Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell heading to PS3 and PS4 in January 2015

Standalone expansion takes the Saints to the demon-infested New Hades

Eight years ago today, Volition introduced the world to Johnny Gat: the badass lieutenant of the 3rd Street Saints with a knack for bloodshed. Over the years, he waged war against the Vice Kings in Saints Row, took brutal revenge for his lost love against The Ronin in Saints Row 2, selflessly sacrificed himself to save his friends in Saints Row: The Third, and triumphantly returned to eviscerate the Zin Empire in Saints Row IV. Today, on this anniversary, we at Volition are thrilled to announce a new standalone expansion for Saints Row IV in which Johnny Gat must face the only opponent worthy of his extreme reputation: Satan himself.

Fans have been wondering: where we can possibly go after the Saints have conquered the known Universe? Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell is our answer. Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington embark on a quest to save The President/God Emperor of the Universe from Hell’s infernal city of New Hades. After teaming up with former enemy Dane Vogel, they learn The Boss is going to be forced to marry Satan’s daughter! The Saints must conquer the demon-infested city and save their friend before it is too late.

Volition has been working hand in hand with High Voltage Software to create this heroic epilogue to Saints Row IV. For the first time, players can play as their favorite Saints, Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington solo or cooperatively with a friend. This expansion features an open world city sandbox where players progress the story however they please: medaling on activities, completing diversions, exploring, conquering the city, finding hidden treasures, killing – the possibilities are sure to please! Our brand new city of New Hades features five distinct islands including a barren wasteland of an ancient war, a towering downtown for Hell’s elite, and a crammed slums built for ultimate suffering. This new environment is specifically catered to one of our new supernatural powers: angelic flight! With angelic wings our Saints will terrorize the ranks of Hell’s armies from ankle biting imps to massive Arch-Demons. Super powers are making a return with supernatural twists from demonic summons to deadly holy auras. A new arsenal of wicked weapons can be found as well as The 7 Legendary Deadly Weapons – each the twisted embodiment of one of the 7 deadly sins! Fans may also find some much needed closure for past friends (and enemies)!

Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell is coming to PS3 and PS4 January 27, 2015 and will also be bundled with our new gen version: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.

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An Expansion and Cross gen? NOOOOOOOOOO :(


oh cool cant wait to play it again on ps4

It looks more like DLC then a full Saints Row game…


because it is DLC


i think working on next gen Saint Row game and they just need money to make next game like The Last of us because they makeing Last of Us 2 and old games sale a lot because dalo3 sold more on ps4 and xbox1 .


aslo last of us and TR sell a lot on ps4 and xbox1 and Metro collection will sell no1 so i hope this sell no1 on next gen because will.:]

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I have already completed Saints Row the Third complete edition on PS3 a couple of months ago, so I hope to win a PS4 from any website comp(s) and get Saints Row IV: Re Elected as one of my first games.

ummagummachild 29 August, 2014 @ 19:49

Why only PS4 and PS3? Is it so unprofitable to port the blockbuster titles like this on #Psvita?


Saints Row on PS VITA? really? what next? do you want the witcher 3 on it?


because it can just be remote played anyway… Also who would want to waste half their Vitas memory with such a large game?

You’d buy the cartridge, simply…

And why not a Saints Row on Vita? Grand Theft Auto was MASSIVE and SUCCESSFUL on PSP…

Now THIS is what you call an expansion pack ! Really looking forward to this ! :))

Who said this sounds like dlc? It is an expansion but sounds like everything a full game has! And surprise ps4 edition? Almost wish I hadnt played through ps3 version. Can we still import characters?


Missed it last gen won’t do the same mistake now

More last gen ports yay…


I will get this on my ps4 i guess but so its last gen port and where is rest Saint Row Collection ?

I bet some this money to work on next game i got feeling they working on next gen game but next gen games take too long so dont expect PS5 and xbox2.

Is Saints Row IV: Re-Elected coming to Australia. Because I was waiting for the game of the year edition to get saint’s row iv but it seems that they didn’t release the GOTY in Australia.

TeddyBearTwinkle 31 August, 2014 @ 12:41

more like saints row crap out of hell

my advice Kate Nelson scrap all saints row games because you int got any fresh ideas for the game

THIS IS SAINTS ROW 4 DLC anyone who buys this crap is a idiot


Saints Row IV for PS4 makes me pretty happy. But, given that this blog post pops up on the Australian Playstation Blog, will the trophy system for an Australian version be fixed, or will it once again be the nightmarish clusterf**k that it was on PS3 for the game and dlc packs?

да моя подруга обожает эту игрушку))

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