Hardcore PS4 platformer Fenix Rage now confirmed for PS Vita too

The forthcoming Costa Rica-developed action title is going portable

Hello PlayStation fans! My name is Eduardo Ramirez, founder and lead developer at Green Lava Studios, a Costa Rica-based game studio. As big fans of PlayStation, we were very excited to make the announcement that Fenix Rage, our hardcore 2D action-platformer, would be coming out on PS4 in early 2015. It’s been amazing to read all the great comments to people looking forward to playing our game on PS4 and we’re getting great feedback from current players of the PC version on how to make improvements for the PS4 version.

Vita copy

And after reading several PlayStation Blog and forum comments asking to make this game for PS Vita, I’m also very excited to announce today that we will now be bringing Fenix Rage to PS Vita! Yay! Our plan is to have it available at the same time we launch the PS4 version early next year.


We’re very early in the process of planning out what gameplay changes we want to make for both the PS4 and PS Vita version, as well as what types of new features we’d like to add. We definitely want PlayStation fans to enjoy the addictive fast-paced action of our game and perhaps even add new challenges – so please, leave comments on what you would like to see! Stay tuned to upcoming Fenix Rage updates on PlayStation Blog.


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Look good.
Also great to see a South American developer on the PlayStation store, I hope we see more.

Hey, they are from Costa Rica, central america, not South America :)



That first picture is beyond epic. The Spider-man portrait in the back is something that should be present in every home.

I see him sitting there, like some kind of cthulhu Face Jacker.

The colours on this game will look so good on that OLED screen.



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