Freedom Wars arrives on PS Vita this Friday – check out the launch trailer

Japan Studio’s PS Vita action RPG gears up for launch with new footage

PlayStation fans, PS Vita aficionados and “sinners” around the world – the day you’ve been waiting for is nearly here! I’m extremely proud to welcome you to the world of Freedom Wars, which launches this week, exclusively on PS Vita and PlayStation TV.

Over the past few months it’s been my pleasure to share Freedom Wars trailers, screenshots, character art and information with you, and you’ve responded with nothing but pure excitement. That’s why I’m so thrilled to share one final trailer with you – one that’s never been seen before, and that I think sets the mood perfectly for what you’re about to experience. Check it out above.

But before you jump into the game, let me announce a few things that you might not be aware of:

Firstly, patch 1.20 will be available on launch day, so please make sure to update! This patch does several things, including:

  • The addition of the online eight-player PvP mode
  • The elimination of the online-pass requirement
  • General difficulty tweaks and balancing

I’m also happy to announce that we have several weeks of DLC planned for all of you, including free DLC every week until the end of November! Everything from weapon packs and hairstyle additions to battle music and sticker packs is on the way, so please keep checking back to download the latest content and keep your Sinner stylish!

Freedom Wars

But before I let you go to start working off that one million year sentence, I wanted to leave you with one final message from Junichi Yoshizawa, Producer of Freedom Wars from Japan Studio:

Hello everyone. This is Junichi Yoshizawa, producer on Freedom Wars.

We’ve finally reached the launch of Freedom Wars for Europe – thank you very much for all of your patience! I’m so happy that we’re finally able to get Freedom Wars into your hands!

Freedom Wars isn’t a game that’s just about defeating your enemies, it’s a game about “Reclamation” – saving your friends and civilians from the clutches of the enemies you face.

While you’re playing through the game, don’t forget the various cooperative and competitive modes that you can enjoy in Freedom Wars! The co-op mode will let you take on any Operation, whether it’s story-based or a specially timed “Redemption” Operation, with teammates via Ad-hoc or Online connections.

Freedom Wars

The latter half of the game can become a bit difficult, so please play with others in order to complete these Operations and finish the story!

I’d also like to share a little advice to those that are about to start the game. As you play, you’ll be able to gradually level-up the equipment of NPC characters you encounter throughout the story. From the “Window on Liberty” located within your cell, make sure to claim the “Comrade Loadout” entitlements for your fellow teammates – taking a well-leveled team with you into combat will drastically increase your chances of success!

There’s also ways to strengthen your Sinner by equipping “Augmentations”. As you proceed throughout the story, you’ll receive the ability to create these Augmentations – make sure to create and equip those that will be most helpful given the Operation you’re trying to complete!

I’ve already said a lot here, but I’m thrilled that we’re finally able to have our European fans experience Freedom Wars.

Freedom Wars

We created Freedom Wars with the hope that every PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV owner will be able to enjoy it.

So please, enjoy the million year sentence-enforcing world, the reclamation-focused multiplayer, the League of Panopticons and the engaging storyline that make up Freedom Wars.

For the greater good!

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Glad Sony Europe actually decided to do a physical release, there was no good excuse not to really.

You say the latter half can become difficult and you should play it multiplayer but I have no interest in multiplayer and mostly use my vita when I don’t have net access. Does this mean that this game isn’t for me?


One of the producers was on IGN and said that it won’t punish people who only play online. It get more difficult towards the end but not as bad as the original version.


One of the producers was on IGN and said that it won’t punish people who only play offline. It get more difficult towards the end but not as bad as the original version.


Thanks for letting me know. Hope that rings true as it should be here today. Hope to see it sneak into the top 10 charts for the week’s releases.

Hm and what about the pre-order DLC with the suit?
Here in Germany I can’t find a shop with pre-order Bonus :/

And nice blog post, can’t wait for the game!


Amazon should have it tho, but since they will prolly delivering from 5th November (hell’s taking too long), I cancel my order and having digital copy for Friday instead (it surprised me, the release is not tomorrow), also even if you take digital copy, if you bought the game in certain period (the mod said until the middle of November IIRC) you could get the day one bonus, which supposedly the same as pre-order bonus in retail copies


“This item will be released on October 31, 2014.” from Amazon.

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Can’t wait to play it.

For the greater good!

mellan_Konsten 28 October, 2014 @ 13:44

I remember preordering Freedom wars from the PSN store a while back, but now I find nothing on the store or my history that confirms this.

I thought that this game was supposed to have a midnight release on PSN, have I got it all wrong?

Is the digital version pushed to Friday now or is it just the boxed copy?

European_Gamer 29 October, 2014 @ 07:07

Both versions of Freedom Wars should be available today in every European country except UK(that’ Friday).

European_Gamer 29 October, 2014 @ 07:24

From a previous blog post “we are incredibly thrilled to officially announce that Freedom Wars will launch in Europe on Wednesday, 29th October 2014, and in the UK and Ireland on Friday the 31st”

Now… I hope that all people who signed petition will buy this game day-1.

Really! This game MUST sell, it is bloody important for future of Vita. Far more important than any title that was released so far.

Let us hope that by buying Freedom Wars we will prove that there is point in releasing Oreshika with retail here in Europe. If game won’t sell even 0.1k than there won’t be even point in making any petitions or anything.

But let’s keep aiming high! At least 0.3 or 0.4k for Europe alone. WE NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Guys advertise game on your own. If you have friends with Vita tell them how good FW is! If you have friends with 3DS encourage them to buy Vita or Vita TV.

DoYouLikeMyID 28 October, 2014 @ 14:26

I’m one of the people who signed the petition, and I’ve already pre-ordered Freedom Wars. I’m voting with my wallet, and I hope other people will as well. I’ve also pre-ordered Tales of Hearts R, and Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd, so my Vita will have tons of games this christmas. :D Unlike my PS4… But I guess PS4 will get some good games next year. :)


I pre-ordered mine and it should be here tomorow, altough personally I don’t remember if I did sign the petition or not. BUT! I was damn infuriated when they said it was going to be digital-only and I prefer my games on the physical format (altough I can make exceptions).

Picked up my copy last friday, just dont have time to play it yet with the release of patch 2.4 for FFXIV and the release of Lords of the Fallen. But i also voted with my wallet, hope we can get more physical editions for the VITA in the future.

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One of the producers was on IGN and said that it won’t punish people who only play online. It get more difficult towards the end but not as bad as the original version.

Got this game today in The Netherlands! Loving my physical copy! Btw, when will the day-1 patch and the season pass go up? Tomorrow or friday? Wanna start using the online features asap :)

zalwelgoedgaan 28 October, 2014 @ 14:20

Have you heard anything about pre-order DLC codes from the store where you bought it?


Nope, did not. Got it from Nedgame and I don’t think they were supposed to have pre-order bonuses in the first place. I do remember Game Mania promoted some bonuses, but I guess something went wrong there?

zalwelgoedgaan 28 October, 2014 @ 14:38

Yeah, copy pasting this from a previous article:

Limited Edition Costume – Personalize your Freedom Wars character with Formal Wear
Powerful Starter Weapons – Upgraded melee and long range attack weapons
Limited Edition Sticker Set – For in-game use
Combat Pack Item – Medical Supply Set

If physical copy buyers don’t get their pre-order stuff, then I’ll start raising hell.

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psyhakiasman2 28 October, 2014 @ 14:05

if only the preorder version came in Greece….
I hope amazon won’t take long

zalwelgoedgaan 28 October, 2014 @ 14:09

!!! Just like I promised, I bought a retail copy: !!!

(check my trophies if you don’t believe me, I bought it a couple of days ago but I got sidetracked with other stuff)

The thing is, even though I pre-ordered, I didn’t get any codes. There was nothing in the box, nothing on the receipt and I asked the Game Mania clerk if they would receive any and he said that there aren’t any codes out there.

You better give everyone their pre-order codes, SCEE.

Oh? I am so envious! I ordered mine on Amazon UK… and I can’t wait to see them in nice boxes :P

madmanwithabox12 28 October, 2014 @ 14:40

It is finally time… Readier than ready to start busting some heads and saving some peeps.


I’m confused. This is out in retail stores here in Australia today (29th of October). Do digital buyers have to wait until the weekend to be able to buy this? That doesn’t make sense to me, isn’t the point of going digital for convenience?

thekillingspree 28 October, 2014 @ 14:55

I have *just” pre-ordered it on Amazon UK! I hope the code for the bonus stuff will work on my version of the PlayStation Store… Anyway, I’M EXCITED!! :D

Good days to be a Vita owner :)

thekillingspree 28 October, 2014 @ 14:56

It will be my very first physical Vita game (I’ve had no game cards touching my Vita thus far), so I’m actually extra excited about it, ahah!

I’m on the fence about this one, I’m not a massive JRPG fan but it looks brilliant.


It’s not really jRPG :) It is more like typical Monster Hunter~ish game. It is like a whole new genre.

What I can say to encourage you to buy game? Hmm… well if you don’t like swords you can always pick up guns :) That way maybe it will feel less jRPG~ish.

Take a look at this:

This video presents guns in Freedom Wars.

If you wil be still on the fence feel free to ask about anything you want :) If I can encourage even one person to buy Freedom Wars than I will try hard to make it happen :P

Right, I’m going for it. Just have to decide if I want the physical or delete something from ky bunged 32gb card. We have to support these Vita releases!

I already have my copy pre-ordered. I just need to pick it up tomorrow. I can’t wait anymore! Freedom Wars is on my mind today.

AirHunter0895 28 October, 2014 @ 16:57

I am planning to get this game,though a bit unsure. I love Monster Hunter but…eh,i will have to see. Unfortunately no demo and have to wait until 31st October anyway… :(


Is there anyone else pre-ordered on (when it was available but without image details) but do not receive code inside the box? I contacted the client service but they only provide 2 solutions :
– Replace the order with a new but risk to not receive the code because limited print issue
– Open an investigation and give me a response within 5 days.


Are you talking about the pre-order bonuses, or the Network Pass? Because the Network Pass will be downloadable and isn’t supposed to come inside the box.


Ofc i’m talking about the DLC pack that should be include with the game. The network pass is not available yet.

ummagummachild 28 October, 2014 @ 19:11

One million thanks to Japan Studio for bringing yet another #psvita exclusive. If it wasnt for game devs like this, vita would have died a slow and painful death. Yes, I am excited to hear the news and hoping to get my download on launch day.

I’ll be getting this when i get the playstation tv in a few weeks, really happy to have the chance to get a physical copy too!

“on PS Vita this Friday”

Not Wendsday? No, it can’t be….no…NOOOOOOO!!!!!! :'( :'(

AlucardTepes_DE 28 October, 2014 @ 21:23

yeah :/ last minute decision I guess…

AlucardTepes_DE 28 October, 2014 @ 21:22

Delayed? -.-
Come on was to be avaible 29th Oct … (excluding UK and IR) . . .

oh well guess I will have to wait …


It’s not delayed. Nick probably meant the UK. The game will release tomorrow for the rest in Europe.

I hope you’re right Nazar_Ops.

Nick. Can you fix your blog post? The game will release tomorrow both retail and digital in Europe. UK will get the game at retail on Friday.


I think you are wrong ther. If you check Wikipedia and the game is set for a October 31 release in EU.


No I’m not. I checked Gamestop in Sweden today and they said they will release the game tomorrow. Cdon has also the game in stock.


Sadly Mr. Nick is responsible only for US PS Blog, he doesn’t visit our site.

Fred is on vacations… and all other just don’t give a damn.

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Nick, is it true that the ability to customise Accessory speech has been removed from the European and American versions of the game? Is there a reason for this, because as far as I am aware the text to speech software in the Japanese version handles English well enough, accented as it is.

Freedom Wars is already uploaded on PSN.

BE WARNED there is Network Pass for EU version. So unless you have EU copy most probably you won’t be able to play on EU account.

Price for changing panopticon is 2 EUR.

If you downloaded it PLEASE consider:
-upvoting this article so it will stay on top bit longer
-give a score on PSN
-give a score on Metacrtic
-give some tips to your friends about how nice FW is.


The day 1 patch 1.20 actually patches out the need for an online pass. They just put the online pass on the store just in case.


Better be cautious, all we know that article was copy pasted from US site. Even release date is wrong.

The thing is, only we have Online Pass in PSN. Americans don’t have anything like that… so I kinda doubt that “just in case”…

Well not that I care… I ordered from UK so I’m safe ;)

zalwelgoedgaan 29 October, 2014 @ 14:30

Until I get my preorder items for my physical copy, Sony can eat an ocean of danglies




I got my freedom wars game from gamestop(Norway) on Wednesday, but I didn’t get any pre order dlc. I did pre order the game. T_T

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