Platformer Run Sackboy! Run! announced for PS Vita and mobile devices

A brand new portable mini-adventure to get you prepped for LittleBigPlanet 3

Hello PlayStation Blog! I’m Tom O’Connor, Senior Producer in the LittleBigPlanet Production team at Sony XDev Europe. As well as putting the finishing touches to LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS3 and PS4, we have also been busy working on a brand new handcrafted (and handheld) mini-adventure. Run Sackboy! Run! is a free-to-play platform-survival game built exclusively for PS Vita iOS and Android mobile devices, in which you can earn exclusive costumes for LBP3.

The Negativitron (that big nasty vacuum cleaner who sucks up all the creativity) is back, wreaking havoc on Craftworld and nipping at the heels of our very own Sackboy! Using simple tap and swipe gestures, you get to speed through three iconic worlds from the LittleBigPlanet series – The Gardens, The Canyons and Avalonia, evading danger for as long you can.


Anyone can enjoy the game, but as Sackboy charges along at top speed, you’re going to need super-quick reactions to keep him on course and out of trouble.

Collect as many bubbles as you can as you speed through Craftworld, and then use your bubbles to buy special costumes and upgrades. Each of the costumes in the game have built-in score multipliers, meaning you won’t only look snazzy but you can get higher scores too.


You can challenge your friends using the game’s built-in social features and scoreboards. There are loads of power-ups too, including a Jet Pack, Shield and Magnet, plus my personal favourite, the Glider. You also have a mission ladder system, meaning there are always new objectives and challenges each time you play.

There are tons of stickers to collect too, and an in-game Sticker Book to keep them all nice and tidy. As you complete collections of stickers you will unlock special rewards. And you won’t want to miss out on the exclusive costumes for LittleBigPlanet 3 which you will be able to gad about in when the game is released later this year on PS4 and PS3.


The game is scheduled for release this October, and will be available on PS Vita, Apple iOS and Android. We can’t wait to tell you more about the game soon!

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More Sackboy?
Yes, please!

How much will it cost? Free, I hope!


US Blog entry says that it’s free-to-play.


It’s Free2Play :) meaning everyone can enjoy

Its not actually free is is it ? You have to pay to progress in these types of games.

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Sounds cool, I’m looking forward to trying it out. Just as long as it isn’t full of micro-transactions like Jetpack Joyride, which this reminds me of.


Jetpack Joyride was addictive, but the whole microtransactions BS could’ve been left out. I hate microtransactions.

Looks interesting. Is the Vita version the same as the mobile or does it have anything extra; similarly will the Vita version be priced the same as the mobile versions?

Oops, I missed the fact that it’s free to play, that’s what you get for skipping over the text ;-)


The Vita version has trophies :)

PS Vita and mobile devices…

Not interested.

Why would anyone be happy that he is getting on expensive and superior device named VITA thing which can be played on mobile phone? Why? The similar thing with recent Square Enix… ports of mobile phone games? Really?!

It is like one giant slap in the face, I didn’t buy it to play games which are available on mobile phones, or even worse ported from mobile phones. And I’m quite sure that game will have lots of simplifications just because it is multiplatform game which must be easy to play on mobile phone.


I feel insulted…


This is basically a marketing tool for LBP3, on mobile devices that is. It’s relatively harmless and because it’s free to play, more people are willing to check it out.

We still got plenty of Vita games coming. :p Sometimes the best Vita games can also be multiplat or Cross-buy.

Ok… I wouldn’t mind if it was available on Vita via PSM… that’s the rational thing.

I mean that’s why PSM is there, right?

But marketing tool…. well… for mobile phones I agree! But there is no vita owner who doesn’t know LBP! That’s simply no possible! Rather than application for Vita/Phones… I’d rather them to focus on making games.


mobile phones application? no… it is insulting.

But yeah I agree that plenty of Vita games are coming! I’m not denying it! I’m happy owner of Vita… but not happy with what SCE and 1st party studios are doing for Vita.

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Will you be able to create and share you own levels? Not really LBP without that feature…


Haven’t read anything about level sharing. This seems more about getting exclusive costumes for LBP3 and stickers and stuff.


any news on the LBP3 store pre-order yet?

madmanwithabox12 04 September, 2014 @ 16:04

It’s about time one of the mobile games based on a Sony IP came to Vita. The fact we didn’t get Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus, PlayStation All-Stars Island or PS Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour is pretty inexcusable. They may not even be great games or whatever, but you’d rather put them on mobiles than on Vita… I think not, Sony. Cut that out. Now.

On a more positive note, thanks XDev for giving Vita some love. Free-to-play LBP runner is fine in my book, especially with unlockable costumes.

I have a question regarding those costumes: Will they be compatible with the other versions of LBP as well (LBP2, LBP Vita and LBP Karting) or are they only LBP3? Cause that would be disappointing if it’s the latter. =/


All-Stars Island was AIDS, though. Good riddance.

madmanwithabox12 04 September, 2014 @ 16:17

Yeah, like I say. The games might not always have been great. It’s the principal that bothers me. The fact that Sony would rather put those games on mobile devices than their own handheld, which is supposed to be part of the PlayStation Mobile family… that’s what bugs me. They don’t even put their mobile games on Vita.


Maybe the Cola deal prevented it from being released on the Vita, who knows.

It’s sad how the Vita is treated in certain ways, I use mine like every day. :/ I’m even more sad that dedicated gamers are just flocking to smart phones and don’t look back on traditional consoles and handhelds. Never imagined it would be THIS many, really.

At least there are many games to play, unlike my Wii U which is collecting more dust than the trash you see in an antique store.

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Kinda reminds me of Joe Danger but with Sackboy!


Looks nice and all, but I’d like another LBP game for Vita :(

madmanwithabox12 04 September, 2014 @ 16:19

Why another one? The one we have is pretty definitive. You won’t be able to do a game with more layers and characters like LBP 3 on Vita. It’s just too much. Vita doesn’t need another LBP, it already has it’s own ultimate LittleBigPlanet experience.

Hybrid_Decisions 04 September, 2014 @ 16:41

They should add more levels to LBP Vita, the community is dwindling and needs reviving.

Another LBP or LBP spin-off would be good choice… instead of mobile app.

I’d like to see….hmmm…. something like…
LBP RPG that could be fun! True RPG game with LBP universe and sackboys +sackgirls! I mean there is much more to do with LBP. Take a look at LBP Karting, that was good idea! Why not make similar games?

I want LBP3 on the Vita, LVPV was better then LBP2, PS3 getting LBP3 but not the Vita!? Why is that?

madmanwithabox12 04 September, 2014 @ 22:51

LBP3 wouldn’t run on Vita. It’s way too big for starters.

I hope this F2P isn’t happening in LBP3.


I think that LittleBigPlanet Hub thing is quietly canceled. For the best, F2P LBP is stupid.


Is XDdev making this game alone or are you making it with someone else.


We are making this game with Fire Sprite, a new studio based in Liverpool


Is Little Big Planet Hub still alive?


We are focussing on LBP3 for console right now to be sure it’s great and to ensure everyone will love it.
It’s a big job to make it extra special for you all :)


You’re avoiding the question. He asked about LittleBigPlanet Hub, not LBP3.

He’s focusing on LBP3. That seems like enough to say that they are not working on LBP Hub.


Hopefully the mobile versions of games like Fat Princess and Run Sackboy! Run! will bring more gamers to the PlayStation consoles.

I do hope so!


Please bring LBP3 or LBP Hub to Vita.

The PSVITA is powerful, but not powerful enough to run LBP Hub and LBP3.

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