Surreal open-world horror Grave confirmed for PS4

A fusion of classic survival horror and innovative new ideas

Why do we like being scared? What scares us? Why do the things that frighten us the most, also enthralls us the most? Grave, a new surreal horror game from Broken Window Studio looks to terrify your psyche as much as make you jump out of your seat from monsters that lurk in our desert world.

Grave is an open world, procedural survival horror game featuring a fusion between modern horror and classic survival horror gameplay elements. What does this mean? It means that Grave will feature a modern psychological horror story, while still keeping the classic survival horror gameplay found in games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill when it comes to PS4 in 2015.


The story (so far!)

Killed in a home invasion, you are cast into an alternate reality where the world morphs and changes around you. Strange creatures lurk in the night and threaten your safety. The only chance to escape is to pursue your killer, the man who sent you to The Wasteland. Light is the only tool for survival, your only protection from the unknown dangers that await.

Grave’s setting

Explore a dynamically procedural desert inspired by the early wild west landscape of America as you explore the game’s unusual narrative. Fusing reality with unreality, locations fluctuate in and out of existence while you play and nightfall brings strange, threatening creatures that stalk you until dawn.

Play Grave how you want to, setting up defensive fortifications to survive the night or arming yourself with offensive weapons to keep the creatures at bay. With procedurally populated enemies, items and even worlds, Grave weaves an unpredictable tale that will keep you in its grasp.


What you can expect (so far) in Grave

Grave features surreal gameplay that challenges your perceptions with dynamically changing worlds, unnatural imagery and fantastical creates. A unique day-night gameplay experience—“fear the night, hope for the day!”

Grave will be launching on PS4 in 2015 and the team here at Broken Window Studios is really excited to showcase the progress that we have made on the title. Development on Grave began shortly after our successful Kickstarter in April 2014 and has been an ongoing and rewarding experience. We feel the game’s direction and unique approach to the genre are taking shape and we are pleased that we can bring Grave to PS4 users.

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supersmith2500 17 November, 2014 @ 15:42

That second screenshot looks really nice. What game engine did you use. : )

If i remember correctly, when it was on kickstarter they said they used the unity game engine

Make Morpheus support happen! :3


Interesting. I hope it turns out better than Daylight. I was rather disappointed by that one.

BillHicksLives 18 November, 2014 @ 00:21

The monster in the first shot looks kinda like the pale man from pan’s labyrinth. Always happy to see games drawing inspiration from awesome films, especially really creepy ones.

Looking forward to this but will depend on proces. Here a game price is almost 1/3 of the minimum wage… :(

High hopes for this one. Not sure how I feel about random generation (Daylight was a disappointment), but if this is executed well, I think it’ll be great.

Another first person view horror? Wow, nothing new there. Typical; neglecting a large potential customer base because you cba doing the third person view.

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