Invizimals: The Resistance out now on PS Vita

Jump into the sixth title in the Invizimals saga with 50 new creatures and revamped SmartAR tech

Vive la Resistance! Would you believe me if I told you we’re all surrounded by Invisible creatures, that have lived among us since antiquity? What if I told you these creatures hold immense power, as they are made of Pure Energy? Do you know these creatures, the Invizimals, are now under attack by a greedy evil corporation? Would you join me, and the rest of the Invizimal defenders, in The Resistance?

Jump into the world of Invizimals: The Resistance, the sixth title in the Invizimals saga. A saga that began in 2009 on Playstation Portable, and that has spawned three titles on PSP, one on PS3, and two on PS Vita.


For all of us at Novarama, developers of Invizimals, each title comes with new challenges and goals. For The Resistance, being the sixth game in the saga, we just wanted to improve it in every way. Better technology. Better graphics. Better storytelling. In sum, a better game, in fact the best Invizimals game yet.

Our first goal was to create the first title in the world featuring AR with no markers. For the first time ever, Invizimals can appear anywhere: beaches, ceilings, walls, you name it. This is possible because of SmartAR technology, which we have worked on with the teams in Sony Tokyo for over two years. So say bye bye to AR Playcards, say hi! to unlimited adventure.


Our second goal was to expand the gameplay in all directions, to create the richest game in the series. Survivor battle mode? Sure! Free-for-all four player arenas? Bring it on! All game systems have been rebuilt, like a brand new “walk your invizimal” mechanic, which allows your virtual pets to walk around the real world. Or the biggest upgrade to our vector system for battle power-ups: you can now build your own power-ups, find super-secret power-up recipes, and surprise your enemies. We used all our skill and experience from the last six games to break new ground in all possible directions.

And last, but not least, the stars of the show, the Invizimals. The game contains up to 156 creatures, our biggest game ever, with 50 of those being brand new. Discover the legend of the Precursor. Smash the new enemies. Fight along Swampamander and Wingcloud, the Invizimal champions.


Invizimals has always been an open door to adventure. A call for kids and grown-ups alike to enter a world of fantasy and discovery. With The Resistance, we think we’ve opened our biggest door so far. A door so big, it will suck you in and take you on an amazing journey. Are you ready to join The Resistance?

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And they say Sony stopped supporting first party titles. Or I may be wrong, idk

Where is the official announcements of PlayStation Plus November Program ?
Why don’t we have any answer ?


We already know, why do people keep asking?


couse dievember is comming! ps plus service is cancelled !1


and lets rename ps vita to ps indie

This shows your ignorance. I’m not a fan of these games but it’s a Sony first party exclusive.

We’ve also had Freedom Wars this week, some people are hard to please.


hey hard pleaser! i was speaking about ps plus service that was supposed to be announced this wednesday… if wreedom wars will be in service > yes it will please me…. but its not… and no announcement yet… so no hard feelings.. dont like comment… ignore it..


I’m really tempted by this, Alliance was quite fun but the AR card requirement was a pain for portability. Was hoping for a demo to see if the battle system had improved or not as barely any sites reviewed the last one, I don’t expect many to pick this one up either. Unfortunate as Alliance was a good game that should be a lot bigger name than it is.

Alliance was/is a great game. My granddaughter grabs my Vita every time she comes to visit just so she can play it. :)

I want the PS Plus Update! Where is it ? O;

Why O; Sony why o_o


You really want to know what’s in the Indie Game Collection for the month?


Digital only or also physical card version?

can you say pokemon clone ?

Well it might not sell that well in the UK compared to Spain where it’s popular but I’m thankful SCEE has released it the same time as the rest of Europe since Invizimals The Alliance came out here later then other parts of Europe. I love the series and I hope Novarama continue to make more. I’m glad Brian Blessed voice is in the game again.

bought this over freedom wars for some reason, always wanted to try it out

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