Invizimals: The Resistance arrives on PS Vita this month

Pick up the latest entry in the creature hunting series from 29th October

Hello to all Invizimal Alliance Members! Today, we’re happy to announce that Invizimals: The Resistance will be available in stores and on PlayStation Store from 29th October!

Invizimals_The Resistance_Vita 2D_ ENG

Keni, Jazmin, Doc Dawson, Hiro and a bunch of new recruits need your immediate assistance! Maximillian Black is back and has taken over the Alliance Base. We need your help to take it back. Embark on an epic journey to capture the Invizimals champions from around the globe using your trusty PlayStation Vita.

With all new Augmented Reality technology means that you can now find Invizimals without using ARPlayCards. Hunt Invizimals everywhere!

Invizimals: The Resistance is the biggest Invizimals game ever, including the following features:

  • Collect more than 150 unique creatures, including 24 new Invizimals and 21 Xtractors.
  • Discover the 20 capture mechanics that will have you using your PS Vita in ways you’ve never dreamed of.
  • Enjoy new game modes, including Survivor Battles, Free for All, and Exploration
  • Untangle the mystery of the Precursor, and defeat the Xtractor forces.

With a brand new story featuring all your favourite heroes, Invizimals: The Resistance will keep you hunting, capturing and battling for some time to come.

Watch out for more exciting news on Invizimals: The Resistance soon.

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Are you kidding me?

How come this one gets retail without any problem but Oreshika is still marked as digital only for EU?


Xdev is an European developer, so it’s obviously easier for them to do retail releases.

loadstone007s 06 October, 2014 @ 12:56

Because kids need to see a game they love in order to justify a Vita purchase.

madmanwithabox12 06 October, 2014 @ 13:01

Invizimals is apparently hugely popular in Spain, where it performs extremely well. A physical release makes sense, especially since it’s geared towards children and will have more visibility in its intended audience with a physical release.

Oreshika on the other hand is incredibly niche and part of a series that has never seen a Western release before. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a physical copy of Oreshika. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but Oreshika isn’t even as popular as Freedom Wars, which is already an extremely niche game.

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loadstone007s 06 October, 2014 @ 12:55

Because kids need to see a game they love in order to justify a Vita purchase.

theo_andravida 06 October, 2014 @ 15:44

The ps vita doesnt need more invisimals ot lego games. What it needs is some proper AAA games! What arent you understanding out of this? A lot of ps vita buyers have sold their vitas because you released a console and you bring mobile games , better or worse, and show it to us as somethink we should be grateful! -_- #4theidiots

Does pokemon or 3DS best games look like a AAA game? with HD graphics and etc? AAA games is not equal to great games with million of sales . -_-

Lack of AAA games? Sure ill give you that.
But calling them Phone games…

fps_d0minat0r 06 October, 2014 @ 23:03

@ xampage
Most of them look like they could run on a NES. Calling them phone games is a complement.

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Will pick this up. Will you be making any more PS4 Invizimals games?

Good to see more games for a younger audience and retail as well. We need to get kids in stores wanting Vita instead of 3DS and then the rest will follow.

The game looks nice, but those monsters…that’s plain ugly like hell, no wonder PokeMon wins all these wanna be’s. An eagle with horns of a deer?!


the alliance is good and i know it so, the resistance is gonna be bigger, better an more epic!!!!

Wolfs-Bane-1994 31 October, 2014 @ 22:27

Is this releasing in us to? Or are you going to wait forever to do that again. Then most people in us will have imported it all ready.

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