20 PlayStation TV adverts from our 20 year history – how many do you remember?

From the weird to the wonderful – watch the best of our TV spots

As you may know, this week we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of PlayStation (stay tuned to our Twitter feed from 1.00pm GMT today for 20 hours of rolling celebrations), and as part of the festivities we’ve been digging through the vaults, clearing out the cupboards and generally having a bit of a stock take.

As part of that, we revisited 20 years of European PlayStation television adverts – and what an entertaining stroll down memory lane it proved to be, offering a fascinating perspective on how the PlayStation brand has evolved over the past two decades.

So, for your viewing pleasure, take a look at a few of our favourites. There are some really memorable clips in there – including David Lynch’s brilliantly weird ‘The Third Place‘ ad, complete with talking duck; the startling ‘Mental Wealth‘; and PS4’s lovely ‘#4ThePlayers Since 1995‘ nostalgia trip.

Let us know which one is your favourite…

PS One

‘Society Against PlayStation (SAPS)’ (1995)

‘Double Life’ (1998)

‘Shapes’ (1997)

‘Mental Wealth’ (1999)


‘Welcome to the Third Place’ (2000)

‘Bambi’ (2001)

‘Overload’ (2001)

‘Wolfman’ (2002)

‘Laughing Mouth’ (2003)

‘Mountain’ (2003)

‘Athletes’ (2004)

‘Traders’ (2004)




‘A Day in a Life’ (2005)


‘This is Living’ (2007)

PS Vita

‘The World is in Play’ (2012)


‘#4ThePlayers Since 1995’ (2013)

‘This is for the Players’ (2013)

‘Welcome to the Future of Play’ (2014)

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3 Author replies
madmanwithabox12 02 December, 2014 @ 12:41

I do remember a good chunk of these. Particularly being freaked out by the creepy Third Place ad. *shudder*

Podcast Beyond samples the Society Against PlayStation ad for their intro, which is a really cool little easter egg.

Nice little trip down memory lane. Thanks. :D

Double Life. Always Double Life.

Probably not possible but that could go back on TV today.

My god, forgot how completely weird and out there some of the older PS1/PS2 ads were, most of them are like ‘what the hell is this advertising?!?!?!’

Damn, It’s like i saw these in another life.

For me it’s ‘Mountain’ (2003). It is the first one I remember seeing on TV.

Also ‘#4ThePlayers Since 1995′ (2013) is really great – brings back all the memories


Yeah, I love Mountain – very World War Z!

Loved the SAPS and Kevin Butler commercials.

I have watched that ‘#4ThePlayers Since 1995′ (2013) video about 100 times i think so far :D It brings a tear to my eyes to every time to & just reminds me of my Gaming past. PlayStation4Ever;)

Double Life. When I first saw it I didn’t quite get it and was not very impressed due to the lack of colour (a child’s mind works like that), but today it is something that best summarises the gamer identity.


I liked the Vitas Commercial best, but laughing mouth is great, too.
Fun, anyone? is still the best slogan:)

madmanwithabox12 02 December, 2014 @ 13:07

I never actually understood “Welcome to the Third Place”. Is there any relevance behind it?

madmanwithabox12 02 December, 2014 @ 13:07

The slogan I mean. I know the advert is trippy as hell.


Just had a look into Wikipedia:

Here is a little excerpt which describes the meaning pretty good:
“Third places, then, are “anchors” of community life and facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction.”


I remember those creepy eyes :s

[i’m gonna take this opportunity to once again ask for The Order 1886 theme to come to EU store instead of just US store]

Wasn’t there a PSP advert with black and white animated squirrels?


You’ve missed one of the best ads! FOR MICHAEL!!!


Just to clarify, we’ve only included ads that were aired in the EU/PAL region. Obviously there were lots of great clips in North America too!

You missed the BEST one: “just working on my Playstation tan” from New Zealand! Youtube it.

You guys Missed the Best ad….


One other thing it’s clear that you advertised the PS2 more than anything, time you got more PS4/Vita ads in the style of those on TV now! Sick of seeing XBox ads but rarely any PlayStation ones on TV


Well, it’s worth bearing in mind that back in the PS1 and PS2 days there weren’t so many options when it came to advertising – basically just print and TV. Today, you’ve got print, TV, Facebook, Twitter, email, online etc. It’s a very different landscape now, and might explain why there were more TV spots back then.

bonkersfoxhound 02 December, 2014 @ 13:36

This brought a tear to my eye. It made me feel old yet it made me realise what a journey its been. How playstation shaped my youth and is still is now. I still look forward to getting home every night and playing just like when i was young. And to watch my children take an intrest in something we can genuinely enjoy together. And i miss the ps2 start up. Heres to another 20 at least.

Hmmm I remember most of them… but… aren’t few of them missing?

Where is “Long Live Play”? it was one of the best ads. Or where is that one with balloons? There was something with balloons if I’m not mistaken.

From those included probably either Mountain or This is Living (BUT FULL ONE! Not cropped)


I personally love the Bambi one and glad to see it on there :)


I miss the trippy style of the old adverts, I like the idea of pushing boundaries and making people think. The new ads are so commercial and blatant, ahh well, different times I guess. :)


Well said. The intrigue just keeps you locked to your screen. The modern ones simply don’t do that..


Why thank you kind sir, and I fully agree! :)

You missed off the ‘Pornstars’ PS2 video.

bonkersfoxhound 02 December, 2014 @ 13:53

Were the old people now. In my day music came on cassettes. You had to use a phonebox to make a call ect ect…


So much love here! Boy you feel old when seeing all of these, but damn what a great feeling! Great memories! :D #20YearsOfPlay


Double Life is, for me, the best ad for videogames ever made.

Awesome! Cant wait to watch these tonight!

Here in South Africa, we never got console adverts on TV, but i remember the “PS2: The Third Place” advert on rental videos…… on VHS… wow, saying VHS again makes me feel old.

My top 4 from those:

1. Bambi
2. Double Life
3. Mountain
4. Multispeed

Kind of sad that the ads these days focus on promoting special functionality and not on the spirit of gaming. Well besides Michael.


Hmm, now only if the US blog did something like this. I only seen this one because it popped up on my Facebook. The UK have pretty weird ads…

My favorite one is the “For Michael” ad followed by the Kevin Buttler ones :)


I love most of them, Mental wealth, Overload and the 2004 ones less so. They’re so weird and intriguing that you don’t need to switch channels and can just enjoy the art. Also, the catchphrase ‘Do not underestimate the power of Playstation’ was by far the best and most iconic and the one they should’ve stuck with.. Makes ‘This is for the players’ sound like something a [MODERATED] would say :(

bonkersfoxhound 02 December, 2014 @ 14:31

I dont think playstation was aimed at the masses back then. More the gamers. Rather than a multi media device. Much like the ps4 now returning to its roots. 4thePLAYERS and all that.

European_Gamer 02 December, 2014 @ 14:41

I had not seen any of them before today.

European_Gamer 02 December, 2014 @ 16:12

I have seen the PS4 and Vita ads on YouTube (via the and I’ve seen ‘This is for the Players’ two times as ads on Danish TV.

bonkersfoxhound 02 December, 2014 @ 14:49

Yo european gamer. :)

European_Gamer 02 December, 2014 @ 16:14


bonkersfoxhound 02 December, 2014 @ 14:58

I watched my very first dvd ever on my ps2. Now i am crying….

loved all these ads. :)

Double Life has to be my favorite, but so many amazing ones in there. And here’s an anniversary video I created for everyone at PlayStation!

I remember Shaolin Monks – levitating, spinning, and disappearing.

99.9% sure that was a PS Advert but I’m yet to find it anywhere.

Marius_Aquarius 02 December, 2014 @ 16:06

My favorite must be the Wolfman one. I it just something special about it, I hate being bored and I can punch suns. And Double life is a classic of course.


I remember most of these and it feels strange watching them all over again through the years from start to finish. It is kinda like I am aging up in quick motion while I pass through each ad. Lol

Great memories I must say and more to follow. :)

The Athletes one reminds me of a Big Train sketch. :)

SilentShadowX2 02 December, 2014 @ 17:00

I liked all of them

Thanks for making me realise how closer to the grave I am.
SAPS one is the best.


I did not knew how many game ps4 one had.

CookieMonsterES 02 December, 2014 @ 18:31

My favourite one is Double Life. It’s as perfect and full of meaning now as back then in 1998. Timeless.


i miss one of the best commercial ever and that’s the playstation long live play trailer


here is a link for anyone that want’s to see the commercial

The S.A.P.S. ad is easily the best ever! Shapes comes in second place for me. The PSP/Vita ads were realy good, too.

On the other hand, the rest of the ads are awful.

Sharingan_itachi 02 December, 2014 @ 20:04

Only one PSP and one Vita ad.

zalwelgoedgaan 02 December, 2014 @ 20:12

The “This is Living” commercial is my favorite, especially this part:

…what? It’s part of the commercial!

IMHO the best ad is “#4ThePlayers Since 1995”, honestly it brings tears into my eyes when hearing all the sound in background from Crash Bandicoot, Gran Truismo and other PSX titles…. my childhood! So many nights playing on PS1, then PS2 and so on… really nice advert that makes me really nostalgic.

BTW recently I have discovered old PlayStation Magazines (years 1999 and 2000) which I was buying for demo disks( obviously :) ), but I found article about GREAT upcoming console called PlayStation 2 with all the specs and stuff. I was almost praying to that picture and as a kid I did not believed that I will own such powerful machine, ever! This may be the reason why I immediately preordered PS4 since I could afford it these days, I was like 10 – 12 when dreaming about PS2 and my parents haven’t that money laying around back then.

I am the wolfman – still waiting for the game !

Who doesn’t want to smash through planets and beat up the sun – ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I am the wolfman – still waiting for the game!

Who doesn’t want to smash through planets and beat up the sun – ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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