Bloodborne release date confirmed and new trailer debuts

From Software’s dark new action epic arrives on PS4 in early 2015

At E3 this year we were really excited to unveil Bloodborne, the product of a close collaboration between famed Demon’s Souls developer FromSoftware and Sony Computer Entertainment’s very own Japan Studio. Then at Gamescom in Cologne last month we debuted a spectacular gameplay video and gave the public their first chance to go hands-on with the game.

Everyone involved with Bloodborne has been overwhelmed by the public response to the project, but the question we’ve received most of all is, of course, “when will the game be released?”

Today, we’re happy to announce that you’ll be able to experience Bloodborne’s unique blend of gothic horror, terrifying enemy design, fast-paced offensive combat, brutal transforming weapons, RPG progression and unique online features from Friday 6th February 2015, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

To make the wait a little easier to bear, here’s a brand new trailer for the game showcasing some chilling new environments, gruesome enemies, powerful ally NPCs, devastating weapons and even a sneak peak at some of Bloodborne’s online functionality, including cooperative and asynchronous play.

We’ll have more news to share on pre-order items and editions in the future, so stay tuned to PlayStation Blog!

That’s all for now, but see below for some brand new screenshots, offering a closer look at some of the stages, enemies, weapons and NPCs showcased in the trailer.

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Hide it from the significant other Edition!!

Please! I don’t mind splurging!!

Oh and the game looks so delicious I’m honestly considering taking a few vacation days when the time comes :D


Hide It From The Significant Other Edition might just be the best thing I’ve seen all week.

I would like to have a special edition of this game please. :)

…I think I just made a mess.

Big M has done it again, Can’t wait 2 play it ! , guess I have 2 lol

The release date is bad for me :( Gonna wait till I am done with The Witcher then play this one.

It’ll be the other way around for me, hehe.


February is going to be a big month for PlayStation.

So hype for the alpha! GIMME!

Plz tell me you’re giving us the collectors edition in eu too plz i need it so much! I NEED to show my love for this GAME!!

Excellent. Can’t wait for this.


I got an email saying “Your skill and dedication have been recognised; you have been selected to join the exclusive Bloodborne™ Alpha Test!”

Why did I not get a code?


Patience, young one. Read carefully this email, and you’ll notice that there is no warranty you’ll be selected. Once the lucky gamers have been selected, they will receive a voucher code in the following weeks.

Did you read any more of the email? You had to click a link and enter a few other details and you MAY then receive a code.

Great news but will there be no CE for Europe? :(


We’ll have news on our CE very soon. We’re just finalising details.

@Fred: Do you also have news on that pricing FAQ you promised months ago?

X_Blood_Curse_X 18 September, 2014 @ 12:20

I hope it’s as good value as the Black phantom edition of Demon’s souls. The US collectors edition is just a steel case, an art book and a digital download of a soundtrack for $20 more…hmm

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Is February the new November, this means that Bloodborne, The Order and Witcher 3 are practically coming out on top of each other.


Is there any possibility of a console bundle or even a limited edition themed PS4 for Bloodborne?


This does mean that it will be available for online purchase that day, right? And not after the weekly update rolls out?


can i just formally give you a hug sony? i cant say how much i want this

The souls games are my new addiction,going to buy a ps4 for this its a shame they did not release it on pc.


The gameplay video had very little of the actual gameplay. Still the game the looks interesting and type that I would enjoy playing. Need more of such games on PS4.

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