Hand-drawn adventure Shu announced for PS4, PS3 & PS Vita

Your first look at Coatsink’s charming side-scroller, inspired by Klonoa and Oddworld

My name is Tom Beardsmore, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Coatsink Software. Co-Founder Paul Crabb and I established Coatsink in late 2009. Early on, our studio developed a few mobile titles including Pinch and Fatty as we continued to expand the size of our team. We’re now a team of 12 developers and in recent years we have pushed forward and began to develop PC/console games. In 2013, we met another indie team called Secret Lunch and decided to help them out on upcoming PlayStation title: Shu!

Shu was originally conceived by our friends at Secret Lunch. However, in order to make the game a reality and bring it to Playstation platforms, we decided to go into development partnership together. Sam Gross, Designer at Secret Lunch, says: “In building the concept, we really liked the idea of a colorful world juxtaposed with a sinister villain; the idea of saving relics of your past and present, and moving through the remnants of earlier civilizations. In gaming, our inspirations are classics like Klonoa and Abe’s Oddysee (to name a few).”

Shu is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer, where the player can harness the unique abilities of a group of unusual and adorable hand-drawn characters. A deadly storm has forced villagers to seek refuge across the land, but many have become trapped. Your journey will take you across savannah and through forests, all the way to the very peak of a desolate mountain.

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As you (Shu) climb your way to the top with the storm hot on your heels, you will happen across these stranded villagers. Take them by the hand (or beard) and guide them to safety while harnessing their unique abilities. Keep an eye out for the sinister storm, because if it catches you, it’ll snatch your companions away one at a time. You’ll then lose them and their abilities for good, so it’s wise to stay on your toes. Fortunately, there can be more than one way to survive. Can you outrun the end of the world?

We’re aiming to release the game by the middle of 2015. Stay tuned here and at our website for updates! We’ll be attending EGX from 25th September, come try out Shu there!

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This looks beautiful! Good luck!

madmanwithabox12 24 September, 2014 @ 16:10

@Yosp himself!? :o


If only!

madmanwithabox12 24 September, 2014 @ 18:37

Well nonetheless, it’s looking good hahaha

Hmmm…. looks nice.

Finally Shuhei Yoshida gets his own game. The final survivor you have to rescue will definitely be Banderas.


Haha, how did you guess the ending?!




Looks pretty awesome , good luck :)

DuquesneWhistle 24 September, 2014 @ 16:57

It looks terrific, looking forward to play it.

I hope I can play as Fa Zheng. He’s my favourite Shu character now ;o
I kid :P I may have to pick this up for PS4 when it releases.


Hey guys! The aforementioned Bearded one here, representing Coatsink and Secret Lunch. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. I’ll start replying to the ones already posted…


Looks great! Games like this are perfect for cross buy. I want to play them on the Vita, but at the same time I want to see them in HD resolution.

What will the gameplay be like? Reading the article, it sounds like a puzzle platformer or adventure game to me. To what extent is platforming a focus?


It’s an action-adventure game with some puzzle elements! Platforming is definitely *the* primary focus, though we hope we’ve done it enough to keep it fresh and interesting. There are plenty of moments of exposition and story-telling, even if it’s being subtly told by the environment and companions that you interact with.


Thank you for all the great aindie games!!! Appreciate it so much!

This looks very me. :)

Any links to a vid where we can see it in action?

Looks great Tom, is there a final number of the Villagers/Abilities in the game yet or is that all still in the area at this point?


Not quite yet Darren! We’ll be revealing that at some point over the coming months.

as a PS4 player there’s been nothing but indie games which at first i was OK with but i didn’t pay £350 for a console to play indie games its got to a point now that the word indie makes me cringe

I think you have the wrong avatar. That is a gargoyle. You need a troll.

Looks great, looking forward to playing on my VITA

Absolutely beautiful and a 100% buy on Vita. So glad this isn’t an endless runner as I initially feared!

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