Pick up a PS4 FIFA 15 offer for just €399.99/£349.99 for a limited time

Celebrate the arrival of EA Sports’ latest football sim with a new console offer

So, it’s nearly time for kick-off. Following the launch of one of the most downloaded demos of all time earlier this month, FIFA 15 launches worldwide this week. To mark the occasion, selected retailers across the SCEE region are offering a PS4 and a copy of FIFA 15 for just €399.99/£349.99 RRP.

Hurry though – the offer expires on 3rd October (or 10th October in the UK).

Check out the deal at your local retailer now, or head over to for additional regional information.

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This is hijack! Don’t move :P

Ok enough with foolishness :)

I wanted to drop info that Freedom Wars page on amazon was just updated with info on bonus! All people who will pre-order on amazon (not only amazon) will get day-1 bonus.

The price: £22.85

So ladies and gentleman, pre-order now! I’m still waiting for news from my local shop, but most probably today/tomorrow I will do my duty as Vita owner and pre-order it.


Thanks for update. May have to pick this up now :D

Mr. Fred any news about PS PLUS ?


It will be announced next week and we get the games the week after that (8th October).

Its lame how they bend the rules as it suits them.

Can you tell me in what way does it suit them? and by them I mean SCEE

The only subject which gain anything on that move is SCEA. I don’t understand since when EU is sub-region of SCEA, and why bigger part of SCE community needs to adjust to some entity on the other side of the pond.

Are we some sort of lackeys? Why do we always need to get everything later than NA. All games, all PS services… why? What makes NA region special?

Why for a change can’t we get something first? Would it be some dishonor to Americans?


i’m very interested in this promotion but i only get an empty page on the site ( ). Can someone tell me where i can get more information? Thank you


Try your localised Amazon. I know UK Amazon are doing this deal at £329.


thanks. i’ve checked other countries in the playstation oficial website and the promotion is there.
I hope the reason it isn’t showing up is because the Playstation guys from Portugal are lazy and didn’t update the site yet, because the alternative is that there is no promotion here :S.

Anyone knows if this promotion exists in portugal? And if so in wich retailers?

Thank you


OK ;-) hope you get the deal in time for release day.

Amazon UK are doing it for only £329.99. You could buy it for that price then stick the game on eBay(if you don’t like FIFA) & get around £40 for the game so the PS4 would only cost you about £289.99’ish Total BARGAIN! :P + I know the X1 is the same price but i don’t think you get the disc version with it? Typical MS & EA that i.e we give you a free game but you can never resell it because we want to OWN YOU & EVERYTHING YOU OWN IS OURS :D

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