Everything you need to know about LittleBigPlanet 3, out this week

Plus, check out the brand new character trailer

Sackboy has a wonderful trio of brand new friends joining him in LittleBigPlanet this week and unlike any of his friends from previous adventures; you will take direct control of them during special levels of the adventure during times when Sackboy needs help most!

OddSock is the speediest of the bunch and capable of wall-jumping to reach new places for his friends. Toggle is a shape-changing chum that can instantly change his size depending on the weight of the situation. Meanwhile Swoop rounds-out the gang with their flying ability and unique aerial acrobatics to take the team sky-high.

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Create adventures for Sackboy’s new friends!

After your first adventure in Bunkum, it’s your job as the latest creator on LittleBigPlanet to help craft brand new Adventures and Levels for your fellow Sackfolk using our largest range of tools yet and never before seen features.

    • New playable characters
      Create exciting adventures especially for your new friends and their special abilities… You can even make your own characters and give them your own unique abilities!


      • New power-ups for Sackboy
        Sackboy gains some exciting new skills too with his latest range of power-ups. The Pumpinator, Blink Ball, Hook Hat, the Illuminator and Boost Boots.
      • Create your own power-ups!
        Not enough power-ups? Want to create your very own power-ups?
        Use new tools such as the Blaster Handle to make new Power-ups for Sackboy to use!


      • 70 brand new creation tools
        Adventure Maps, Quests, Sack Pocket, Velociporters, Slides, Layer Launchers and many, many more creative items to give Sackboy and Friends plenty to play with! The possibilities are endless!

      PlayStation 4 exclusive features

        • 1080p graphics and high resolution textures
          LittleBigPlanet looks better than ever before with the enhanced processing power of PlayStation 4.


        • Touchpad functionality
          Create with the swipe of a finger using the Touchpad functionality of the DualShock 4.
        • SHARE
          Using the fantastic PlayStation SHARE feature, you can share your LittleBigPlanet experience in entirely new ways! Livestream gameplay to fellow gamers, upload videos to YouTube and even create your own in-game trailers to promote your levels!


        The beautiful world of Bunkum is in peril but thankfully Sackboy will have a lot of help this time around and with each member of the team bringing their own special skills to the group, we’re certain that they will be able to succeed with their adventurous endeavours across Bunkum and the brand new adventures that the community create for LittleBigPlanet!

        Visit us online!

        3 Author replies

        Can’t wait! :) Picking up the Extras Edition this Friday.


        Not long now! We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the game this week!

        We know that the community will be able to take LittleBigPlanet 3 in new ways that we never dreamed possible!


        cool PS4 functions. And i can’t believe that 1080p graphics and high resolution textures is going to be better than LBP and LBP 2! :)


        I’ve been playing community levels on the PlayStation 4 using the new 1080p graphics and high resolution textures for a while, LittleBigPlanet truly looks beautiful with them.

        Nice, hopefully will be able to get the PS3 version soon


        The PlayStation 3 version will be released on the same day as the PlayStation 4 version. :)

        The UK version is releasing on the 28th is it not?

        Also, have most of the bugs the US been facing been fixed?

        Which version of LBP3 supports PS Move? lol


        considering that the Move is supported in PS4, most likely both

        madmanwithabox12 24 November, 2014 @ 14:54

        When is Run Sackboy Run out on Vita?

        As above, when is Run Sackboy Run out for Vita & Android?


        That game is lame – fun for 2 Minutes … like Temple Run and that …


        Yes, but it unlocks exclusive costumes for the main game.

        Im confused all my life got questions

        1.If get ps4 vision can play friends who got ps3 vision of lbp3

        2. do get all the tools from psp vision on lbp on ps3 and ps4 visions of lbp3.


        PSP version was equal to LBP1.

        If you mean the Vita version, then yes. LBP3 has all that and more.

        The only thing putting me off getting this(& all games on day 1) is the price :( £47.99(Retail Disc price, well Amazon anyway) is just to much for any game. Games should cost £35(max…Maybe i am a Cheapskate) :D Oh well, sounds and looks amazing LBP3 for PS4 :P


        It IS overpriced when you consider Americans payed £35 and got a free Sackboy plush. Ridiculous.

        Game looks great and I’d be buying it day one BUT why on earth is it so expensive for PS4 in the UK? Seriously games that are much larger like GTA V are much cheaper. Why is the PS3 version £32 but the PS4 £47? Why are you punishing the PS4 players who’ve spent more money buying this new console then trying to make us pay even more. Was planning to get this day 1 with my friends but we’ll wait until it’s a reasonable price around £38 or lower at this point. GAME charging £53 for the extras edition is atrocious considering the LBP2 steel book special edition was £40 day 1 back in 2011 and had way more content. Feeling a lot less hyped considering America gets it earlier and way cheaper despite the franchise being developed by a UK studio.

        Why can’t I pre-order ps3 version from the store?? :(


        I know, it’s stupid. The made the preoprder avaible only for Ps4.
        We’ll have to buy it manually on day-one… (-_-)

        @yassineya but what about the pre-order bonus?? I don’t think we’ll have it when we get it manually!! :'(


        i can hardly wait, preordered the extras edition yesterday


        wait, is the game in 60FPS on PS4?

        No, it isn’t. 30 fps on both PS3 and PS4. (apparently it’s 30 fps on PS4 as well for backwards compatibility reasons with the user-created levels and DLC from LBP and LBP2 from PS3, among other reasons)

        It does look nice and smooth in 60 fps though going by the trailer embedded in the blog post here. Personally, I’m fine with 30 fps, but 60 fps is obviously preferable.


        I’ve played both LBP and LBP2 on PS3, as well as LBP Vita, and I have to say I loved them. For some reason I liked the Vita version the best, probably because of the extra gameplay mechanics it included.

        If LBP3 includes those and more, it’s a sure-buy thing for me!


        It does have that and more. 70+ new tools in fact.

        Tomorrow just can’t come fast enough…

        I read many reviews that are stating the game in wonderful but broken.
        On the US blog many people stated that to and asked if and when these gamebreaking bugs are repaired but are totally ignored. That’s the reason why for now I’m not spending my hard earned cash on this product.

        Buddydestruction 24 November, 2014 @ 20:55

        Steven, can you (finally) play my third gallery and tell me how it looks in 1080p? kthxbye

        If a multiplayer game is being played around the tv and all players are logged into psn on their controllers on the ps4 then they should be able to receive trophies. Disappointed that you didn’t enable this and only allowed one player to get trophies.

        I did pre-order this, but am looking to possibly cancel it now. Might pick it up later down the road if a patch is put out that fixes this issue.

        Been looking forward to this ever since I heard about it, played and aced all lbp’s and
        Really glad its coming to the ps3 …I like consoles to loose weight before I buy ;).

        But why oh why is all the advertising solely focused on the ps4 (Inc UK TV ad) even this post! Honestly if I hadn’t looked on Amazon I really wouldn’t have known it was coming to the ps3 at all, even stranger its not on the UK ps store for ps3 but it is in the US store
        Wouldn’t it make sense to promote both platforms as I’m sure their are more ps3 users than ps4 and dare I say given the season their will be more ps3 users still.
        Now obviously I’m not slating ps4 I want one eventually but for the time being I’m happy with my ps3 & vita.

        Sorry for the rant guys but how many of you are getting lbp3 for the ps3 that actually knew it was coming to the ps3 without having to do an in-depth google search

        “Everything you need to know”

        Technically inaccurate, all you need to know is the controls, where to buy and how much it’s going to be.


        And: When?


        Are you releasing on 26th November or like Amazon says on 29th November? I’ve preordered, the release was 26th November – then I got a mail, and they’re saying 29th November …


        It’s tomorrow, the 26th for EU, 28th for UK.


        And Amazon is saying 29th. ;)
        Like I said … I can read it everywhere … 26th, 26th, 26th … but at the weekend amazon send me an email, saying 29th, why? Don’t know …


        Can you tell me who’s idea it was to put a in a costume of the character Skull Face from Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeros? A character responsible for a young girl being gang-raped and killed? What the hell were you thinking?? How could you put that into this game? Whoever is responsible for that needs to be fired.


        I suppose they should get rid of the Dragon Age costumes as well as they brutally slaughter enemies.


        Completely different subject in every way.

        Such BS any co-op play requires ALL users to have playstation plus to play. NOT just the main account. That means cracking out $100 to play with 2 users or $200 for 4 (Yearly fee)


        You can only play till the the end of the first chapter.

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