Top-down shooter Gunship X is coming to PS4 in 2015

In full 1080p/60fps and with Cross Buy support for the PS Vita version

PlayStation Nation, we’re happy to announce that Gunship X is coming to PS4 (Cross Buy, 1080p, 60fps) in 2015.

We announced PS Vita support a few months back. During PS Vita development we asked ourselves, “What’s better than PS Vita support?” You guessed it, PS Vita AND PS4 support, that’s what. Oh? Did someone say, “Cross Buy?” You got it!


Adding PS4 support changed everything. The gameplay had to shift from a fully mobile experience into something better suited to comfy couches and huge 1080p screens. Don’t worry Vita fans, you’ll also dig the changes. In addition to various visual enhancements, the “infinite runner” style missions have given way to a proper, progressive mission system. The infinite play mode is still available as an alternate mode.

Look out for more news on Gunship X soon.


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madmanwithabox12 19 November, 2014 @ 16:07

Phew… I thought for a second you were gonna say “You know what’s better than PS Vita support? PS4 support.” Almost.

Looks like Zombie Gunship on Android.

I actualy think it’s the same game, just different name for PS platform.

Ups, my bad, it’s not the same game, it’s from different developer but it’s exactly same concept ;)

ultravioletblade 21 November, 2014 @ 03:38

Looking good, looks a bit different and ill give it a go

With CrimsonLand still not fixed I’m not sure its wise to advertise a game as cross buy. Just because you want it to cross buy doesn’t mean that the store techs will actually make it so.

Also many indie devs are using PS4 as an excuse to charge up to double price, in one particularly bad case an indie dev has used the success of the PS4 as an excuse to charge a tenner for what is a free patch for every other platform, please don’t follow these examples and price your game fairly if you want it to succeed.

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