it too much! HAHAHAAHAHAH!


I kind of wish they wouldn’t put it on Plus so I could give them my money!!
Still I’m not complaining, but I am excited!!

zalwelgoedgaan 27 August, 2014 @ 16:46

You can always buy it with your alt accounts if they don’t have Plus on them.

You’re Euro, right? We pretty much all have USA accounts at least. XD


Now people are subbing for ps4 they don’t need to offer anything good anymore! Making games with gold look good!


Hypocrisy at it’s best, game with gold also has only indies on the X1, so please, shut up.


It’s gone over your head hasn’t it

Crazy_Vantage 27 August, 2014 @ 16:24

“Making games with gold look good!”

Okay let’s not get carried away here

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I doubt you’ll have a lot of happy replies.

Not too shabby. No real hard-hitting games that have entered, which is perhaps disappointing given this time last year we got Assassin’s Creed 3 in the IGC. No games with tacked on multiplayer thankfully, which is a nice improvement over the last few months. Keep it up :D


This is an awful selection. Come on guys even games with gold is better that this.


How so? tell me, please.



Well, they give out better games. Quality> quantity. These games aren’t bad… Well, the ones I’ve heard about but they aren’t great either


better games? is that so.. what better games exactly?

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So totally sick of side-scrolling games on PS4. Variety? Anyone? I played all these game on my MegaDrive 15 years ago.


No you haven’t.


Yes I have.


So side-scrolling is not good huh.. well, would be better to give you a really good game? something from our time, like.. Call of duty! that’s good right?!

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I really hate the recent updates of IGC collection…

bad update

TxK? It’s still broken, 2 trophies are unobtainable..

not unobtainable, just freakishly hard :/


Pure is quite possible, several people completed it.
They are glitched, it was confirmed by developers (and patch was promised, but then they run away).

ashton_philip 27 August, 2014 @ 16:05

Only Velocity 2x excites me this month, is it cross-buy? At any rate not the best month for me but will try out the other titles don’t think they are quite my cup of tea though.

Crazy_Vantage 27 August, 2014 @ 16:05

Looking forward to Velocity2x, everyone I know who’s played it has been going crazy about it. TxK and Joe Danger are also appreciated given I just got a Vita. Still, can’t help but feel we’re not getting quite the same value we used to out of Plus.

Not medicore, awful!!


What games are cross-buy this time? Just PSASBR or also Velocity?


should be velocity 2X , PSASBR and Sports Friends


Weird, i’ve tried finding info about Sportsfriends but i could only find that PS4 edition does NOT support cross-buy with PS3… but it works the other way around (just like PSASBR)

Oh well, waiting for an official answer :P


This was in the post “Best of all, you can pick this up on both PS3 and PS4” (sportsfriends) i reckon it might be a special plus crossbuy thing like america got Dragons Crown for ps3 and ps vita even though it isnt crossbuy.

This is such a big dissapointment , this time i even have to comment that i never do ! Never buying ps+ subscription for one year NEVER !

Wow.. PS+ offerings are terrible, terrible..


Not gonna lie… This isn’t the best month of PS+

But! But i was going to buy Velocity, so that has saved me from that… Plus Joe Danger wl just serve to remind me i don’t have No Man’s Sky yet!

I3loodthirsty 27 August, 2014 @ 16:06

Thank jebus destiny is out on the 9th to save us from another meh month ps4 ps+ update


Exactly, this service has gone to (MODERATED)

Welp, guess 10 million units of mandatory payment to have online make this guys see things veery diferently.

Velocity 2X is amazing been playing it for weeks but lets have it straight it’s a Vita game and it’s crossbuy so having it as one of the PS4 games is terrible!
Can’t wait for Joe Danger!
Not impressed with the rest though, Sportfriends!? REALLY? If I wasn’t already subbed until late 2015 I would probably cancel the service after this update and renew it when the good games start coming again.

Move along please, nothing to see here!

Another crap month, 2 months of LEGO and now this. TxK is really good but I already bought it for £3.50 in a sale, I have Joe Danger on PS3 and PC. Can we get the Vita Killzone on PS+ please?

I never isually dislike PS+ offerings but this is the worst month we have ever had. Guesd everyone will be full up with Destiny anyway.

Terrible month.. keep those games Sony


I’ve never publicly complained about PS+, and I’ve been on it since the day it started. But this line up is complete (MODERATED)


I take it, then, that PS Allstars BR is only the PS3 Version?


Try reading the article: “As an added bonus you can also pick up the PS Vita version to keep battling on the move.”


Okay, just noticed this:
” As an added bonus you can also pick up the PS Vita version to keep battling on the move.”


Knew Velocity was coming and to be fair it looks pretty good. Looking forward to that. Sports friends though? Not for me. Not at all. Trying to flog a few more cameras eh? Ps all stars has been a long time coming but nothing on the Vita for me. Not the best update but could have been a lot worse!

Ok I have been one of the complainers the past few months but I am actually pleased with the games we’re getting this month. Velocity 2X is supposed to be great and the two Vita offerings are both fantastic games for on the go.

Happy about PS all stars.

Rest is not very good at first glance


most months ive always been satisfied with the ps plus content ,,but gotta say this month is DIABOLICAL


That’s a real bad selection maybe the first month where not bother getting any of them…

Huh :/

Velocity :/ I knew it, nothing suprising. Not interested, I have enough of their fawning over Shahid and Yoshida-san on twitter. Making them avatars, backgrounds, commenting every single post, defending them every time. Come on… sorry to say but those are pure bootlickers, when developer don’t respect themselves how can I respect them?

Ow well… last month I prolonged subscription by my own mistake (I was sure I turned off auto mode)

Other games… well… not for me. So again nothing…


What so they can’t make anyone an avatar or talk to people about what they think of a game?


you shouldn’t respect yourself

James Marsden 27 August, 2014 @ 18:39

We’ve got a great deal of respect for ourselves, thanks. We’ve created avatars as part of our low cost marketing campaign. Hope you enjoy the game!

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This is the best month I’ve seen in a while. I was planning on buying Velocity 2X, but getting it for free makes it even better. Sportsfriends is also a title I wanted to pick up but now, I will be getting it for free. Although I already have PS All-Stars, it’s probably the best game of the whole list. It’s also Cross-buy and this will probably boost the online community by a lot. Don’t know much about Txk, Hoard and Joe Danger, but they seem like pretty good games.

Overall, really happy for this month. :D

Make sure you get TxK… that’s all I’m saying

I seem to be in the minority but I think it’s a decent month, well at least for PS4/Vita. Velocity 2x will be great (hopefully cross-buy?), All-Stars Battle Royale and Joe Danger on vita will be fun too. The PS3 games certainly seem to have gone down in calibre though.

Velocity 2X – Amazing! I don’t like all of Futurlab’s games, but Velocity is awesome.
Sportsfriends – Great collection. But I fear that might result in negative reactions, considering that this bundles games that are pretty much the opposite of the AAA demand.
PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale: Blargh!
Hoard: Own and played it on Steam – not really my best purchase ever.
TxK: Awesome once more!
Joe Danger PS Vita: Ahem, no thanks. We already had 2 Joe Danger games, didn’t we?

Summarized: Velocity 2X and TxK are great. So is Sportsfriends, if you are into such games.
The rest is just bland, old or “more of the same” though. And Plus is getting worse and worse for gamer who want bigger titles. For September one can’t claim even the slightest balance.

Oh and naturally there still aren’t any RPGs in sight. And why should they? Just another fighting game please, who cares about polls anyway?

Rating: D-

Agree with pretty much everything you said, Velocity 2X looks amazing, I own TxK and I can honestly say its a mind blowing game. Hopefully people will try it out and realise that for themselves, there’s nothing else quite like it. Sportsfriends is supposed to be one of the most fun and addictive couch multiplayer/party games at the moment but havent tried it myself… rest is uninspiring but oh well my subscription is £3.33 a month which is good value considering Velocity 2X will cost more than that on its own and i was going to buy it anyway. Driveclub next month :)

counterUAVbaby 29 August, 2014 @ 08:10

@RTLF Driveclud the demo next month :)

It’s time to leave service. Even not finished ps3 games can’t help


How can anybody complain about this month! Velocity 2X will be up there in the GOTY contenders and you’re getting it for free!!! Ungrateful really isn’t the word!


looks like a cross between a metroid game (cos the lead char looks like her too) and some Gradius type game wouldnt say it would be anywhere near GOTY or being a contender

The first one did really well didn’t it? It may look like those games but as far as I know it evolves the concept, teleporting is a big feature. I don’t know a lot about it but I try to judge it on more than just screenshots.


Wait til you play it first before you decide. A GOTY contender doesn’t have to be a triple A to be worthy.

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Is Playstation All Stars cross-buy? If so, then another good month for Vita owners with Velocity 2X as well. These will have to go to the backlog though, i strongly suspect Destiny will take over from Diablo 3 in taking over my life in September.


Nevermind, too much time spent in front of a screen today, i can’t read that it was cross-buy

Lol @ all of the Olivers.

counterUAVbaby 28 August, 2014 @ 10:58

@Augurae Better at least than this garbage.

counterUAVbaby 28 August, 2014 @ 10:59

Oops sorry wrong reply.

that’s it I’m done with PS+

seriously considering selling PS4 for Xbox One, because I don’t think PS+ offer will ever improve, it has become a joke offer right now, and MS got their GWG and it looks infinitely better to what you’re offering

arrogant Sony is back, forgetting about their customers

PoisonRemedy89 27 August, 2014 @ 16:13

@ner-2082 are you high or something what do you want to get for the ps4 AAA games there are hardly a few atm stupid kinds they can’t appreciate anything, this months game look really good i;m looking forward to play them


I got Xbox one, currently playing Titanfall, looking forward to Halo Master Cheif collection!

Don’t think I will ever regret my purchase


How does being unable to give you “better” games make them, arrogant?
That makes no sense. You might be a customer but you can’t always get what you want neither does it make you right. If there is anyone that is arrogant it’s all the people who are literally complaining about getting 60+ games per year for £40 that costs more than £600-800 in total; sure the games are not to EVERYONE liking but the service isn’t always about getting what you want,variety is GOOD even if its not to your liking (standards)
I’m not bashing you I just fail to see how it’s arrogant.

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MEH!!! if it wasnt the fact i have to have my PsPlus for Destiny i wouldn’t bother renewing this is sooooo disgracful



Horrible, horrible games. My subscription runs for 3 more months and unless things change by then, I will not be renewing the subscription.


Good, we don’t need whiners here ;-)


Same Here. I don’t see any reasons to renewing subscription.


same here, I’m a ps3 user and have it off from july, still wait a good game to renew it. August was bad (already had crysis) and Septmeber actually suck :(

Velocity 2X and Joe Danger on Vita on PS+ from day one?! Yes, please! Thanks :D

Edit: is Velocity 2X cross-buy?


Not Guaranteed at the moment but FutureLab are good to vita fans so we should be ok :)


It is crossbuy so we should get it :)

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