New Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments showcases the game’s complex cast

With just a few weeks left until launch, take a closer look at Frogwares’ sleuthing adventure

Hi PlayStation Blog! I’m Olga from Frogwares. After exploring Holmes’ new skills in previous trailers for Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments – launching on 30th September on PS4 and PS3 – I’m delighted to introduce today the complexity of the people of Crimes & Punishments. Check out our new trailer which focusses on empathy, blame, and punishment – not of the suspects, but of Holmes himself, as he lives with the decisions made throughout the game.

Crimes & Punishments introduces moral changes to the Sherlock Holmes series. Not only are you charged with selecting the suspect who committed the crime, but also what to do with him, either handing him to the police or empathising with his or her situation, setting them free after a dressing down in true Holmes style. Not only can you commit any of up to five suspects, but you can also commit two – then, your moral choice will follow, and their fate will be left in your hands, with all the responsibility on Holmes’ conscience.

Behind the facade of prim and proper Victorian England is a characteristically dark place, with its denizens as layered in extravagant clothing as they are in lies, deceit and jealousy of their brethren. As culture revolves on an axis of polite euphemism, Holmes teeters on the edge, looking in, interjecting with a sport-like enthusiasm and surgical precision, manipulating the elements like a puppet-master on a stage.

From the socially unacceptable character judgment sequences, allowing you to piece together information about a character from their clothing and appearance, to his ability to piece together a crime-scene from nothing but sharp observation and imagination, embark upon six dark and treacherous mysteries across London from 30th September.

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Psvita version why no?

Day 1 purchase for me! Will put Destiny on hold and enjoy this one! :)


Yes, this game looks awesome. Lets hope it gets a good rating.

Can’t wait, love this kind of games !. already pre-ordered this one :).

captain_crash199 22 September, 2014 @ 15:05

Hoping this has some elements of LA Noir in there. Interested in this one.

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