Exclusive PS Vita RPG Reaper re-named Death Tales

Luc Bernard offers an update on his ambitious free-to-play adventure

Hey there everyone, Luc Bernard here again. So, to start off, last time you guys saw this title it was called Reaper, but we have since renamed it Death Tales.

Now onto the next news: Death Tales is exclusive to PS Vita and PlayStation TV.

Along with it being exclusive, the title will also feature multiplayer, both online and local. Local multiplayer will only be available on PlayStation TV of course, while the online will be limited to two player co-op on PS Vita and TV.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004


Death Tales will mainly consist of two gameplay modes:

  • Story: An open world action RPG. You’ll be able to play local co-op in it too.
  • Tales: The tales mode features a hub town where you can get various quests from different characters (such as this classy frog for example) and perform them alone or online with strangers or friends. Each level will also be randomly generated so your experience will be different each time you play.

Oh yes, and all of this of course will be free to play. An action RPG with online co-op for free on PS Vita? Come on, it doesn’t get better than that 😉

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people used to get excited by the prospect of free to play but now are fearful of microtransaction hell.

if theres lots to buy think of adding an unlock all function where people can just pay 1 price to unlock full game minus microtransactions.


X_Blood_Curse_X 26 November, 2014 @ 3:07 pm   2

Most “free-to-play” games I’ve played I’ve started, played for 5 minutes, reached a paywall or a request to wait 30 minutes & then deleted. I agree with hayzink

howboutthisthen 26 November, 2014 @ 3:22 pm   3

And me.

The game looks great, but I’m done downloading free games that have wait-or-pay timers and endless lists of microtransactions to reduce the grind. There are so many great indie games on PSN for £5-£15, but that gets you just a tiny pile of whatever magic money currency an FTP game uses. For mobile games aimed at children with endless free time, fair enough, but on the Vita I’d rather just pay for a game that respects my time in the first place.

Sadly true… most f2p games with microtransaction are not even worthy of downloading.

Sorry… but you will have to try harder and make some video with gameplay… and tell us how microtransaction will be working.


Don’t forget to add Trophies!

    Vlad_Lenin_ 26 November, 2014 @ 7:46 pm    

    So something like this? 😉

    Trophy: Coin Hoarder
    Requirements: Acquire 40.000.000 coins.

    … estimated time without dlc: 1200 hours
    … price for coins as dlc: €60,-


Ooh this look a but more colourful now.
Awaiting the micro transaction environment before I judge, as of now I’m reserved with a positive outlook.



NO TA! Come back with a full game unlock price then i’ll think about it!


I was looking forward to this until you mentioned F2P.

No thanks – come back with a full price game, that’s not designed around the freemium model and I’ll be interested again.

I pay nothing up front – I get 10 minutes in, hit a paywall or wait period, or find out that all the coolest stuff is so rare on the RNG that you have to buy tokens to have a chance of landing it. Even where they aren’t too bad, the game is inevitably still designed to push you towards the premium content, so it’s not designed around the gameplay and story, but rather around the monetisation model.

I pay £15-30 up front – I get a 60-100 hour RPG that’s designed to give me a story and gaming experience to make me glad I paid £15-30 up front, so I’ll go back and buy the next game the producers make.

I know which model I like best – the canker of the freemium model needs to be cut from the heart of PSN before it takes root there and grows out of control. There’s too much of this stuff infecting PlayStation platforms already.

ummagummachild 26 November, 2014 @ 7:49 pm   9

I will still give it a shot despite knowing that in game transaction will make the game useless. The word “exclusive to PS Vit”a caught my attention and I will go with the flow. Despite of any shortcomings, vita exclusives are a rare treat and do deserve a shot

Free-to-PAY? No thanks, I hate this Free-to-Pay concept.

MartinB105 27 November, 2014 @ 7:16 am   11

You lost me at “Free-to-Play”.

“Free-to-Play” is nothing more than a term to describe a game with deliberately crippled gameplay mechanics that one must pay money to temporarily “fix” until the next broken gameplay mechanic is encountered. Sorry, but I want no part of that.

cowbanana 27 November, 2014 @ 5:38 pm   12

“free-to-play”, lol. You lost me there. It’s a very good way to make people ignore your game and play a proper game. I have no issue paying for quality games. “free-to-play” games are trash to me, the gameplay is always dumb and I’ve yet to see a “free-to-play” game that wasn’t a total stinker.

jellyhedgehog 27 November, 2014 @ 9:35 pm   13

The free to play model is for bored facebook game types who spend “coins” on cows and rainbow seeds. If I get a game I want the game. If I pay for a game I want my monies worth. I find it hard to see how this method of gaming has become so popular. It’s like going to HMV buying a cd, playing it only to be told you have to pay £1 for each track from 2-12. DLC in general is a rip off. You buy a game you get a code for bits that are already on the disc then when you trade the poor person is missing half a game. (FF X X-2 Vita I’m talking to you). Anyway I’m sure your game will be cool but I ain’t playing it unless A. It’s completely free as the phrase “free to play” would suggest or B. The game has a price that includes everything like Hayzink brilliantly suggested.


A new Vita RPG! Awesome!

Free to Play… Move along, move along…

V-v_Ibrahim_v-V 2 December, 2014 @ 9:51 am   15

No way it’s going yo be rubbish