The Evil Within is out now – check out the launch trailer

Shinji Mikami’s terrifying new survival horror out now on PS3 & PS4

Back in 1996, legendary Game Director Shinji Mikami delivered an all-new way to experience suspense, horror, and action all together with Resident Evil. The game remains one of the most heralded games of its generation, and with it, Mikami-san became the creator of a new genre, survival horror.

Eight years later, Mikami raised the bar for the genre with Resident Evil 4. Now 10 years later, with the support of his talented team at Tango Gameworks, the mind of Mikami is going back down a dark and twisted road… this time with The Evil Within. A game filled with a game filled with terrifying and tense moments, it’s the perfect game for the month of October.

In the game, you play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who after investigating a horrendous massacre at Krimson City’s Mental Hospital, is thrust into a bizarre world filled with menacing creatures and a mysterious evil stemming from the mind of a mad man, Ruvik. Spanning 15 challenging chapters, expect plenty of twists, unbelievable challenges, and memorable moments throughout.

In our launch trailer above, get a tease of what to expect from the game – available today for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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SweetTooth375 14 October, 2014 @ 23:38

Nice. I’ll probably buy this game soon. Do you guys know when we’ll be able to actually use our purchased ps3 avatars on the ps4? It only lets us use the default ones you gave us about 7 years ago. Will they get transferred or something?

@Matt Grandstaff, will there be a patch released to remove the extremely intrusive borders from the screen and also allow the player to change the camera/FOV?

Lovin the game but the black borders need to go! I understand it was an artistic decision but they ruin the experience. At least add a toggle for them.

Agreed about the borders. I love the game, but with is was full screen.


I shall stock up on new underwear before buying this game.

I felt the widescreen added character; but I’m not a fan of my characters positioning on the screen – I’d much rather he be on the other side. Can we change camera/FOV?

FrolicKingFlack 15 October, 2014 @ 21:29

I played this at EGX didn’t think much of it at all. Its meant to be a horror game but the gore is so over the top and the scares so cheesy that you kind of get desensitized to the plot and it ended up feeling more like say if Scary Movie was a game. Which would have been fine if they where going for that but they weren’t. I personally prefer horror to be in the vain of say P.T.

This game is so great .
I can’t wait too buy it & play it all the day .
But idont understand the story !!
Even from the beginning but ….. Damn ilove shinge he is the best thx ~
Will p.t and out last where All the horror games old QQ idont like the ps4 it’s suck from the online isn’t free like ps3 in the end it’s ok u.u I’m a fan girl gamer bye

StylianosKartas 20 October, 2014 @ 14:22

… I buy The Game and I Hope that Will Be Easy Enough (at least as the Resident Evil 4…)… :-P … But in any case I’m Planning (and Hopping) to Play “It” Until The Very End… : Good Luck To All Of You !!! ;-) :-)

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