Stylish space dodge ’em up Lost Orbit revealed for PS4

Check out PixelNAUTS' fast-paced, cathartic action game

Stranded after his ship is destroyed in deep space by a strange anomaly, Harrison, a lowly maintenance worker and our hero, must struggle to survive.

It’s been a challenge defining Lost Orbit from the beginning. At its core, it is a fast paced action game, but there are flowing moments of serenity. It’s not unfair to describe it, as we often have, as a death simulator. It’s the union of three distinct elements: fast paced action, flowing cathartic flight, and death. In truth, the best way to describe it is to make up a new phrase: Lost Orbit is a dodge ’em up.


On speed

Our pathetic hero, Harrison, must take matters into his own hands in order to find salvation quickly before he freezes, or starves to death in the depths of space. There is a lot of motivation in Lost Orbit to go fast. Not the least of which is that it’s fun. Lost Orbit presents you with simple to learn mechanics that once mastered, will enable you to blaze through levels. Upgrading Harrison’s kit allows players to customise their play style, gaining new tools to handle the dangers of space.

As your confidence grows, so does your willingness to fire Harrison between the tightest of gaps. Confronting your mortality and surrendering to the compulsion to blast through systems is extremely satisfying. And, when you cross the line into overconfidence, the harsh realities of space travel will rip you out of your little bubble.


On death

Space travel is dangerous, and the universe of Lost Orbit is no exception. There is no baby proofing present. As a lone, ship-less astronaut, you are extremely vulnerable. Lost Orbit is challenging and you will die a lot, but we wanted to create an experience where players didn’t feel punished for dying. Dying in Lost Orbit happens quickly, is humorous and is easy to recover from.

Players can watch their mangled body float away while they shed tears over the loss of life, or respawn instantly, getting right back into the action. The game feels suspenseful without the dread of a frustrating five minute post-death cinematic. Risk it all for your chance at survival. After all, everyone has to die sometime.


On flow

When you find yourself curled in the foetal position, clutching a pillow, and unable to cope with the loneliness and death of space travel, hope is not lost. Lost Orbit has a wealth of serene beauty to explore while you recover. Moments of reprieve will coax you out from under your blanket fort.

When Alex and I worked with Vigil on Darksiders, we were surprised at how much fun we had just running around an empty room with the finished character: War. His movements and attacks had a lot of variety and weight to them. The same way a go-kart in a parking lot can be great fun, so too can the basic locomotion of a player character. We really tried to impart that level of refinement into Lost Orbit.

There are plenty of moments for the player to take in the beauty of the game, and lazily float and dart their way through open space. It’s a good balance for the white-knuckle twitch-fest that is the meat of the game.

Lost Orbit will be available on PlayStation 4 in early 2015. The game will be playable at the Play Station Experience event in Las Vegas 6-7th December. If you have the chance, come see us, and die alone in space.

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to check out our game, LOST ORBIT. If you have any questions, we’ll be around for the next little bit to answer them.


zalwelgoedgaan 11 November, 2014 @ 17:26

Wait a second, you worked on Darksiders? It’s unfortunate what happened to Vigil, but it’s a good thing that developers can resume in the indie world.

That being said, some of the themes (drifting into space, dying etc.) reminds me of Dead Space. You said in the article that dying is funny — probably because it’s a little doll that you’re controlling — but I didn’t get that vibe at all. Will there be goofy sound effects playing to make it not so ‘creepy’?


Hey Zal,

We did work on Darksiders! It was the best AAA project I got to be a part of. Vigil had an amazing understanding of what it takes to make a game compelling. in story, art, and design. I learned a lot.

Regarding themes, the game takes on a tone similar to a story one would tell about their worst trip ever. The deaths are funny because of how abruptly you transition from brash arrogance, to being a pile of goo. There are many different deaths, and they’re all over the top ridiculous. No wacky sound effects present, it’s more of a dark comedic tone.

I hope that answers your question. Thanks!

zalwelgoedgaan 11 November, 2014 @ 17:51

Thanks for the reply!

I just saw the vid on the site, is the brash arrogance the owlish ‘hoo hoo hoohoohoo!’ sound that Dead Space guy makes whenever he gets a turbo boost?

I’ll check the game out on Steam. :p Music is nice by the way, very relaxing and it fits well with the colorful atmosphere.


No problem!

I was referring more to the players arrogance, but yeah, same idea.

The soundtrack is fantastic. Which I feel comfortable saying without being a braggart because I didn’t make it! It’s all original and was made by a really talented young composer named Giancarlo Feltrin (

This looks pretty cool, Chris. Diggin’ the art style and soundtrack too!

Any thoughts on looking at Vita in the future at all?


What’s up, Ace?

Glad you like what you see. Currently We have no plans for a Vita version, but it’s not something we’ve ruled out for the future. The cross platform buy concept is a great idea IMO.

Looks and sounds really cool. Would be nice to see a Vita version too. I know I shouldn’t but I kind of expect cross buy vita versions with most PS4 indie type psn titles. Maybe we’ve been spoilt with some many already?
Either way I’m sure I’ll pick this up if the price is right!?


Glad you liked it.

Vita is a different animal. Unfortunately it does take time and effort to build a Vita version. Glad you’re still willing to give it a go!

Looks great Team PixelNAUTS, am having a great time playing Don’t Die Mr Robot (another Dodge ’em up – you and Infinite State Games should get together and form Dodge ’em Ups united :)) on Vita, but the PS4 is my main machine and it’ll be great to have a quality Dodge em up for it :). I love it how people that worked on Darksiders have come up with (another?) death simulator :).

That song is awesome, I want it! I like the art style as well. The game looks quite cool.

I don’t know if my eyes will be able to handle a game like this though. Looks a tad bit fast-paced.


Great! Glad you like it.

Trust me, you will be come addicted to the speed, and crave more! It’s also a blast to upgrade your character, pass the controller off to some unsuspecting family member, and watch then die repeatedly.

Loving all of the aspects of it. Sound , image and gameplay. Not to mention the cartoon gore/humour with those deaths.

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