Two new DRIVECLUB PS4 bundles unveiled

Grab yourself a Glacier White PS4 when Evolution’s racer launches next month

Hi everyone. Today I’m excited to reveal two more official PS4 bundles for DRIVECLUB in Europe, available when the game launches on 8th October 2014.

First up is the Glacier White PS4 bundle* with an RRP of €439.99. It includes the following:

  • Glacier White PS4 Console
  • Glacier White Dualshock 4

DC white PS4_low

Secondly, is the PS4 Gamer Edition bundle** with an RRP of €499.99. It includes the following:

  • Black PlayStation 4 Console
  • 2x DualShock 4
  • PlayStation Camera


Check your local retailers for the chance to pre-order now and keep an eye on PlayStation Blog for more DRIVECLUB info between now and launch.

For those of you lucky enough to already have a PS4 and who still haven’t pre-ordered DRIVECLUB, you can find out about all the local offers and incentives HERE.

*White Edition available in: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Czech, Hungary, Cyprus, UK, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Norway, Spain

**Gamer Edition available in: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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Still no pre-order in the UK/EU store?

Still no pre-order in the UK/EU PS Store?

Thanks, but I already got the Glacier White PS4. My BFF bought the Destiny PS4 bundle and traded his Glacier White PS4 against my Black PS4. How cool!

Nevertheless, I will be getting myself the full game of DriveClub.

Bundles of JOY :D

i live in new jersey USA





Why are these bundles, up to now, always shown with the console inside a stand, but open up box and theres no stand?.. what kind of message does that give people, oh, it’s only a s!,, ad, they can ‘claim’ anythin they want and get away with delivering a different thing, Everytime, sort your pr division oout please.


Rushy is frantically searching through his old posts to edit some possible contradicting information.

Why release a bundle with 2 controllers for a game that doesn’t have split screen?

Looks nice. Driveclub looks absolutely amazing from what I’ve seen in the videos.

“Gamer edition” sounds a bit cheesy though. But that bundle is very good value though.

oout?.. anyway i forgot to mention that 409GB should not be classed as 500GB either, yes i know about memory and we never get what it says, but 9 usable’ GB giving you ‘legal’ right to advertise it as a 500GB device is another low, even by gaming industry (of todays) standards.


You clearly don’t know about memory as 500GB is correct, as that is the size of the actual HDD.

If I buy a laptop with a 500GB HDD there will never be 500GB available once the OS is installed, the same applies to the PS4.

I also suspect that 409GB is actually 409GiB, which would also make it seem smaller, as HDD sizes are always quoted in decimal but operating systems usually quote in binary as that makes more sense, as because the actual data on the drive will be binary sizes. So even before the OS that means a 500GB HDD will only show as 465.661GiB. Its a crafty bit of marketing BS by HDD manufacturers.


Well i must admit reading GiB certainly puts me firmly in my noob place, yes my laptop gave about 465GB usable mem, so seeing ps4’s 409 i just thought there at it again.. still now i have at least learned ps4’s os reqiuires about 56GB, if i read your reply correct.. live and learn i guess.


Hard drive space is NOT memory either, its storage. Memory (RAM) is totally different.

Two gamepads = splitscreen in DC?

Unfortunately not.

Extra pad to keep on charge so you can keep playing after the first goes flat.


Are you joking with me? Its not the Player Edition. Its Gamer edition! Little Confused.

Senor--el--Tigre 19 September, 2014 @ 14:02

The 4 the Players bundle makes NO sense. DriveClub doesn’t even support splitscreen and the PS Cam. It’s cool to have the controller and the cam, but it makes NO sense to bundle them with DriveClub :/


You could always use the second controller for Knack couch coop. XD

It was using the camera last year at Eurogamer, so unless they removed its use

Any news on steering wheel support?


I tweeted Logitech, they haven’t revealed anything either.

StevenJamesHyde 19 September, 2014 @ 14:11

Agreed with the comments on the second controller – 12 months PS+ would make a lot more sense

why the camera? will driveclub use it?

hah, remember the takeout shots in burnout paradise? :)


Yeah, hardly anybody ever used it as the camera was so uncommon. But there were a few nasty reports of people playing in the nude with the function on.


Maybe it will use the camera for in-car head tracking.

It was being used for leaderboards last year at Eurogamer

why the camera, will driveclub use it?

what about the ps+ free bundle we were promised…..


What about it? They have told us time and time again it was still coming. I expect they will announce it at the usual time they announce the PS+ games for that month.

I-Bullet_Tooth-I 19 September, 2014 @ 16:10

so is there any news on wether logitech g25/g27 steering wheels wll be compatible with the ps4 as im hearing they are not ,and that only crappy thrustmaster wheels are only wheels that are compatible with the ps4
if this is true then this is a huge FAIL fir sony as i will have to re purchase a ps3 just fir driving games as im not paying out a fortune fir a new wheel just to be abe to play racing games on the ps4
please can someone at sony confirm if the g25/g27 will be compatible with ps4

I’m wondering why on every box there is a PS4 on a vertical stand which is never included in any bundle?

some great bundles in there, nice going :D. hopefully thatll draw in even more players to race around with 8).

the white is very funky! though as Driveclub has a whole red/black design going on, would have been very cool to see a half red/half black console too! 8D


Has the ps+ upgrade price been announced yet?


“you can purchase a one-time upgrade for €49.99/$49.99/£42.99.”

So basically, you might as well buy the game at retail.

It has i believe, months ago, in the same thread that informed us IF we upgrade we would lose access to the whole game if our plus sub lapses, obviously the uproar that ensued caused a about turn on that idea,though wether the original price got changed as well i’m not sure, don’t quote me but £32 kinda rings a bell, maybe look up old Driveclub blog posts and see if that is right, though someone will probobly give more acurate re pricing, £32 ish kinda sounds too genorous imo, so i’m prob wrong.


US availibility?

UnderTheLawPeace 20 September, 2014 @ 03:01

I am new to PlayStation and this is my very first account I am a rookie because I now have broadband at home which made me think I can now chat online at night or whatever time I want to it feels amazing to. I have always played offline games unless at a friends I do not have any console yet but I hope I will soon and my first game will be DRIVE CLUB as I love my racing games and the white PS4. ;>) I cannot wait to start playing or even get my very own console I love Sony I think there the best going.

Haha true there is no 2 player split screen in DriveClub so why a 2 controller bundle :p I would like to know what happened to the cool looking DriveClub consoles that were going to be sold at launch ? I believe there was a red and white one and a yellow and black one with DriveClub motifs .


What’s everyone psn names


Red PS4 Console would of been better to match the design of the artwork. Duhhh honestly who makes these decisions to put a white ps4 in this bundle. We have a white ps4 bundle called destiny already. Come on sony theres thousands of colours out there to choose from lol.

Hope this game is good

Any idea where you can preorder the white ps4 bundle in the uk? Game are only doing the gamer edition

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