How it feels to revisit the original Resident Evil on PS4 in 1080p

Does Capcom’s survival horror classic still stand up after all these years?

Abandoned mansions. Window-shattering dogs. That iconic zombie moan. So many gamers have memories of the original Resident Evil. It is, after all, a legend in the gaming space and one of the forefathers of the survival horror genre.

Fortunately for those who want to re-experience Chris and Jill’s original fight for survival, Capcom is bringing Resident Evil to PS4 and PS3 in early 2015. Last week I took a few nervous steps through the mansion for myself and was mauled almost immediately. Still had fun!

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To start, the upcoming remaster of Resident Evil is based on the remake from 2002, which was already a tremendous leap forward in visual fidelity. The fearless members of S.T.A.R.S. were remodeled, the environments were enhanced, and even the dialogue was re-recorded (R.I.P. Jill Sandwich). The upcoming remaster has been shined to an even brighter (Or darker?) polish, with 1080p visuals and 5.1 surround sound on PS4. Even the smallest details — like the flickering flame of a candle or the sway of overhead branches — have been touched up by the team.

Resident Evil supports various display and control options, as well. Want to play in the original 4:3? Do it. Prefer a widescreen, camera-panning view? Resident Evil has that, too. The development team has even included the original “tank controls” for survival horror purists, though a simple selection in the options menu allows for modern movement control instead.

Regardless of your preferences, Resident Evil remains a game of great detail. Listen for the fluttering of moths near lamplight, or the creaking steps of a zombie hidden just out of view. Note Jill’s reflection in the tiled floors, or the intricate design of a chandelier. Though the primary goal is survival (and the desperate collection of ink ribbons), it’s hard not to admire the smaller pieces that fit together into the larger puzzle.

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And somehow, Resident Evil’s high ceilings and tall windows still feel claustrophobic. Part of the fun is navigating these environments and recalling the same fear many of us felt while huddled under blankets in 1996.

In fact, Resident Evil still lends itself extremely well to group play. The sudden scares, moment-to-moment inventory choices, and over-the-top story all pair well with a crowded couch — and optional beers, if the players are responsible adults of course. Like the foundation laid by the original, Resident Evil is not a wholly single-player game, but an experience to be shared, discussed, and enjoyed with friends. And really, we’ll take any excuse to witness the majesty that is Barry Burton.

Resident Evil launches early next year on PS4 and PS3.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
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When is it released? November 2014 in Japan. :( Early next year in EU.. what is early next year lol.. Jan? Feb? March? Ughhh you guysssss!!!! :/


They had to re-record the moths in English. Have you ever tried recording moths? They’re not exactly easy to direct. Takes ages.


What are you talking about… This is a re-release of a game from 2002, the mouths have ALWAYS been animated to English…

infernalmonkey1 11 October, 2014 @ 07:33


supersmith2500 09 October, 2014 @ 18:19

Vita version would be lovely Capacom.

residentSteve 09 October, 2014 @ 19:32

That’s not really going to now is it, but remote play might work.
I’m a big re fan can’t to play this I got rid of my wii U the moment I knew was coming to PS3/4, once this ones out re0 please capcom I know you can do it.

Vita will not have a port of this RE game unless you use Remote Play.
Vita users would be lucky if they even get an RE for Vita.


I think if you want to get attention for a Vita release the title should be called: “Resident Evil INDIE”

One of the greatest game ever madre, the father of survival horror genre… And you release it only via digital download? You released [MODERATED] like RE 5, 6, ORC (!!!), Revelations in physical copy, and not this masterpiece? What’s wrong with you Capcom? I’m very disappointed.

totaldirkness 09 October, 2014 @ 20:28

Dude, you react like it’s an X-box exclusive. You could still download and play it, you know.


I want my copy of the game when I spend money, and a masterpiece like this one must ne in the collection of every gamer.


You can always purchase a retail version from Japan. I think it’s PS3 only though. Besides, it has both English and Japanese languages.

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The main and almost only reason I didn’t like the old RE’s was because of the horrible controls.. RE4 introduced a more immersive and responsive control scheme and 5 and 6 perfected it, not to mention the amazing co op in those. So yea, call me crazy, but I’ll take the modern RE’s over the old ones any day. Not a big fan of remakes of last-gen games but this is just perfect, I’ll get to relive the game with the controls I always wanted. Someone get Kojima to do this for MGS1 too please :p


Then you should check out the video at Gamespot of a guy playing it during the week with analogue controls. Looks truly awful. Character running one direction and when the camera changes he jerks into another direction with 1 frame of animation. Thanks but the reason it is a classic is because of the amazing and responsive tank controls.

i hope next will RE2 – RE3 Remastered.

TotalBiscuit257 09 October, 2014 @ 20:40

Still my all time favourite series, and third favourite entry in it, (just behind 3 and 4) but I’m holding off until it’s on sale. Way too expensive for a remaster.

I’m also none too pleased by the image quality, frankly. Judging by comparison shots, rather than rerendering the backgrounds with higher res original art assets (reportedly lost years ago), it looks like they’ve done some clever upscaling from 480p to 720p, then upscaled that to 1080p, and worse then ratcheted up the contrast to hide it a bit, which is damned criminal given how much detail those crushed blacks wipe out.

I’ll still buy it eventually, but given how much better this game deserved, I won’t spend more than a fiver on it.


I hope it’s not too expensive. Should be cheaper than Last Of Us Remastered, which is already below full RRP.

My reasoning is simple – a massive part of the work has already been done. This is just basically a lick of paint. Not paying £59.99.


Hopefully not but Capcom did charge an arm and a leg for RE5 HD and RE Code Veronica HD when they came digital only to PSN. Mind you that was because the games were larger than the Xbox Live limitation on digital games of 2gbs so it had to be released as a “Games on Demand” meaning a rip off €25 price tag. And of course Capcom kept just had to keep parity on both platforms so we got ripped off too. Thankfully I never bought them, even when they go down to a “Sale” price of €10 (still a ripoff).

This better be priced no more than €20 or I’m not buying again. And that means alot. Me being a massive RE fan, I stated everywhere I wouldn’t be buying RE6 and wouldn’t you know it, Capcom cried about lack of sales in early 2013. Glad to see I’m not the only one :)


“Does Shinji Mikami’s survival horror classic still stand up after all these years? ” you mean.
He was, after all, the head of the original game AND the REmake.

I hope the PS3 version runs very well and they aren’t putting all their focus on the PS4 version.


I think they are quite the same. Probably PS4 has better resolution.

Is this a HD port of exactly the same original game, with the same 3D models (rendered in higher res but still the same polygon count and textures), complete with any glitches but with trophies added (like what started with God of War HD)? Or is it really a remake (so called reimagining)?

Any change to the gameplay, like allowing run-and-gun (or retreat-and-gun) instead of having to stand still to shoot?


They upped poly count, shaders and textures on the characters. The backgrounds have been edited to a higher res with a moving camera, or you can play in 4:3.

theres1dentevil 10 October, 2014 @ 10:11

All good as long as there is a Retail (Disk) version released and not just download only!

TotalBiscuit257 10 October, 2014 @ 11:57

There is indeed a retail release!

…in Japan. Digital only in the rest of the world. Hell, if I remember correctly there’s even a special collectors edition over there. Damned annoying not to be treated equally over here.


retail only Japan version?


Well that isn’t too surprising, Biohazard and Japan are just conjoined, even though it is also prob The most succesful western survival horror, they must offer this retail back home, as others say i also am getting this but not on launch, even if i must wait 18 months or longer. So fingers crossed the pr sales forecasts teams make suggestion to release retail worldwide, slim to no hope though i fear.

After 30 years of gaming, this is probably the best game I ever played. Whats strange is I didn’t really like the PS1/Saturn orginal.


finally some real REAL game is hitting PS4

Never played the original remake on the GameCube, so looking forward to this as Resi evil is 1 of my favourite franchises, yes even 5&6.


Over 100 hours on re6, on Leon’s chapters, about another 15 to20 on others, just not my choice, good idea but trying to cater for everyone rarely works, now IF they’d of maybe released three separate re 6’s, Ada’s on each.. perhaps?. no?.. just a thought..

MAXIMUMCARNAGE69 10 October, 2014 @ 20:00


residentSteve 10 October, 2014 @ 20:12

What? I’m confused, I’m replaying re6 now such a fun awesome game can’t understand the bad press it got at the time.

MAXIMUMCARNAGE69 10 October, 2014 @ 21:28

It’s just not a very good ‘Resident Evil’ game. Capcom should of invented a new IP with resident evil 5, new characters with new types of monsters. A more action orientated game where you can have more enemies on screen.

True Resident Evil games have less zombies/monsters, but with a creepy slower paced atmosphere. It is supposed to be a survival horror series after all. I can see how you would find it fun and I did myself in a small way, but can’t help the feeling that it needs to go back to its roots. Leon’s third of RE6 just didn’t cut it. It has become so convoluted and so far from what drew fans to it in the first place.

Also it needs some of the classic voice acting brought back!

“…and Jill, here’s a lockpick. It might my be handy if you, the master of unlocking, bring it with you…”



Me either, I also thought 6 was an excellent game.

residentSteve 10 October, 2014 @ 22:35

I’m kind of tired of reading what you just wrote I seen it so many times before, game series have to move on.
You can’t keep living in the past with these series and besides if you want some old type of re action you could check out evil within, I on the other hand will checking out re revelations 2 next year.

residentSteve 10 October, 2014 @ 22:38

That was in reply to MAXIMUMCARNAGE69, and thanks frazz2010 it was a very good game.

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Last comment was meant for residentsteve


Plz remake re3 Nemesis


people re6 is a great game. Stop complaining

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