Thomas Was Alone coming soon to PS4 with Cross-Buy

Mike Bithell’s acclaimed minimalist platformer makes the jump from PS3 and PS Vita

Here at Curve we’ve had the pleasure of bringing a variety of games to PlayStation in the last two years, made by a great mix of different indie developers. Thomas Was Alone was the very first of those games, and its ubiquitous creator Mike Bithell was the first indie developer who we got in touch with. A lifelong PlayStation fan, Mike was genuinely excited by the idea of having the game appear on the PlayStation 3 and Vita and we had a great time creating that version.

With that in mind, we’re now happy to announce that we’re bringing Thomas Was Alone to PlayStation 4, and it will available to everyone as a cross-buy title. That means if you picked up Thomas on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita at any point last year, you’ll be able to grab the game completely free on PS4.

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If you missed Thomas Was Alone first time around, the PS4 version will give you a chance to play one of the most popular independent games ever made. A game about rectangles and friendship, Thomas Was Alone’s graphics may be minimalist, but its gameplay is engaging, and the story it tells is quite unlike anything else in gaming. It also has the added bonus of being narrated from start to finish by the BAFTA-winning comedian, Danny Wallace.

You can check out a small taste of the game in our original PS Vita trailer:

It’s great to be able to offer the game to a whole new generation of PlayStation fans who may not have had the chance to pick up Thomas on console before, and we’re also happy to be able to give people who have supported the game in the past a shiny new copy for their collections.

Thomas will be arriving on PlayStation 4 later this year.


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Woo! This was a great game that I loved on my Vita. Very glad my wife will get to play it on PS4.

when is lbp3 private beta going to end. when is the lbp3 public beta coming


I don’t think a PR Manager from Curve Digital can answer that.

I assume the DLC will be cross-buy as well?


You assume correctly!

Will there be a separate trophy list for the PS4 version, or will it be paired up with the existing PS3/Vita list?


No, they’re shared – it’s not a new list

ah, it’s a shame that it’s not a separate list, i would have played it on ps4 if it wasn’t for that.

Great game was perfect on the Vita, fantastic it is coming to PS4 with crossbuy.


I downloaded this through Plus on PS3, so does the cross-buy still count? Or do I have to have paid for it?


Like any other cross-buy game, you’ll get the new version for free if you have the PS+ version.

If you have access to the game, you have access to Cross-Buy.

So yes, you get it for free provided you’re still subscribed to PS+.

This game was VERY good; having played it on PS Vita.

Very happy to see this on PS4. Easily my favourite indie dev- game and much better than some (most?) so called AAA (what does that even stand for?) games.


I believe it’s an abreviation of ‘AAARRGGHHH, EXPLOSIONS!’

The Michael Bay genre. Gotchya!

Awesome, great to hear. Love it on my Vita.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve not played it for ages. Does it feature Cross-Save functionality with the PS3/PS Vita versions ?



It’s amazing what PS4 can do!!!

Prem-aka-Prince 19 September, 2014 @ 12:41

Thank you for bringing this to consoles and vita. I really enjoyed playing the game and I hope others will too. More people need to overcome the graphics focus and look for something deeper, and here you have done it in both gameplay and storytelling.

I’d also like to mention what is often missed: the developer’s commentary on this was priceless and indescribably charming. I implore you to encourage them more often from your developers, even if only in a smaller quantity. Mr Bithell’s passion for the game shone through, and I developed a further appreciation for his attention to detail which, subconsciously, is what makes the game so smoothly playable.

I replayed the whole game just to listen to every track and often repeated levels on the spot just to improve my (pointless but compelling) level times. The guest commentators were a hidden gem too.
p.s. I also have all your other games. Both Hydroventure games are underappreciated darlings. :)


surly this is not a ps4 game

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