Naughty Dog celebrates its 30th anniversary with new video and art show

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September marks thirty years of making awesome games at Naughty Dog. From our start as a team of two at JAM Software to the world-renown, two hundred plus studio you know today we’ve been hard at work to continually set the standard and surpass it with every game we create. We’re looking back while looking forward in our upcoming 30th anniversary video.

This is only a tease of the unbelievable stories and rich history told in the full length 30th anniversary video. We’re delighted to officially announce an art show and celebration of our anniversary at Lucca Comics and Games Festival this year. We’ll also have a tribute art show in Los Angeles at Gallery Nucleus and one potentially in the Netherlands (more details on that if or when it happens).


Our American art show, A Tribute to Naughty Dog:  30th Anniversary, at Gallery Nucleus in LA will be the first place the full length anniversary video will be shown during special screenings held October 4 and 12, 2014. Since most of you can’t make it to LA, the video will be available online within the next month.

Starting today and until our Los Angeles art show ends (12th October) we’re asking you to tweet out your favorite Naughty Dog memories as a way of celebrating our anniversary online with us. Just use #NDMemories and tell us your favorite moment from a game or a story you’d like to share with us. Post up a photo or screenshot. Make us an anniversary GIF. We’ll retweet the best memories and possibly send you something really cool.

Be sure you’re following our socialchannels for all the latest 30th anniversary news throughout the month of September and beyond.

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Congrats, guys!
It’s very impressive to be a landmark for game-industry so long time.


Happy Anniversary! Bring Crash Bandicoot back pls!!

Ill never forget playing the Demo 1 that came with the ps1 over and over again for month’s. And when it was my birthday my dad let me choose one game of the demo that he would buy, and ofcourse my choise was Crash Bandicoot :D Man going from Donkey Kong country on the Nes to Crash 1 on the psx was unbelievable! I still play all the crash games from time to time on my vita, it’s insane how good the graphics look even till this day! Thx for everything!

Snes* ^^

Dkc on the Snes ofc*

Gloom12356776543 11 September, 2014 @ 16:00

So i want Uncharted collection (PS4), New Jak and Daxter game and a new Crash Bandicoot for PS4 !!!!!!!! and of course PS1,PS2 compatibility for PS4 :)

All the best guys! you could do something for Vita? :) TLoU for Vita… my dreams!

Well done guys. A new Jak and Daxter on the side would be nice too ^_^. Or even a tease of a fully rendered Daxter with complete physical fur in Uncharted 4 as an Easter Egg would be amazing to see.
Actually please put a character model viewer into Uncharted 4 just like Jak 3 had, if you are going to make a game with character models that won’t be beat by anybody else for the next 5 years again, you may as well show them off. :D

Naughty Dog is my favourite video game developer! In ND we trust!

Happy Birthday ND!!! Long may you keep inspiring us!

My favorite Naughty Dog memory is Crash Bandicoot 3! Not so much fond of Jak and Daxter. Uncharted was awesome, and The Last of Us blew me away!

30 years of BRILLIANCE ;)

so… naughty dog sale on psn? yes?

I’m still not-so-secretly-wishing for a new Crash game :)

I want Crash Team Racing HD. Badly


Jak and Daxter was the best franchise games I ever played from Naughty Dog, but I didn’t like The Last of Us so much neither Uncharted 3.

thekillingspree 11 September, 2014 @ 19:58

“Naughty Dog celebrates its 30th anniversary with new Vita exclusive IP.”
Oh, one can only dream…

Happy birthday, guys!


Congrats and please do bring that art show to the Netherlands!! :D

que regrese crash bandicoot en este 30 aniversario

Congrats on 30 years in the awesome industry.
Yesterday I finish The Last of Us Remaster for the first time and today I saw the 1h:25m video “Grounded, Behind the scenes” and all I have to say is, I wish I could have such a great job.


Que grandes recuerdos tengo de Crash bandicoot 3 y de Crash nitro kart, lamentablemente no pude jugar Jack and Daxter pero si toda la saga de Uncharted y solo he jugado la demo de Last of us y sin ninguna duda cada uno de estos juegos me a gustado y los e disfutado, Feliz 30 aniversario \(^0^)/

Happy Birthday ND! Wish you all the best. Keep making the games you want. Here’s for another 30 years!

Happy Birthday Naughty Dog!! I have been a fan of your games since the first three Crash Bandicoot games on the PS1 and been playing Jak & Daxter trilogy on PS2, Uncharted games on PS3 and now playing Jak & Daxter trilogy on PS3. Haven’t got round to playing the Last of Us as I am not much of a horror fan and I can’t wait for Uncharted 4 on PS4, which I am still trying to win on different websites competitions. Here to the next thirty years of Naughty Dog Productions.


Uncharted collection for PS4 pleeaase

UtsukushiHonoka 13 September, 2014 @ 01:51

Happy anniversary


uncharted 3 and 2 , when do you release uncharted 4 ?

On year older than my lil brother #wow time flies lads congratulations on the success Tlou is amazing can’t wait to play a thief’s end and whatever comes next from jack or crash.. Kx

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