New fighter Eliza joins Skullgirls Encore on PS3 tomorrow

Plus, find out how the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the acclaimed beat ‘em up are coming along

It’s been a few months since we released our second Indiegogo-funded DLC character, Big Band. I’m happy to announce that Eliza, our third character, will be released today in Skullgirls Encore.

Eliza is a diva with a dark secret, and our most ambitious character to date. Eliza fights by manipulating her own blood to attack her enemies, constantly shape-shifting into a variety of Egyptian mythological symbols and cultural icons. Our creative director, Alex Ahad, has meticulously researched Egypt’s lore and packed nearly every one of Eliza’s 1,548 frames with references.

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Eliza can also summon her bodyguards, Albus and Horace, as well as dislodge her skeletal Parasite, Sekhmet, making her one of our most varied and dynamic characters to date.

Eliza’s story mode is our most comprehensive yet. With more than 80 pieces of art, it dives deep into Skullgirls’ lore and reveals a lot of the inner workings of the Skullgirls universe. Definitely not to be missed!

And finally, as we always do with our DLC characters, Eliza will be completely free for a period of three months! Download her during that time and you’ll never pay a cent.

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Beowulf update

Beowulf, our argyle sweater-wearing pro wrestler inspired by the epic poem of the same name, is coming along nicely.


Beowulf will feature a ton of pro wrestling references, and also be able to use his signature folding chair, The Hurting, in a variety of ways. He can hurl it at his opponent and stand it up on the stage, with the goal that performing slam moves onto it will increase their damage.

Similar to Ms. Fortune, Beowulf will also have different attacks depending on whether or not he has his chair with him. And, finally, Beowulf will be able to power himself up by exciting the crowd. Respect the ring!

PS4/PS Vita update

Skullgirls is still coming to PS4 and PS Vita, but we’ve expanded the scope of the port and are adding new features with the aim of making it a better upgrade for fans and a better value for everyone.

Unfortunately, these awesome new additions have necessitated a delay until early 2015, but I’m confident that everyone will find the additions worthwhile.

And thus concludes our update on all things Skullgirls. Thanks for reading!

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Great update, really looking to seeing how this game progresses! Any word on if this will be cross-buy for the PS4 & Vita or even have an upgrade/unlock option for those who own the PS3 version, similar to what Gucamelee did?

Nice, I like fighting games, but I am waiting for the Ps4 version to get it, unless it will be a cross buy. Any idea if the ps4/vita version will be a complete collection with all or at least most of the addons ?


It’ll have all the DLC included, as well as some new features.

I hope it will be included in IGC soon.

My Vita is litteraly screaming for this.
My PS4 is feeling jealous though #TeamHandheld !!1


madmanwithabox12 30 September, 2014 @ 18:11

Hopefully there are no concessions on the Vita version and it has something over the PS3 game at least. Are the PS4 and Vita versions going to contain all the DLC?


Yeah, all the DLC will be included in the PS4/Vita versions.

And we don’t expect to have to make many, if any, sacrifices on the Vita – the Vita has more memory than the PS3 does, which is our big limit right now.

“Unfortunately, these awesome new additions have necessitated a delay until early 2015”.

That’s disappointing, If Guilty Gear Xrd gets pushed back that means all the announced PS4 fighters are coming early 2015.

I love the fighters. I hope Skull Girls, Persona Arena Ultimax and Guilty Gear Xrd all make it to the Vita !

I’ll wait till PS4 release

AlucardTepes_DE 01 October, 2014 @ 11:41

Not bad but, more interested in real Beat’em up tittles like Guilty Gear Xrd, Persona4Arena U, BlazBlue:Chrono Phantasma(4 ALL EUROPE, not “some Europe”) and speaking of BlazBlue… Xblaze Code which is part of the main story and was never licensed here…


Nice, will definitely be checking her out.

Also looking forward to that PS4/Vita version, shame to see it delayed but if you felt it was necessary or would help, fair enough. Keep up the good work.

Those of you interested in the PS4 version might want to keep an eye on the Skullgirls Twitter account ( where Mike Z’s posted a few PS4 progress screenshots over the past few days. It’s getting there, piece-by-piece!


Mike provides the screens, but I’m the guy posting them on Twitter!

But, yeah, we hope people think it’s interesting seeing how the port is coming along. Porting a game like this is all about porting shaders, and so each shader you make has a huge impact on the look of the game.

I’ve held off on getting this game because I’m going to get it on the VITA

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