New Spelunky features now available on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita

Fast forward replays, Daily Challenge friend ghosts, PS TV support, more

With Spelunky finally making its glorious PS4 debut last month (hopefully you were able to grab it free in PlayStation Plus while it lasted!) there are more explorers than ever plumbing the depths of the jungle, battling incensed shopkeepers, and dying in an endless cavalcade of unexpected and hilarious ways.

For those new players still feeling overwhelmed, be sure to check out my survival guide from last year; a few basic tips go a long way, and the experience is even more fun when you’re sharing tactics and stories of your travels with friends.

Speaking of sharing, you may have noticed that the PS4 version has a few killer new features, including the ability to watch full replays of anyone’s Daily Challenge run straight from the leaderboards, as well as seeing where your friends died (and what killed them) in the Daily Challenge, represented by their ghost. I’m thrilled to be able to announce that those features have been added to the PS3 and PS Vita versions, available now via a free update!

Not only that, but all three versions have also been updated to allow you to fast-forward Daily Challenge replays (with a very cool VHS-style effect, no less), as well as a few minor fixes including synchronisation of LAN multiplayer. Finally, PS Vita has always secretly been the coolest version since you can play without a tethered camera in multiplayer, and this update also contains full PlayStation TV support for up to four players!

To recap the updates that are live now (note that you’ll only see the replay changes starting with tomorrow’s run, which rolls over at midnight):


  • Fast forward replays
  • Misc. fixes


  • Leadboard replays (including fast forward feature)
  • Friend ghosts in Daily Challenge
  • Misc. fixes

PS Vita:

  • Leadboard replays (including fast forward feature)
  • Friend ghosts in Daily Challenge
  • Four-player PSTV support
  • Misc. fixes

Good luck, fellow adventurer!

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“PS Vita has always secretly been the coolest version since you can play without a tethered camera in multiplayer” I’ve always wondered why this wasn’t present in the ps3 version while playing over LAN

But thanks for the awesome update! :D You guys rock!

I played this in CO OP adventure mode with a friend using shareplay and it is a blast.
Obviously a bit laggy for for the guest but this game shines very brightly in co-op.
Can’t we just have online co-op at some point?

Thanks for great additions to an already great game! Especially love the four-player Vita TV support!

Glad to see that at least SOME guys give Vita the love it deserves.

Awesome update. Thanks!

very, VERY nice, I had no Idea that PS Vita games were going to allow multiplayer on the Vita TV. Hopefully this Is only the start of things to come.

Why doesn’t the PS4 get friend ghosts?

It does, they were already there as a feature. The other platforms are just getting them now.

It took me nearly a hour to complete the first level how on earth are you suppose to complete the game in less than 8 minutes (one of the trophies)?. Am really rubbish at this game but am really addicted to it.

Awesome news, thanks Nick! Special props for the Vita lovin’ :-)

2098 deaths.
8 wins.
What am I even doing?

Wished you’d update the game with a patch to allow players to turn off ghosts :(

The ghosts ruin the game for me as I like exploring.

^^THIS! I throughly enjoyed the demo and thought the game would be for me so i immediately bought the full game. But the ghost which only appears after you buy the full game completely changes the pace of the game. I lost interest after ten levels because it felt like i was just rushing through all the stages which was just pointless.


I second (third?) this suggestion. Since the ghost started appearing I just stopped playing because it sucked all the fun out of it for me.

What does the camera tethering mean?


Camera tethering means that camera is fixed in an MP game so that the players can’t move too far apart, in Spelunky they must both occupy the same screen. The Vita version however has a free camera so players can move as far apart as they like.

Ah okay, thanks for the good explanation.

Actual online multiplayer?

LAN just seems odd as if you’re in the same house wouldn’t you just play split screen? And how often are two PS4s in the same house anyway? There’s shareplay of course, but then only two people can play and the performance isn’t as good as proper multiplayer would be.

Would love actual online multiplayer for this game so I can play it with my brother, PS4 needs more good online coop games.


Online multiplayer is a must have for this game! I want to play this with a friend :/ Share play is great but our connection isn’t the best and it only allows 2 players. Don’t make us wait for a spelunky 2 please!

“Finally, PS Vita has always secretly been the coolest version since you can play without a tethered camera in multiplayer”

Plus the fact that it’s the only handheld version!

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