New video shows Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions in action on PS4

The much-loved shoot ‘em up series makes its debut on PlayStation later this year

The storied Geometry Wars series is set to make its long-awaited return (and its PlayStation debut) this Autumn as Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, released under the reawakened Sierra brand.

It’s not easy to live up to the Geometry Wars pedigree, but a recent hands-on run of one of the game’s earlier stages was all the assurance I needed that the spirit of Geometry Wars is thriving, guided by the neon, wireframe hands of Lucid Games: a studio founded by former Bizarre Creations staffers.


“Geometry Wars” has never been more apt as a title, featuring three-dimensional geometric battlefields that bend and flex under the force of your shape-shattering armaments. The level I played was shaped like a peanut: two spheres connected by a flared, narrow bridge. Fans of Geometry Wars 1 and 2 may find themselves instinctively looking for corners to lead errant enemies into to set up high-scoring opportunities, but the continuous nature of Dimensions’ playfields means veterans will need to readjust their habits accordingly.

We recently spoke with Peter Cesario, Producer of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions about bringing the beloved series to PlayStation for the first time, what kinds of new weapons players can get their hands on, and combining its classic gameplay with more modern ideas. Check out the video above.


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Will it have a platinum trophy? Resogun did, so you have no excuse really! (I hope this does!)

Can we expect to see discounts for any of the following PS3 games in the near future:

Ratchet and Clank Nexus
Xcom: Enemy Within
Diablo 3
Heavy Rain
Valkyria Chronicles


A sequel to one of the best games of the last generation is announced for PS4 and you want to know when you can get discounts on games like Rage? As if £8 new on amazon is a bit too much?

The-Aventador-25 23 October, 2014 @ 16:50

I love Super Stardust and this looks like it but with a neon overdose.

I’m in!


Super Stardust was the spiritual successor to the original Geometry Wars.


Actually it was a spiritual successor to Asteroids.

Just like Resogun was a spiritual successor to Defender.


Super Startdust pre-dates Geometry Wars. It was an Amiga game. Love them all though so looking forward to this.


Oh my god this looks amazing! So much fun! What’s the release date and price?

thekillingspree 23 October, 2014 @ 18:35

And here’s the mandatory “is there a Vita version in the works? this game would be perfect to play on the go!” :)

Holy awesome game batman, ignored previous news on this because I thought it was an Xbox one exclusive. The fact this is coming to PS4 has made me very happy.

the first 2 games made me fall in love with twin stick shooters and i will be snapping this up day one without hesitation

Looking forward to this as I loved the first two on Xbox and 360 and gave the Wii version a go.

Bit disappointed the grid lines are so straight. Used to love the way the bombs and black holes would fluidly distort the grid. Point of Retro Evolved was to stretch the new 360 hardware on a traditional type game so they threw in loads of physics on it. PS4 more than capable of it so must have been a design decision to keep the lines straight (there’s a bit early in the vid where a bomb goes off and it distorts but with straight lines).

This and Nano Assault Neo-X are very high on my most wanted shmups on the PS4

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