LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita Marvel Super Hero Edition launches this November

Grab the acclaimed PS Vita original with a host of Marvel extras for just €19.99

Hi everyone, Tom O’Connor here from the LittleBigPlanet team, over at Sony XDev in Liverpool.

If you happened to miss out on the handmade handheld wonder that is LittleBigPlanet PS Vita the first time around, well, you are in for a treat!

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LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita Marvel Super Hero Edition features the original game plus a load of additional Marvel content. Included are three exciting mini-games, starring some of the most popular Marvel Super Heroes and a wardrobe filled with new costumes you can use when dressing your Sackboy or Sackgirl.

LBP_Vita_Marvel Super Heroes Edition_2D packshot_NO PEGI

In the original game, you get to journey and interact with LittleBigPlanet like never before using the touch-feely magic of PS Vita. The travelling planet of Carnivalia is a jam-packed playground where an Evil Puppeteer has brought doom and gloom. Can you unravel the mystery and restore this troubled planet to it’s former glory?

When you’ve done that, why not try out the create tools and conjure up your own levels and games, then share them with the rest of the world? If you’re not feeling incredibly creative, well that doesn’t matter as there are thousands of levels and games created by others for you to play.

The Marvel mini-games feature some of the most popular Marvel heroes, Avengers: Ultimate Escape, S.H.I.E.L.D Interceptor and Hero Rush. There are loads of stages to complete and tons of replayability, they really are perfect for bite-sized entertainment on your PS Vita. If that’s not enough…you get 18 Marvel character costumes plus loads of stickers, decorations, effects and objects to craft your own super hero adventures.

The game will be released on 19th November for the bargain price of €19.99. Check it out and we will look out for some awesome new creations online. Who knows, you might even get Team Picked and featured by our Community team!

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There’s now essentialy a version of Hero Rush available to buy for android. I think I’ll stick to this original version.

Is this stuff all available or will it be bundled at a cheaper cost for people who already own LBP:Vita made available on PSN?


Gotta say most people agree. Where is LBP:V2 ? (preferably with more levels than the AWESOME LBP:V1 though).

I have to agree Homessa I too would like a proper sequel for the vita :)

Are the trophies different to the original game?

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Are the stuff featured in the Marvel Super Hero Edition available as DLC? I’ve already bought LBP: PSVITA.


If I understood everything correctly, this is just the ‘base game’ + the Marvel Arcade pack, so you’ll be good to go when you buy the DLC from the PS Store.



But… DC Comics edition?

You could make little big planet 2 …

If this one sells well, I hope they’ll make a true sequel. In every case I’m happy, finally Sony made a good choice for Vita owners


No more indies, and more things like that!

Why would you ever want less quality games?


No, more AAA games no pixelated games

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any news on the LBP3 digital pre-order for ps3&4? nothing on the store yet :(


I will check that for you!

Gloom12356776543 11 September, 2014 @ 15:55

Why not Complete edition ? :(

Is the Marvel content on the cart or is there a DLC code in the box?


It’s jam-packed onto the Cart for instant access! :)


@Tom O’Connor Would I be able to access it all on the upcoming LBP3?


Only the costumes. The level content is Vita only.

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People, stop crying! Thanks for the Vita love :)
Less indie and more stuff like that!


Why does it have to be “less” indie. I don’t think you realize but it doesn’t have to be replaced, it could be just “more stuff like that!”

Agreed with Ryan. It isn’t as if Capcom, Square Enix etc all decided to make indie games instead of their usual “AAA” stuff. They’re entirely independent of one another. If you sincerely don’t like indie stuff, ignore it. There’s no need to disparage small development teams who do what they can with what they have.


Will the Marvel DLC parts of the game be cross-buy and playable on PS3 version of the game?

Is everything on the game card or are the DLCs digital download?


If you buy the Digital version of the game you will be able to use all these costumes on PS3 :)

Wow, thanks Sony! PS3 and PS4 get a brand new LBP game, but Vita? Here’s a port of some phone shovelware and a re-release of pre-existing content. Yes, for those unaware, this is just LBP Vita from 2012 with the Marvel DLC that was released like a year ago. This is not a new game.

Also, the box looks like a bootleg with that struggle font. Why isn’t it using the Marvel logo?

Nice move, Sony! I think the PS Vita is essentially being re-launched, with all those bundles (Vita & FIFA 15) and offers (Adventure pack, including Uncharted, Gravity Rush and more, along with an 8GB memory card) as of late. The new, discounted edition of LBP Vita will truly help, but I already own the original and I am not interested in any blood-sucking costume DLC, or a couple new levels.

I hope we see more AAA games from Sony’s 1st party studios in the future. Where is Gravity Rush 2?


Gravity Rush 2 is for PS4. SCE pretty much has nothing in development for Vita internally.


I hope in the Tokyo Game Show.

CookieMonsterES 11 September, 2014 @ 17:15

There are 30 Marvel costumes in the Store but only 18 of them were included in this re-release.. what’s the point in doing it if it’s not going to be the whole thing? :/ I’d have loved to have all the Marvel stuff in one pack.

Could you, please, tell us what costumes were left out, Tom?

madmanwithabox12 11 September, 2014 @ 18:30

So is this just LBP Vita + the Marvel DLC? Us original LBP Vita owners aren’t getting screwed out of any content are we?

xTheStampede66x 11 September, 2014 @ 18:40

Will the DLC be on LBP3 on the PS4?


B-but I already have LBP Vita. We want LBP3, LBP Hub or at least LBP Vita 2… this is just another bummer.

Mebay a LBP BIG SALE (like last year)? to pump LBP owners… AND PLEASE explain DLC’s better… for example: only new orginal levels we like, not 5834 costumes (mebay for the hardcore LBP fan).

well people will buy this game for pspvita for sure and out same month as LBP3.


€19.99 = ~£16?
If so, I’ll get this.

burger_king1000 12 September, 2014 @ 08:47

is this going to be free i hear YouTubers says that so i was confused!

Hi Tom O’Connor, i have a questions i hope you can answer. Will this version include all the bug fix patches and the costumes on the card with the game (including the costume data, but need to be activate with purchase). so we can just insert card, install the game without downloading gigabytes of patches before gameplay?…

Or is this version just the vanilla game where you need to download all the patches and comes with a dlc voucher…

I need some answer because if i am gonna buy this new version i need to know….

they don’t answer on questions!!!!!!!, they don’t want feedback, i think. Mebay xbox or tablet/smarthphones games, or nintendo, etc. -> give you good support.

thepeppermintape 20 September, 2014 @ 16:24

I’d love a new lbp vita game as much as everyone else, but I’m still happy with a re-launch if it means they continue to add new dlc/costumes that appear in lbp3, ideally via cross-buy like they do with lbp2.
Also, I think the much rumoured port of lbp karting would be a great boost for the vita if It proved to to be true. Would be a perfect fit for handheld gaming.

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