Major PS4 system software update v2.0 launches tomorrow

Share Play, YouTube integration, Themes and USB Music Player are among the additions

PS4’s system software v2.0, codenamed Masamune, is making its arrival tomorrow and we can’t wait for you to check out all the new enhancements it’ll bring to your PS4. This update adds unique, forward-looking features like Share Play and addresses some of the most highly requested features from the community including YouTube integration, music player, ability to find players you may know, sorting options for PS4’s game library, and themes that change the look of your home screen. This is the biggest update we’ve delivered to date for PS4.

For a look at what you can expect, check out our walkthrough video on key Masamune features. And don’t forget to watch the walkthrough video of the Share Play feature.

Here’s a recap of some top features you can expect with Masamune:

  • Share Play: PlayStation 4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game – even when they don’t own a copy of it.
  • YouTube: A dedicated app for YouTube is coming with v2.0, along with the ability to upload gameplay highlights directly from PS4 to YouTube by clicking the ‘Share’ button on DUALSHOCK 4. Be sure to check the PlayStation Store to download the YouTube app.
  • Themes and colours: Personalise your home screen background with select themes and colors.
  • Live broadcasting enhancements: Search filters, archived broadcast support and more have been added to Live from PlayStation
  • Content Area and Library: Find and access your content quicker with a redesigned Content Area and improved filter and sort functions for the PS4 Library.
  • USB Music Player*: Insert USB memory with music in your PS4 and start playing your favourite tunes in the background.
  • Players you may know: Get suggestions for gamers you may know in the ‘What’s New’ section
#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

PS Vita and PS TV update

Also available tomorrow is a new system software update (v3.35) for PS Vita and PS TV, which includes four-player Remote Play support for PS TV, as well as the Live from PlayStation app, which allows you watch game streams from PS4 on both your PS Vita and PS TV devices. A full features list and instructions for updating PS Vita and PS TV can be found here after the update goes live.

PS App update

Lastly, don’t forget to update your PlayStation App on your mobile devices to the latest version. The new 2.0 update will include a redesigned home screen, and a new layout for tablets.

This has been an amazing first year for PS4 so far, with more than 10 million units sold and a robust set of new features already added including SHAREfactory, automatic pre-download, and more. We are pleased to see the great feedback we’ve been getting from fans like you, which helps us to make PS4 the best place to play.

Let us know what you think about these new features and let’s keep the conversation going!

*You can play music files stored inside USB storage but cannot copy music files to PS4 HDD. This application cannot be used at the same time with Music Unlimited. USB Music Player will appear once USB storage is inserted, and will disappear once USB storage is removed.

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AL3KS4ND3R_1337 27 October, 2014 @ 14:05

What themes will be available once the update is out?

LordDagoth4US 27 October, 2014 @ 14:32

Probably only two mediocre ones like on the Vita.

It was mentioned in the US article that they will give us Cod and Destiny theme for free.

nope .. there are 5 themes for vita out there ;)
tearaway, uncharted and one season theme. for free since 10 (?) days

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StevenJamesHyde 27 October, 2014 @ 14:05

With all these great new features launching, is it weird that I’m most excited about finally being able to play Lego games in online co-op?

LordDagoth4US 27 October, 2014 @ 14:34

Completely normal, I would be too if I knew for sure that this feature is available to sub accounts. Surely Sony wouldn’t barr someone from using this feature with a trusted individual such as a friend?

loadstone007s 27 October, 2014 @ 14:05

HOLY MANURE we got it a day early!!! :P

What do you meen? It was always supposed to release 28th?

loadstone007s 27 October, 2014 @ 15:49

Ah damn it, ‘today’ was a mistake :(

Firmwares for the PSP, PS Vita, PS3 & PS4 are “international”, there is no such thing as “this firmware is only for european devices”.

Therefore they can not push a firmware “early” for just Europe, because people in other parts of the world could simply download it and install it to their “north american, asian, etc” consoles.

Not gonna tell us everything that’s in it and just gonna make us wait?

Why you guys are so secretive when it comes to firmware is beyond me.

TheGamingPuncake 27 October, 2014 @ 14:06

I thought it was coming out tomorrow?

It’s probably another failure by the blog guys

Can’t go a whole week without someone being stupid.

I does say “Tomorow”

It didn’t when the post went live

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don’t forget
– support Arabic language :)

Most people wont care about this.



Actually, Arabic is big language so many people will care about this. Even me and my native tongue is English.


@The_Zett, Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world:

1) Mandarin (Chinese), 2) Spanish, 3) English, 4) Hindi

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Gamesgbkiller 27 October, 2014 @ 14:07

Does the update have the Arabic support ?

Yes there are Arabic support

Can’t you guys use PlayMemories Online to upload directly to PSN and share from there instead of going through Facebook etc. (I’m by the way suggesting you change the name to something like PlayDrive)

AL3KS4ND3R_1337 27 October, 2014 @ 14:10

Another question, how will trophy earning work with Share Play. Will the player you share with earn trophies or do I? Is it different when playing co-op, will both earn trophies?

StevenJamesHyde 27 October, 2014 @ 14:14

Check the US blog’s SharePlay post where they’ve actually been answering questions like this:

“Trophies gained during Share Play will be reflected on the host’s account, not the visitor’s”

So you can outsource trophy earning to a friend, but you can’t both earn during co-op by the sound of things


what time is the update coming out


7 AM UK ,Irish time


Probably 3 or 4am, like they usually release their firmwares (CET timezone).

Great! Can sub accounts use any of the social share functions? Like live streaming, facebook upload and share play?

carnifexfortis 27 October, 2014 @ 14:12

Cool stuff. Any news about the other ‘features’ (since the article only describes the ‘top’ features)? I assume we’ll get more stability. Which is always good. mmmmmm, stability.


Would be nice as all I tried to do was copy a video to USB storage recently and it crashed. Although at least so far I haven’t had any hard locks, it just crashed the home screen but thankfully didn’t affect the game that was currently suspended.


If my PS4 gets any more stable I’ll have to buy a horse.


Can you confirm whether or not the Toro & Kuro dynamic theme from the TGS conference will be available to buy/download?


I hope it will come, because it looked awesome :3


It doesn’t seem to be available yet, I’ve checked my PS Vita, iPhone and My PS4. All which seem to think that there isn’t any update available. Are you sure this is coming out today? Or has it been delayed till later in the day?

Sereal_Killer 27 October, 2014 @ 14:27

it does say tomorrow in the title…

Sereal_Killer 27 October, 2014 @ 14:27

ah i see it was edited :D i was so confused by all these remarks


It used to say “today”, but this still does not mean “right now”.

It will be available later this night, I assume.

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Please add PS1 and PS2 compatibility, DLNA, and suspend/resume next, thanks for the great work guys :)


I wonder if we will ever get suspect/resume as it shouldn’t be THAT hard. I can only think they found a problem keeping the GDDR5 memory powered up, perhaps it runs too hot or something.

Z__Ice-Cold__Z 27 October, 2014 @ 14:18

Cool any idea on time?

LordDagoth4US 27 October, 2014 @ 14:38

It probably means late afternoon for the UK as it normally does – which of course means Wednesday for ANZ. They really do need to be more specific as to what region they mean when they say “tomorrow”.

Irish-Warrior-GF 27 October, 2014 @ 16:13

probaly 6/7 am as it comes out at midnight in usa

zalwelgoedgaan 27 October, 2014 @ 14:18

Keep it up, you’re going the right way!

Can a sub account use this new features? And also we NEED a option to go from sub-account to a master-account!! I wanna stream!

LordDagoth4US 27 October, 2014 @ 14:31

Absolutely, and about time they put this feature in. It took six months of asking for mp3 support before we got it, don’t give up on this and it will eventually happen.
Notice how the psn T&Cs say that sub accounts are only for people aged 7-17? As a result any adult with a sub account is in breach of them. Also, only the master account agrees to T&Cs, not the sub account. Therefore if Sony changes the T&Cs the sub account user aged over 18 can not agree to them, and parents/guardians can not make legal decisions on behalf of under 18s.
Just a slightly major flaw in the system.


This, more than anything. What’s the point in these updates if a lot of people just cannot use them.

Sony need to stop ignoring this and respect that people don’t want to lose their trophy list and downloaded games. Just because they can’t be bothered to implement something that should of been there day one on the PS3.

If Sony really is ‘For the gamers’, as they claim, this needs to be sorted, sooner rather than later!


Nice try with the edit Sony.. Trying to sneak edit it to say tomorrow.. People noticed you fools


yeah just noticed the quick change, wouldnt expect any different from sony just lately

LordDagoth4US 27 October, 2014 @ 14:41

Nice how they apologised for the mistaks – oh, wait.

LordDagoth4US 27 October, 2014 @ 14:42

Sorry for that phone aitocorrect mistake. It’s a Sony phone, so it doesn’t work properly.
See Sony, apologies are not that hard.

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madmanwithabox12 27 October, 2014 @ 14:23

Any chance of the following in the next Vita update?

-Turn off screen dimming
-Dualshock 4 compatibility for Remote Play
-Flash support for web browser
-Remotely download PS4 games ala PS App
-Let us use our own MP3s for custom theme BGMs
-Backgrounds in folders

zalwelgoedgaan 27 October, 2014 @ 14:32

I’d also like them to fix the fading of backgrounds when you’re scrolling through pages. It used to work like normal x_x. A minor solution is to set it to black first and then add your custom background afterwards, but it’s still fading nonetheless.


“Dualshock 4 compatibility for Remote Play” – THIS!


Turn off screen dimming is already a full working feature in the developer firmwares of the Vita.

They could easily implement it, but they dont.

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Haha Ninja Edit

Keeping up the sloppy work, well done.


Haha, that was sneaky changing “launches today” to “tomorrow” haha… I got excited for a moment there

Great news! But this update has to be the most over hyped update ever. We get features that should not have taken 1 year to develop. And now when they come you act like its the best thing since sliced bread, get over your selfs.

Sereal_Killer 27 October, 2014 @ 14:30

i semi agree with this. imo it should have been spit up loong ago. we should have gotten sorting music and themes long ago and this should have been the innovative update with the share-play features. i agree there is no way that the basic things like sorting and music playback have taken so long. i think its all because of share-play

@sereal_killer I dont think its share-plays fault. The probably wanted people to pay for music unlimited insted. Same with the ps4 headsets.


Good news about the pause/resume download feature being added. Any idea if friend notifications are going to be added with this update to say when they go on/offline?


Needs folders and suspend. Then we’ll talk.

b1ohazardzon3 27 October, 2014 @ 14:39

Maybe Content Area and Library fix this! Let see tomorrow what’s coming!

LordDagoth4US 27 October, 2014 @ 14:40

Suspend/resume was promised at the PS4 announcement conference 18 months ago. If it’s not releases soon then they’ll be in breach of consumer law regarding false advertising in so many countries.


What I love most is not only are they not adding folders, they’re extending the “Recently Played” bar even further, making the clutter even worse.

I would like to see in a future update.

Ability to play PS1 discs & from the store, emulation should be even easier than ps3’s
Ability to back up hard drive (Noticed it was coming but no idea when)


All i want is a working and fast PSN. Come on Sony, invest some of the PS+ money in new servers.




But you don’t have PS+ :P

b1ohazardzon3 27 October, 2014 @ 14:35

Finally Content Area and Library are coming :) I hope soon we will be able to change PSN ID’s and store country like M$!


Anybody knows if Friends Online / Offline Notifications are available on FW 2.0? Clearly this should’ve been a day one feature.

MERINOFFWOODS 27 October, 2014 @ 14:41

Where Mp3 format? Or only m4a?

Sereal_Killer 27 October, 2014 @ 15:13

it was said in the preview blog post long ago that it supports music files in the formats : MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP.


hoping the friends list is working in 2.00.if not share-play isn’t going to be much use.

Shame PS3 is still a better media server!
Come on! Add some real DLNA support!

Its a gaming console not a media player , go to the shop buy a Music cd and put it into your HI-FI lol or your computer w/e.

Agreed!! and Tigzar, my kids play the PS4 but support is average for games too, for example singstar, no mics and an app that makes a phone as a mic is no good to my kids that are too young for a cell phone. No backwards compatible games, 3d blurays, accessories ect. For what it is there needs to be more versatility to it as both gaming and media. I still have my PS3 and the 4 sits there collecting dust in the hope it will be supported more in future but I have my doubts.

Sh1nj1-sempai 27 October, 2014 @ 14:51

will be the Toro and Kuro theme avalible in europe store or it for japan only?


I hope it will be there for everyone :/

Sereal_Killer 27 October, 2014 @ 15:05

you didnt need to link there its in this video. i understand you not seeing it i just dont get why sony doesnt list everything comming in the update instead of just highlights.
i mean its done and being released nothing should change between now and tomorrow

Will we be able to pause downloads?


Yes. It’s been confirmed, already.

Even with the good people still complain. It seems some of you are experts, professional critics and also angels with rainbows shooting out your back-sides, everyone’s an expert and knows it all on the internet.

This is all good things, but…

Add PAUSE button in downloads!!!

Add DualShock 4 support to PS Vita Remote Play like on XPeria Z3 – hate stupid rear touchpad for R2/L2!!!

This two things wants millions of players…

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This is all good things, but…

Add PAUSE button in downloads!!!

Add DualShock 4 support to PS Vita Remote Play like on XPeria Z3 – hate stupid rear touchpad for R2/L2!!!

This two things wants millions of players…

Download pausing was already leaked and confirmed.

Sereal_Killer 27 October, 2014 @ 15:14

watch video please. download pause/resume is included (i dont get why sony doesnt list this aswell)


Well you can use the Dualshock 4 on the PS Vita if you are using a second acc. But I also want a DS4 Support for my main acc.

The thing I’m truly waiting for is MKV support. How am I to watch anime on the TV without it?!


Stream it or get a real streaming device.


get a Xbox One


Use Streaming Websites or Services ?

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I like this update and seems to me gameshare killed reasleing demos aslo can stop players buying full game.


More fetures need add future includeing better online


MP3.MP4 support

New Apps for ps4

use Eyecam to ring familey or friends up

Playstation Now

fix friends list in order A to Z


Playstation Now is available but not for Europe…(but it’s there :D)
New Apps are coming with this Update….YOUTUBE!
MP3 Support is also coming with this Update (just read pls)


i feel your pain ;[

Can we use our own pictures for the backgrounds?, or are we stuck with the ones that come with the themes .?


It seems there will be hidden features in this one too, like the “Pause downloads” thing. I really hope it’s true!!!

Sereal_Killer 27 October, 2014 @ 15:26

the video posted on us blog shows this in action

FallingStickman 27 October, 2014 @ 15:27

That’s all good and nice, but when can we expect some basic functionality from the system? Content and download management for example?
And whatever happened to the suspend mode?

Also, this is a first decent update since the console’s launch. If this pace of releasing updates keeps up, we won’t see any extra features until PS5.

Perhaps this time you might look at what your competition is doing. You might learn a thing or two.

Is there an estimate of what time frame we are talking here? GMT Time Zone myself.


It won’t be until after 12pm, as America need to have it first, or at the same time. So maybe when they wake up there, 2pm for us is my guess.

When you wake in the morning if its after 7AM GMT it should be ready then.

You know what would be amazing a GTA 5 THEME .. ! I mean, the PSN store’s GTA promotion looks awesome .. I already played GTA so not even sure if I will buy it, but man I LOVE the art style of GTA .. What would also be amazing is the ability to have custom themes/backgrounds like on VITA. I have transperant pictures on my VITA which looks amazing. You get the original VITA mocing theme on the background with an image of Solid snake or Hitman etc on it

Also .. PLEASE add a mediaplayer option .. DNLA but more importantly the ability to play any sort of media file trough USB. That’s a feature that most of us have wanted from the start .. and even xbone has it now .. it can play nearly every single codec!

DualShock4 support for PS Vita Remote Play, like on XPeria Z3. Knock-knock! Developers, are you here?!


I second this, this is the only reason I simply can’t use remote play; I hate the vita shoulder buttons!

TheWildOnesEU 27 October, 2014 @ 16:07

PlayStation Plus members should get free themes :)

this sounds amazing !!! , ive been dreaming about beeing able to play guest mode in fut with friends that werent their!! sounds like its possible with this shareplay !?

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