Escape Dead Island hits PS3 next week, watch the launch trailer

Zombie spin-off takes the series in an unexpected direction

We’re thrilled to announce that, in just a few short days, Escape Dead Island will make landfall on PS3! Escape Dead Island is a single-player survival-mystery game set in the blockbuster Dead Island universe.

Escape turns the world upside-down, exposing an underbelly of mysteries and secrecy around the undead virus. What caused the Banoi outbreak? How is the world reacting? Who really has the most to lose – or win – as it spreads? These questions have been burning in both the Dead Island community and in the mind of Escape’s protagonist Cliff Calo. Now it’s time for some answers.


Cliff, a slacking journalism student out to prove himself to his executive father, sets sail with a few friends to cut through a naval quarantine and find out what really happened on Banoi. If they can get the truth out to the world, they’ll be heroes. But nothing in Escape Dead Island is quite what it seems, and Cliff’s team ends up on an island with far more to hide than they expected.

While exploring and dealing with the island’s threats, you’ll be photographing evidence and gathering clues to unravel what’s been going on in this increasingly strange place. As the pieces begin coming together, the world starts shifting under Cliff’s feet. Even time itself may work differently here.

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What is real on this island? It’ll be up to you, the player, to ultimately decide. But regardless of which truths you choose to believe, Escape will offer up tantalizing glimpses of Dead Island’s origins and foreshadow the future of Dead Island 2.

Pre-order now to get guaranteed access to the Dead Island 2 beta next year. You can start uncovering the truth in Escape Dead Island on 21st November! We can’t wait to hear what you discover.

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madmanwithabox12 14 November, 2014 @ 15:20

Was this the one that was rumoured to be a Vita game way back when? Or am I getting my wires crossed?

The developers said at E3/gamescom they’d definitely be interested in porting it too the vita. Hopefully they do! :D

Well not getting it because they destroyed series but new game for ps4 cant go anywhere looking forward new dead island game for ps4

Does anyone understand this comment? ^^^^^

I know, what happened with Riptide.. After first, bugs and all I felt really disappointed After buying it, this does look ok, not going to break my ‘no more last gen’ promise for it though, hopefully though it should arrive on ps4 just before DI2?, fingers crossed.

Sorry to burst in and say this but… what the hell was that promise? No more Last Gen?! The “next-gen” doesn’t even have games right now.
Sorry this is kinda unecessary, but, the “promise” part is what I don’t get it… >,>

Simple, if I make a exception for game A, then I will need to consider why not another, and another, etc,… Also I’m day1 plus subber on main AC, so TR, Metro, etc times around 20, Still remain un started, not to mention owned unfinished ones such as Borderland2 and main dlc (shame on me) dlc for first Borderlands, tbh, it’s a disgrace, the amount of class triple A and indies not yet even started from ‘last gen’ (lol, soz) PS3, I see stuff like this or even Borderlands Pre Sequel and think, NO, just be a madman to even think of buying, so am sorry if I came across as a div, but I did have to make a decision (promise) and stick to it. Though of course you ‘was’ right about this gen’s lack of games, I did still have ‘the backlog’ and few ps4 ones.

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