The 12 deals of Christmas return!

Save on The Last of Us Remastered, F1 2014 and Dynasty Warriors Next

That’s right, PlayStation Store’s annual 12 Deals of Christmas returns, with festive discounts to bring you good cheer. Every two days until Christmas Eve we’ll deliver some great savings off a PS4, PS3 and PS Vita title, so we hope there’s something for everyone!

Here’s the first round of savings, going live at around midday GMT today and running until 11.59am GMT on 3rd December, at which point we’ll replace it with a fresh set of discounts.

Without further ado…

The Last of Us Remastered (PS4)
Was €44.99/£39.99/AU$62.95, now €24.99/£19.99/AU$37.95
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

F1 2014 (PS3)
Was €54.99/£39.99/AU$79.95, now €19.99/£15.99/AU$24.95

Dynasty Warriors Next (PS Vita)
Was €34.99/£29.99/AU$47.95, now €14.99/£11.99/AU$22.95
Additional 20% discount for PS Plus members

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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6 Author replies

Not a bad start- not the greatest but already better than the abysmal Black Friday sale

Mario__4__Life 01 December, 2014 @ 12:14

What kind of start would Uncharted 4 have been? Gamers love sequels :)

I wanted to buy the game for multiplayer. For 25€ I’d say that this is a pretty decent deal. Not what I’m used to after upgrading to Steam but I’m happy :)

Hopefully we’ll get some deals on Dragon Age: Inquisiton too. Also please, Sony, some deals on the new Ratchet & Clank games. I got a weird nostalgia spike and would like to play the new games in the series (The Future series)


jamie-sixtyfour 01 December, 2014 @ 15:09

Dragon Age: Inquisition is awesome and well worth the full asking price. Still nothing wrong in saving the pennies before Christmas. :)


um, when i go to add it – it’s full price :(


“going live at around midday GMT today”

tlou less than 20 okay will double dip

Mario__4__Life 01 December, 2014 @ 12:15

I never understand why gamers support such practices, but then again gamers also love pre-order dlc, ingame money as in Gta Online, paying for online :D


Back to complain some more? Why couldn’t you just take your advice from before? At least you are talking about gamers because you certainly aren’t one.


Left Behind on PS3 is £12. I haven’t played it. For an extra £6, I get the remastered game on PS4. Can’t see how that is anything other than a great deal. :)

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Not really about this particular topic, but…

Has there been any discussion about how the future additions to the Vita TV compatibility list are being handled? Like, are they going to be announced in weekly Store updates, or updated to the existing compatibility list that was published way back, or not at all? For example, I found out by a freak accident that Dracula X Chronicles had been made compatible with Vita TV, and yet, there wasn’t any sort of information given about it. And the older compatibility list hasn’t been updated regarding this. So, any idea how things are going to be handled?

Please answer this, I would love some clarity on it too and I am clearly not alone. Especially so close to the holidays, it feels like something that should be addressed.


That’s a good question. I’m going to speak to the team and decide on an appropriate format. We have been updating the original list as new titles are confirmed but clearly there needs to be a more visible way to keep you updated. Watch this space…

Wouldn’t it be logical to leave that task to the store? It shows if games are playable on PS4, PS3 and Vita. Simply introduce a Playstation TV category or mark Vita games that are not playable on TV.

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Both very tempting ps3 and ps4. Mrs. is meant to be getting me F1 for Christmas though, might ask her to get something else as this is a good saving.

Now that’s finally a decent discount! Definitely considering tlou for that price.

Aaaah, I’ve been saving some money in the hopes they would return this year.

Last year, I got myself Persona 4 Golden, which ended up being one of my favourite games ever! Hopefully I can get myself something nice this year! :)

Thank you!

Wow, great discount on TLOU.

Wish I had some money :-(

So there won’t be Cyber Monday discounts? Just the 12 deals? :(

I believe that the Black Friday discounts are also Cyber Monday discounts seeing as how they haven’t ended yet and will not end until tomorrow.

Mario__4__Life 01 December, 2014 @ 12:16

Is Cyber monday a thing in EU?


Mario, nope, it’s not. However we’ve adapted both black friday and cyber monday.

StevenJamesHyde 01 December, 2014 @ 11:49

Decent start, and great to know that there will be a deal for each format every time

Lets go!

I would like to see a sale on many great Sony Computer Entertainment titles in celebration of SCE’s 20th PlayStation anniversary.

And include many PS Vita games! :)


Stay tuned – we will have a new Wednesday sale in addition to the 12 deals.


Please look into a sale on Ratchet and Sly HD trilogies Fred :D

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Nothing here for me! Hoping we get Walking Dead SE2 Vita at some point!

Off topic but any idea when we will get the FREEDOM WARS 1.21 title update? US got it last week and since then we haven’t been able to play with other regions making the online pretty dead.
On a side note I platted it this morning!

Congrats on getting platinium in Freedom Wars!

May I ask how many years you reduced so far? I must admit that it is one of the best games for Vita. Bit shame that so few Europeans bought it :/ I don’t have any data but probably somewhere around 0.02-0.03kk. Very very dissapointing. Game is very good, though… once you reduce your sentence to zero and max out your equipment… there is little to none left to do

But still! Game is AWESOME! If someone is Vita owner and didn’t bought Freedom Wars… than hell… he should be sent to Panopticon’s prison!


I liked the look of Freedom Wars, but after buying the Playstation TV i’ve either a. not had much time because I’ve been PS4 remote playing, or b. been trying to understand why so many games (and apps) will install then claim they’re not compatible.

Kind of takes the shine of a new game releases for me when I’m trying to problem solve Sonys kit.

Might get the game when its had a few quid knocked off though, I do love a bargain…. and my gaming backlog is testament to that.

Took me 86hrs with just over 400K years left.
I doubt I’ll play it any more though, end game content is literally killing the same 5 abductors over and over. It needed way more bosses like Soul Sacrifice. Also the 32 paid DLC packs are horrible cut content that I won’t support, and the worst part of it is people are paying like £2 for a 100KB unlock file to wear a different mask ^_~
Great game though for the low price. I’m disappointed in the sales after everyone begged for physical, if those number you posted are correct then lots of people didn’t pick it up who signed the petitions.
They should reskin it and release an Attack on Titan version, that would boost sales in Japan at least!

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Oh hell no!
These specials really are love/hate for me….
I don’t need anything now…. but there is always a irresistible special!

And i just got Destiny on BF special… telling myself “this will keep me busy, and save money over December”

Stop having sales! Disgaea 4 freedom wars and akibas trip still haven’t been touched yet

zalwelgoedgaan 01 December, 2014 @ 12:07

Please, do a €1 – €5 sale. Steam will take all the money when their winter sale starts for real. :/

Akashic__Records 01 December, 2014 @ 12:08

Every two days.
I guess that will be very difficult this time.


Please, please have PS+ as part of the deals. My sub is running out this week and I’m not planning on resubbing unless there is a deal for it.


Agreed. This is the first year there hasn’t been a store discount on PS+. I just KNEW this would happen as soon as the PS4 and “required for online play” hit!

It’s always good to get the subscription for a cheaper price but nobody can honestly claim that the content isn’t worth even the full £40, especially if you have more than one device.


@MikLSP Regardless of it being worth it or not, someone at Sony made the conscious decision to NOT put it on sale this year.

Was this done for their benefit, or ours?

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‘Happy ‘Skint’ Christmas’ then everyone :D Tempted with ‘TLoU:R’ :P

so the remaster is almost as expensive as the dlc on the ps3.
When will we see a sale on the “last of us” dlc? ….left behind?

anyway, great start to hopefully some nice sales.

The dlc is already included in the remastered edition, as far as I know.

Could you please put Black Rock Shooter on Sale sometime soon? I thought the anime sale would be the time but sadly not =[

Hi my PS+ expired today (on my birthday!), I was wondering will it be discounted on the Xmas deals or should I go & buy it elsewhere? Also will The Evil Within be making an appearance? :)

StevenJamesHyde 01 December, 2014 @ 12:39

The Evil Within is on sale RIGHT NOW as part of the Black Friday sale. Ends today so be quick if you want it

Happy birthday!

@Rochala – Thank you.

@StevenJamesHyde – I see it for £25 for a physical copy so I may just go for that.

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Hey Fred, just while you’re here in the comments.

Is it possible that at some stage the amount of cloud storage we have for PS4 game saves can be increased?

We currently have 1GB I think, and as it stands some games are taking up between a tenth up to half of that amount. DriveClub uses over 100MB just for ghost data, and I’ve heard that LittleBigPlanet requires around 500MB? As it stands, I would be unable to upload that as I already have used over half my allowance.

This is after one year of the PS4, and I imagine next year this is going to get a whole lot worse for more people. Cloud saves should just work, but it’s getting to the stage where it doesn’t.

Can you bring this up with the relevant people?

Many thanks.

Also, can’t wait to see what else comes up this year, unfortunately nothing for me today.


Nothing to announce today, but feedback duly noted, thanks!


Yea its 1GB each for PS3, PS4 & Vita so I have 3GB total. A good solution would be allowing my total 3GB to be used across all my platforms instead of limiting it to 1GB per system. My PS3 & Vita cloud saves are minimal & deffo need much more space for PS4 saves files

Good to see the Christmas sale again and a great start to it, I’ll be taking TLoU at that price.
Hope the rest of the sale keeps up the standard.

Next please, Last of Us has been £22.99 for a digital code for month.


so, £22.99 for a code from an un-official selling site – plus it is the US account meaning you have to create a USA account and any DLC will need to be bought in dollars meaning you will probably have to buy PSN cards

OR – £17.99 from Sony directly as a UK redemption with no issues or hassle – hmmmm. I think the latter is the best offer in terms of value and ease.

I’ll be picking up TLOU and selling my physical copy


However you need to have a US account for that to work.

The digital copy on sale now is UK version and is also a fiver cheaper with PS+


I actually got my code from for $24.99 (£16), and this was months ago. Yes you have to set up a US psn account, but it takes 5 minutes.

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Chris, I’d like to see one of the deals be for Far Cry 4, just as Far Cry 3 was part of the Christmas deals 2 years ago. :)

And a deal on PS+, mine is running out soon…

StevenJamesHyde 01 December, 2014 @ 13:18

Also, well done for posting the deals before the US blog team wakes up – means we get a good run of positive comments before people start complaining about exchange rates ;)


I’m pretty sure the 12 deals tradition is only in the EU so that won’t be an incentive for complaints. This is a strong start. Let’s hope they keep it up.


Nice! TLOU is just and awesome game! 25 euros is an awesome price for it! I got it day one on both PS3 and PS4 because it had Greek Subs :)
However, Black Friday sale was better. I got The Walking Dead Season 2 (I have already played Season 1 on PS3) for just 10.40 euros!


Good price for TLOU RM, but heads up for anyone who wants it but can’t afford the discounted price, head to ebay. With the digital copy being bundled with numerous PS4 offers at the moment, there is quite a few going up for sale.

I got one yesterday for £9!

I bought TLOU on PS3 on day one for £39.99 on the PS store and have recommended and put as many as 8-10 people n friends onto Naughty Dogs masterpiece so I’ve easily done my part and more to support it Sony, so forgive me getting my code cheaper elsewhere and I hope you don’t delete this message n allow others to see it.


PS4 sale suggestions

Wolf Among Us
Driveclub (cheeky ask)
Unfinished Swan
All the Zen Pinball tables!

I hope this means US PSN will do a sale on The Last of Us so I don’t have to buy this crappy censored version.


Very good start.
I d like to see heavily discounted the following ps3 titles, if it’s possible:

-Diablo III
-Grand Theft Auto V
-The Last of Us
-The Evil Within

I’d also like to have some discount on the Dark Souls 2 season pass. Thank you.


– The Last of Us

You missed this by a year. Was part of last year’s 12 Days, and as they’ve already put up the Remaster, I’d highly doubt it’s going be there, but hope you get it.



I know it was up a year ago, but the price was not right for me. Hoping to see the games I want for under €19.

still waiting on Watchdogs season pass that i bought from the Crazy Black Friday Bonanza.
not able to download but they are able to take the money from my wallet!!
would be nice to get this sorted so i can play the game…

Any way to get a heads up on the rest of the line ups? some have to plan ahead : ))


That would spoil the fun, no? ;)

StevenJamesHyde 01 December, 2014 @ 17:00

There were a couple of games which accidentally had their prices changed over the weekend. Battlefield 4 Premium on PS4 even got tagged with a “this special offer price will be valid from 12:00 noon 5th Dec 2014 to 11.59am 7th Dec 2014” on the store listing, so that’s definitely coming. Lords of the Fallen was briefly £29.99 as well. I’m sure some eagle-eyed souls will have spotted more



F1 2014 (PS3) was 19.99 on Thursday or Friday, but then the price went up again. Today we see the price falling again for this deal…


Quick question, if I have TLOU already installed on my PS4 from the disc version, and I buy the digital one, do I have to download the whole thing again, or will PSN recognise that it’s already installed and just supply the ‘unlock’ key to play without the disc?

Just been through the exact same thing – had to delete the game before downloading it – couldn’t even start the download with the disc version installed. A shame really, that’d be nice for the future.

Any chance of revealing all of the 12 days’ deals so I don’t end up furious by buying the wrong PS4 bundle tonight?


I don’t think they’ll reveal the line up but BF4 premium was one of the deals accidently leaked onto the store over the weekend, wouldn’t be surprised to see far cry 4 and gta5 pop up aswell, AC4 is also fairly certain, there aren’t many AAA games that could go on sale for the PS4 tbh, games from the black friday sale will likely not appear tho so putting together a list of possible games shouldn’t be hard


I know the odds are slim to zip but any chance of a christmas discount on dc universe memberships pretty please with a mince pie on top :)


The price on TLOU is great, and I would have bought it today if it wasn’t for the decision to censor the multiplayer in Europe. Now, I have to look for a good deal in the US and get the disc shipped to me, just to see the game as it was intended. Not sure if Sony or Naughty Dog are to blame, but I’m really ticked off about it.

But besides that, good deals. I’m looking forward to the following 11 deals.


Promising start. Nothing for me (as I already have TLOU, loving that SALE price though) but prices look good and games not too shabby. Looking forward to rest, hope there is always a great steal like TLOU in there and one turns up being something I don’t own :)

Damn, that TLOU looks pretty sweet. I might go for it.

I love the background picture for this topic! it’s so simple and elegant =D


Can we get a deal in PS Plus Subscription?
Thanks for the deals.


Why can’t I buy Last of Us Remastered?

It says that it’s not available in my Region (Portugal). Link:

Can you please check what’s happening? Thank You


Trouble2000, you solved the problem and buy the game. Or still got the same error?


I had the same problem when buying through the playstation store site, I tried in the console itself and it succeeded :)

Until Sony adds compatibility support to allow G27 Logitech steering wheels to be used with the PS4, I urge everyone to avoid purchasing a new PS4.

Until Sony enables users of Logitech G27 steering wheels to use them with PS4, I urge everyone to avoid purchasing a PS4.

Thanks for the heads-up. I was going to buy The Last of Us in the sale, but now I will just sell my PS4 instead, even though I don’t own any racing games or have any interest in them. Anyway, I’m sure everyone will listen to your sound, balanced and unbiased advice.


Not sure about avoiding PS4 entirely but that was a big factor towards the failure of DriveClub and why many people will be getting Project Cars on PC instead of PS4.

I can still remember that joke of a post about DC wheel compatability and they had 2 wheels on there… despite claiming ‘we love wheels’.

My PC cant handle the newest games so I wont be getting racing games at all until they decide to support my wheel (DF GT).


@Fred and @Chris
Any news on the highly requested feature to buy games that I already have on ps+ IGC. I hope some of the games I have on IGC come on sale and I would like to get them for “real”, since I’m drop+ing my ps+ account at the end of December.


Same here, I want that feature, but after speaking to customer support I know it’s never coming :/

I can guess why though, Sony want to constantly tie you in with the fear of losing all your games from the IGC :/

I’ve stopped DL’ing any games from the IGC so I can buy them when they’re on sale. I’ll be dropping my subscription in December too, and will prob buy one month as and when I need to do online trophies.

Hi Chris or Fred (or anyone who can answer),

This is a little off-topic (but I can’t think of a better avenue to contact you guys directly), but can we get an update on what’s happening with the legacy DLC for Rocksmith 2014 on the PS4? Just that it seems that the US store has had all of the legacy DLC for about a month now and Ubisoft have said that it had been submitted to the SCEE store early and have asked if there are any problems, of which there are none.

It’s just that having read on this blog that I would be able to play all of the DLC that I have bought on the PS3 on the PS4 version, I bought the PS4 version only to find that, at least so far, this is not the case, with no updates since giving any idea of when this will change. If I knew that it I couldn’t play the songs that I own, I probably wouldn’t have purchased the PS4 version, as there wouldn’t be much point.

I’m just hoping that this issue hasn’t just been forgotten along the way, and would at least feel a little ha...

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Hi Chris or Fred (or anyone who can answer),

This is a little off-topic (but I can’t think of a better avenue to contact you guys directly), but can we get an update on what’s happening with the legacy DLC for Rocksmith 2014 on the PS4? Just that it seems that the US store has had all of the legacy DLC for about a month now and Ubisoft have said that it had been submitted to the SCEE store early and have asked if there are any problems, of which there are none.

It’s just that having read on this blog that I would be able to play all of the DLC that I have bought on the PS3 on the PS4 version, I bought the PS4 version only to find that, at least so far, this is not the case, with no updates since giving any idea of when this will change. If I knew that it I couldn’t play the songs that I own, I probably wouldn’t have purchased the PS4 version, as there wouldn’t be much point.

I’m just hoping that this issue hasn’t just been forgotten along the way, and would at least feel a little happier knowing that the plans to release this DLC are still going ahead, and maintain my trust that any such announcements on this blog are being fulfilled.

Thanks in advance for any answer, and for all other good work you guys are doing.

everytime i open the online store it takes me to the US store even when i pick UK. it goes to the UK one after i sign in though


Delete the site from your browser (content and maybe cookies as well). In Firefox you can search for it in your history, right-click and choose “Forget about this site”. Make sure you don’t have the site open in a tab. Then you will see the “Select country” screen again. No other way to switch except logging in.


How do I do it on chrome?

Good to see this back!

Hoping for SAO and/or HDN Rebirth 1 during these sales, *fingers crossed* :p

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