PlayStation Plus in December: Injustice Gods Among Us, Hitman, Deadly Premonition, more

Secret Ponchos, Titan Attacks and Final Horizon also incoming

Hi everyone! The festive season is almost upon us and PlayStation Plus has some goodies to deliver! As announced last month, we’ve a huge PS4 title for you this month as well as some gripping PS3 and PS Vita titles.

If that’s not enough gaming action for you then make sure you grab some last minute bargains on PS Store with the Double Discounts promotion which ends tomorrow!

On that note, let’s jump into the games…

New on PlayStation 4:

First up this month on PS4, join some of the greatest superheroes from the DC Comics line-up in acclaimed beat ’em up Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition in a world where the lines between hero and villain, and ruler and protector, are blurred.

Next, Secret Ponchos, a highly anticipated shooter set in a dramatic Wild West setting. In a town crawling with bandits, murderers and bounty hunters you are an outlaw with a bounty on your head and everyone is gunning for you. Developer Switchblade Monkeys deliver a variety of game modes including domination, deathmatch and free-for-all.

Secret Ponchos

New on PS Vita:

First up this month on PS Vita comes fast-paced strategic tower defence game Final Horizon. Build and upgrade your defences to fight off the Swarm invaders, research weapon upgrades to level up with deadly effect. Build up enough kills to unleash one of the five powerful killstreak attacks and fight the enemy across three solar systems, 15 planets and over 50 levels.


Finally, make sure you pick up Cross Buy arcade shoot ’em up Titan Attacks! Battle swarms of alien fighters, bombers and giant boss motherships, across five unique worlds and 100 levels of frantic action!

New on PlayStation 3:

Take on the role of FBI agent Francis York Morgan in cult survival horror Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut. While investigating a murder, you examine a series of interlocking mysteries in a remote rural town and encounter an array of complex characters pivotal to the unravelling of a mystery. Deadly Premonition offers a unique and haunting gaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

Next up on PS3, help Agent 47 become the world’s deadliest assassin engaging in over 40 missions in the classic Hitman Trilogy HD. Travel the world to bring a civilised murder-for-hire service to those who deserve it. Take nothing but lives. Leave nothing but mystery. That’s the Hitman way.

Hitman Trilogy

In summary

Leaving PS Plus:
3rd December: Binding of Isaac Rebirth (PS4/PS Vita)
3rd December: Steamworld Dig (PS4/PS Vita)
3rd December: Frozen Synapse Prime (PS3)
3rd December: Luftrausers (PS3/PS Vita)
3rd December: The Hungry Horde (PS Vita)
3rd December: Escape Plan (PS4/PS Vita)

Entering PS Plus:
3rd December: Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition (PS4)
3rd December: Secret Ponchos (PS4)
3rd December: Hitman Trilogy HD (PS3)
3rd December: Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (PS3)
3rd December: Final Horizon (PS Vita)
3rd December: Titan Attacks (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 p/m. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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Death_-Raven1430 26 November, 2014 @ 16:31

vita games crap,like always…

OK so what are your expectations for Vita games?


You can count the amount of games that take advantage of the Vita’s hardware on one hand, and most of them have either been given away already (Uncharted, Gravity Rush) or are by publishers with no incentive to license them to Plus (Minecraft, Killzone, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy Tactics).
Unfortunately, Vita is now the home of retro indie games. That’s how it’s being marketed, and that’s how it’ll stay. It’s disappointing, but the Vita is now seen as a peripheral to the PS4 as opposed to a decent console in it’s own right.

howboutthisthen 26 November, 2014 @ 16:43

Last month we had Binding of Isaac, Steamworld Dig and Luftrausers. I wasn’t a fan of the other two (Hungry Horde and Escape Plan), but the first three are widely regarded as pretty good.

As for ‘as always’, I still go back to Velocity 2x, Guacamelee, Muramasa, Dragon’s Crown and Pics the Cat. That’s just this year, I’ve only got a Vita, never play online and still find PS+ to be awesome.

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Nice, lets hope now for less whines and complains at the forums today.

It only took 5 minutes to prove me wrong… Some people are never happy.

zalwelgoedgaan 26 November, 2014 @ 17:16

@Gogata: And nowhere else do you see the Sony defense force as strong as it is here. You’re the ones who started instigating other people, why don’t you check your own behaviour?

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X_Blood_Curse_X 26 November, 2014 @ 16:34

Titan attacks? Are you serious. Garbage line-up, again.

Then go. Please, by all means, go. This gamer entitlement needs to go asap. You’re getting a total of 72 games across all platforms for next to nothing each year. If people really find a complaint in that, I feel sorry for them.

X_Blood_Curse_X 26 November, 2014 @ 16:51


Yeah I paid the exact same price in 2013 when we got games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Metal Gear Collection, Bioshock 1, 2 & Infinite, Metal Gear Rising, Everybodys Golf, Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, Borderlands 2 ect

Sorry if me calling out the steep drop in quality besides the PS4 selling amazingly well and the subscription rate increasing offends you.


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Only game in this lineup I don’t really care for is Titan attacks. Also Deadly Premonition is something I want to try out since it has splitted opinions so much, others think it’s one of the greatest horror games, others think it’s pure crap. It’s strange, really.

Other than that the lineup looks great, haven’t been this good in months.

Deadly Premonition is interesting choice for PS3. I’m sure people will complain as its odd and essentially a cult game (like EDF series). It’s story driven and quirky and although auto-aim goes straight for the groin it actually is effective as people will see. I played it on 360 then bought the PS3 Directors cut on release. The existential conversations he has with himself about pretty much everything and arguing in a very otaku way about films was genius. People of a certain age will get a lot of the “in” jokes or were fans of Twin Peaks. I know the devs don’t like that comparison but its hard to not make that connection as the entirety of the town seems mental in some regards

zalwelgoedgaan 26 November, 2014 @ 16:35


At least Smash Bros will be released this week…

Yeah… I know what you mean… Nintendo is waaaaaay better than SCEE

Lately I’m kinda on the fence… I don’t like what they are doing with Vita… not a tiny bit. Most probably I will need to think about buying 3DS. I mean… at least Nintendo understand that retail releases are important, if developer don’t want to release retail… they release it in their place… or just force them to release it.

I love my Vita… but SCEE just can’t do anything right :/

to Archacus: As an owner of both consoles, it’s not as sweet and shiny with Nintendos retails either. They may release their own games equally boxed, but other then that it’s a mess. Shin Megami Tenset 4 was only released here digitally with a year of delay from USA (pretty much whole Atlus is a mess in EU). Also, be ready to open your wallet because they rarely have such a good deals as we have. Oh, and did I mention that it is region locked ? And as a last nitpick, compared to vita, my 2DS fells like a toy from Mc Donalds. I don’t want to sound like a hater tough, I love both of my handhelds, but Vita is a few steps higher in my opinion.

Nah I understand.
Shin Megami Tensai 4 was gigantic blunder… but it is Atlus so it is nothing suprising.

But as far as I heard Persona Q was also supposed to be digital only game… but than Nintendo acted.

The same can be said about Bravely Default… it’s not released by Square Enix (they didn’t plan it)… it is released by Nintendo.

Yeah it is region locked… but most of games are coming to Europe so what’s the problem? Deals? It’s not as bad… for example Virtue’s Last Reward had better price on Nintendo than on SONY. Some of games released with digital only have silly price… not as high as we are forced to pay.

I love Vita, I like how graphically detailed it is… but when it comes to games… it starting to be worse and worse and 3DS just keep shining. New Etrian Odysseys, Persona Q (we got DANCING?! are you kidding me), new Bravely Default, Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon, Stella Glow, Rodea The Sky Solider, Zelda or the Legend of Legacy which looks especially great!… oh even...

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Nah I understand.
Shin Megami Tensai 4 was gigantic blunder… but it is Atlus so it is nothing suprising.

But as far as I heard Persona Q was also supposed to be digital only game… but than Nintendo acted.

The same can be said about Bravely Default… it’s not released by Square Enix (they didn’t plan it)… it is released by Nintendo.

Yeah it is region locked… but most of games are coming to Europe so what’s the problem? Deals? It’s not as bad… for example Virtue’s Last Reward had better price on Nintendo than on SONY. Some of games released with digital only have silly price… not as high as we are forced to pay.

I love Vita, I like how graphically detailed it is… but when it comes to games… it starting to be worse and worse and 3DS just keep shining. New Etrian Odysseys, Persona Q (we got DANCING?! are you kidding me), new Bravely Default, Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon, Stella Glow, Rodea The Sky Solider, Zelda or the Legend of Legacy which looks especially great!… oh even Atelier Rorona is coming to 3DS

And what we have?!
htol#niq… which won’t be released with retail in Europe :/ the only game I wanted to buy next year…
Oreshika? also digital only
Ateliers? also digital only

No thank you… 3DS just keeps getting better and better… Vita well… is dying.

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Nice! Got rid of my Vita a few weeks back but I’m impressed with Secret Ponchos, always wanted to give Deadly Premonition a try and Hitman is always one to have in case you can’t decide what to play. Good work, Chris! Keep it up!

oh my… this is an awful month for vita… we have not any problem on indies, when you give 4 o 5 a month… but only 2 indies… a tower defense -wich you can play plenty of on your cell phone- and a retro pixel space invaders clone…?!?!??!?!

sorry… if you continue this way I will give up on plus for vita… it’s not worth… add at least some psp game to balance the odds…


Adding PSP games is just an insult. I didn’t get a Vita for them.

oh please… so you say that those indies are better than gems like Valkyria Chronicles 2 or Final Fantasy Tactics… tell me more :)

I don’t mind indies… if they are:
A. Good
B. Not released over year later than PC version


I like indies that do something different, that aren’t pixel/retro wannbes.

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Awsome line up, god job =D


To be entirely honest, I was expecting something better for ps3, given the festive period and long streak of bad months..Well, wouldn’t matter anyway..

Im so happy that my ps plus expired….. i will use a free month i have to get november and december games but dont u think i will waste a single penny on this kind of stuff.

Most free month codes only work on an account that has never had PS+ before.

Well, at least some AAA for PS3 and PS4. An improvement in comparison to the last half year, but still not half as good as Plus used to be up to one year ago.

Haha, I wondered about the quality of Deadly Premonition, checked Metacritic and read this review from Gamesradar:

“They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Where one gamer will see an ugly, boring, schizophrenic mess of a survival horror game, another will see the splendor of its expansive setting, idiosyncratic cast, and spellbinding mystery. Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is the misfit’s masterpiece, offering an inviting and affordable chance to see which side of the oddball gamer fence you stand on.”

Seems like the perfect summary for this month’s content in general too. ;)


Deadly Premonition is the most polarizing reviewed game I’ve ever seen from 2/10’s to 10/10’s.
Personally I loved it and everything about it, but its hard to recommend to people because a lot will deter some people from performance issues to jaggy animations and the campyness. The story is really good though.

pocket_paradigm 27 November, 2014 @ 10:46

I also am a huge fan of deadly premonition. But can see why some will hate it. It can be a bit of hard work at times with poor controls and animations, but the vibe is something very unique and special. If you like twin peaks, you’ll like deadly premonition.

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It seems like an alright line-up. I’m pleased with the PS4 as it finally got an AAA game but I’m more looking forward to the January game. ;) I’m willing to play all of them apart from Titan Attacks but not in December. Still working through Far Cry 4 then GTA V then Kingdom hearts with Pokemon and Smash Bros to play too. So will be a while till I get round to those.

come on ! it´s christmas… you can leave vita users this way… ;_(

StevenJamesHyde 26 November, 2014 @ 16:39

Deadly Premonition is an excellent choice, something that has always intrigued me but not to the point where I’d actually pay money for it. Good month all round


Brilliant. The Hitman Trilogy is a nice edition too meaning 3 full games so that makes 10 games across the 3 consoles this month. Thanks for another great content filled month Sony :D

Not quite as good as the kind of months we were getting in 2013 but overall a pretty solid month. The first time in literally 9 months I’ve actually been excited about the PS+ games changing next week.

Can’t wait to try Injustice and Hitman.

^Best comment.


Will injustice be free??

… hmm…
…. hmmm….

Nope… not even close

Wow good month have to renew my sub

Please don’t provide so much value with PS+ jeez!!

I bought PS+ last year just for Dragon’s Dogma (amazing game) and Uncharted 3 (not as good as Uncharted 2) and you’ve kept me bombarding and overwhelming with all these games each month.

You’re only devaluing games by providing too much value with PS+ imo. Developers have been complaining about this on mobile and Steam, so please dont male the same mistakes of game devaluation on console.

Shapeshifter_dan 27 November, 2014 @ 11:46

Sensible comment. This is actually something can look at.

Shapeshifter_dan 27 November, 2014 @ 11:46


“Please don’t provide so much value with PS+ jeez!!” = obvious shill is obvious

Fine update. Traded in Injustice last month in a good AC:Unity deal (thanks for the heads-up), shame I bought the Hitman trilogy a few months ago, but c’est la vie. Nothing to complain about from my end. :)

Great line-up. Deadly Premonition makes it great by itself, Titan is ok for Vita, and even if I don’t care for Injustice I will happily play Secret Ponchos. People whine and whine but this month really looks good. I may even try the Hitman games, I’ve been trying to get into them for something like 10 years, so maybe the one last try…

xONEWINGEDANGELx 26 November, 2014 @ 16:42

Great update! Nice to have a full retail game hitting the PS4 and really wanted to play Deadly Premonition on the PS3.
I wish people would stop complaining, for the amount we get compared to the cost, PS+ is still amazing value. Expecting huge AAA titles on every platform every month is just unrealistic and whining about it makes you sound like a petulant child. You can’t please everyone all the time!

All about Secret Ponchos for me, I already own or am not interested in the rest of the lineup this time.

European_Gamer 26 November, 2014 @ 16:43

I have high expectations for Secret Ponchos on PS4. :D


PS4 and PS3 are quite strong this month, Vita not quite as much. Overall a pretty good month. Hitman Trilogy HD includes all three, Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money, yeah? If so, that’s awesome.

The early info on PS4 games is appreciated, by the way. Please consider expanding on what information you give early in the future, or at least maintaining that level of early info.


First time we get at least a decent line up, and I already have two of the best games.
Deadly Premonition, Injustice and Hitman Trilogy is a good lineup for a change.
But Titan Attacks has to be the worst game on Plus before Proteus. Really? I’ve had this game for like 6 years. -.-

Only took you guys 10 months to get some decent content back in the IGC, well done.


I’m fine with the lackluster Vita choices mainly because the Vita got so many good discounts in November that i wouldn’t play any Vita PS+ games anyway, at least not for quite some weeks.

Looking forward to Secret Ponchos

Truth to be said… you are always fine with everything they are doing. So yeah nothing changed :)

But that’s one tiny bit of spitefulness :P I hope you don’t mind.


Nah, not everything.

Well but we kinda are like spitting images of each other :P

I almost every time complain you on the other hand usually defend everything. So yeah :)

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Also Sony , make sure Capcom make Resident Evil REmake HD a Cross Buy title when it comes out. And if you want, announce with Capcom at the PS Experience that one of the PS Plus games for PS3 (making it a title for PS4 too) in January will be RE Remake HD :D

EternalChaos72 29 November, 2014 @ 15:30

RE: Remake will not be in the IGC in January and that’s a fact.


woo, looks like a cool month, nice one dudes :).

PS4 games look nice (a big game! this is totally new information!). and both the PS3 ones have taken a step back up to awesomeness 8D (4 games!). havent heard of the Vita, but hopefully theyre fun aswell :).

Pretty great month all round. Not too keen on the Vita stuff but what can you do, I’m backlogged on Vita to the max anyway!

Hitman Trilogy! Yes please :)

Although I already have Injustice on PS4, I’m very pleased with this month. Thanks guys.

I’m normally very content with my Vita offerings on Plus, but this is the worst month ever. Awful, awful, awful :-(

I love this month! I hesitated to buy Hitman Trilogy for about a year and now its on plus, Deadly Premonition is better on PS3 so I’ll leave my PC copy untouched. As for Vita, Tower defence games a rare so I’m happy for Final Horizon, Already played Titan Attacks on steam, nice game, perfect for vita if you ask me. Don’t have PS4, but games are good.

It’s for the first time in months that there will be nothing in the instant game collection for december that suits me. Oh well, more time to play Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, DRIVECLUB, LittleBigPlanet 3, Velocity 2X, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Escape Plan, Doki-Doki Universe, Knack, and about 10 other games that I still haven’t touched.



This is a great month. I hope it’s going stay this way.

Very good line up, and definitely the best PS3 selection for a long while.

Any chance of the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy, Persona 4 Golden or Valkyria Chronicles 2 appearing in the Black Friday sale?


I would love THOSE 3 VERY TITLES also to be in a sale :)

Big fan of tower defence games, so good selection all round for me :o)

I miss the good old Days when PS+ wasn’t mandatory for Multiplayer and they actually put some good games in the lineup because otherwise people wouldn’t pay for it. Now, everybody’s a member anyways so they can give us [MODERATED] lineups month after month.

Shapeshifter_dan 27 November, 2014 @ 11:51

I miss the good old days of valid, construtive criticism.
Oh wait, that never happened.

@ Chris Howe ignore the haterz this is a good month period well done.

@Chris Howe Also well done on the last few months. Ignore the ‘haterz’ as well as everybody else (which you do anyway).


PS+ games have become lame since we started getting the same games as the US. before that we always had the better games. So I blame the US team for taking us down to their level.


Yeah, I’m willing to bet the new “Global” team is more US-located. The quality of Plus seems far more in-line with what NA were getting, as opposed to the great ones the EU had.

Good month though! I already have Deadly Premonition but it’s a great month still, the best I’ve seen for PS3 in a long time.

Shame about the vita lineup, mine is on eBay so I was hoping for a big title to draw in a few extra bidders. Might have more competition now instead.


Great selection! I already have Injustice digital, grabbed it in a sale for £13, fantastic game. Looking forward to Secret Ponchos and finally a reason to boot up the old PS3 to have a bash of Hitman and Deadly Premonition! Titan Attacks also looks fun and Final Horizon looks interesting as well! Great month!

This is actually a very good lineup, Injustice is an amazing addition to the PS+ and Secret Ponchos and Hitman also look good.


I’m a hard customer to please and for the past nine months it has been one bad month after an other, with worst being the last two.

BUT, after seeing this month’s line up, things start looking a little brighter again. Its not as good as last year’s, but certainly towards the right direction.

Please, keep the ps+ quality up THE WHOLE YEAR, and not the few months that the majority of subs are expiring (and you need to do something to keep the numbers up).

I’ll stress it again: I’m an unsatisfied customer, so, please, keep the quality high, like you seem to start doing again from this month.

It has nothing to do with subs expiring, it’s simply an effort to fool new customers getting a PS4 at Christmas into thinking this is what it’s like every month. I suspect January will be pretty good too, but come Feb’ we’ll be back to the crappy indie games.

Vita lineup is crap again. I can’t believe we didn’t even get Frozen Synapse last month, only PS3 did


Would be a kick in the nuts for people who bought it full price the previous month, don’t you think?

zell_dincht_cris 26 November, 2014 @ 17:02

Is it a joke?
What happen with the Vita games?
These can’t be

not the best month but thats ok. I’m looking forward to infamous first light in January

CookieMonsterES 26 November, 2014 @ 17:06

Chronic complainers are not easy to deal with…

Good month, keep up the good job, Chris!

CookieMonsterES 26 November, 2014 @ 19:29

Are you trying to say there were only 5 good months since Jan 2013? Seriously? ;)

I could also link you to how the service started years back when there was no Vita games. We now have games for 3 different platforms each month. 72 games per year no less, more than we’ve ever had.
But that’s not the point. You are comparing apples and oranges. Just because we’ve had good months in the past doesn’t mean this one is bad. And it doesn’t change the fact that some people seems to be destined to remain in a state of permanent dissatisfaction that won’t let them enjoy what they have. Chronic complainers, I tell you.

Shapeshifter_dan 27 November, 2014 @ 11:57

Yes, CookieMonsterES, vocal minorities are always the worst.
They usually stand out for their entitlement, insults and general lack of constructive criticism.
Good thing the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Nice line up

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