Super Stardust Ultra unveiled for PlayStation 4

An explosive new outing for Housemarque’s classic shoot ‘em up series

Hi PlayStation fans. I’m excited to announce that Super Stardust Ultra is blasting its way onto PlayStation 4!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Super Stardust series, the critically acclaimed Super Stardust HD by talented developer Housemarque was originally released on PS3 in 2007, followed up on PSP and most recently on PS Vita as Super Stardust Delta in 2012.

Super Stardust™Ultra_20141127170118Super Stardust™Ultra_20141127171530Super Stardust™Ultra_20141127171753

This timeless shoot ’em up has you pilot a start fighter in the depths of space, defending planets against the onslaught of enemy attacks in the midst of a deadly meteor storm. Your mission is simple, use split second timing and pure arcade skill to make every shot count and destroy everything in your path.

Super Stardust Ultra, has an array of new planets, glorious visual enhancements, and includes no less than nine different game modes, including new modes and established favourites from the series and its’ various add-ons.

Super Stardust™Ultra_20141127173856Super Stardust™Ultra_20141127174405Super Stardust™Ultra_20141128161637

With the PS4’s socially connected features, you can now show the world your skills in the new ‘Interactive Streaming’ game mode, letting your viewers vote periodically to change up your gameplay as they watch.

Because Super Stardust has always been about achieving high scores, we have added the feature that allows you to directly send and receive challenges from your online friends; or you can simply compare your scores across the global leaderboards.

Super Stardust™Ultra_20141128163330Super Stardust™Ultra_20141128164148

If you don’t fancy flying solo, you can also compete against friends in 2-4 player split-screen battles or team up in co-op mode.

We have ensured that Super Stardust Ultra brings the spirit of Stardust to the PS4 with new features, new gameplay, incredible depth and variety, and the best graphics possible, making it the most definitive and best version of Stardust ever!

Keep checking back for more Super Stardust Ultra news, as we’ll have updates and release date for you all very soon.

Super Stardust™Ultra_20141128164943Super Stardust™Ultra_20141128165220Super Stardust™Ultra_20141128170742
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“2-4 player split-screen battles” COOL :P I wish more games did this than just give people online modes all the time nowadays :(


yeah, especially because PSN is DOWN most of the time.. its not like super fast and up all the time like XBOX LIVE. :/

@Turkishflavor Can’t tell if serious or just a stupid shill. Xbox live was down for like 6hrs a few days ago to tell me again about how ‘up all the time’ it is. lol

‘Lizard Squad’ hacker group claims responsibility for taking down Xbox Live

That “group” deserves all the worst diseases in the world.


I bet some fanatic Vita fans will try to turn this into bad news, but I can only applaud this. PS Vita & PS4 enriching each other: PS Vita getting a Resogun port from PS4 and PS4 getting a Super Stardust Ultra port from PS Vita!

And if it’s cross-buy, I can only praise it even more! :)

Whoops, never mind thought I thought it was “Super Stardust Delta for PS4 unveiled” so thought it was going to be a port of that PS Vita game, but so it’s more like the next iteration of Super Stardust for PS4.

Sorry for my post, should have read better!

I mean “installment” of Super Stardust rather than “iteration”.

zalwelgoedgaan 05 December, 2014 @ 16:12

Who would those fanatic Vita fans be?

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“For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Super Stardust series…”

*cough* *cough* *cough* *Amiga classic* *cough* ;)

Loved Stardust on the old Amiga A500 and then Super Stardust on the A1200. Simple but fun games with Raytraced graphics and thumping music. The tunnel sections were what you really wanted to play though. Shame they were chopped out of the Playstation versions.

Oh and I just remembered it had a cracking intro with Star Wars scrolly text, orchestral music and a raytraced flyby from the ship. Gonna youtube it.

AWESOME. Will it be 4K 120fps on PS4 since the original was 1080p 60fps on PS3? Just kidding :)
Your teams are certainly busy at the moment with Alienation, PS3 and Vita versions of Resogun and now this. Good stuff. :D

Good question actually. Graphics look the same as PS3 Super Stardust HD, so maybe they could go to like 1440p and downsample to 1080p. Or 4K maybe. Or 1080p 60 fps 3D.



zalwelgoedgaan 05 December, 2014 @ 16:08

“including new modes and established favourites from the series and its’ various add-ons.”

its’? That’s awful.


lol is this a PS3 or PS4 title? because the screenshots look EXACTLY like the PS3 Version of SUPER STARDUST HD. Come on SONY! WE WANT NEXTGEN Games! not lastgen ports!!


Excellent, will be picking that up when it releases.

Must have this game now! Give it to me now!


Shut up and take my money

Please tell me there’s a 3D mode?


Yes, it’s 3D compatible.


1080p stereo 3D @ 60hz?

I can’t wait! I’ve been so disappointed by the lack of stereo 3D in the PS3 ports (especially Flower). I hope this kicks off adding stereo 3D to more first-party PSN titles!


Its great Playstion is bringing back classic games !

Great news…. This was my first PS3 game and my first PS Vita game…. It’s gonna blow my mind on the PS4….. This will give Resogun a run for the ultimate shooter title!
Day 1 purchase!


No retail version, no sale.


Split-screen and co-op, two words we don’t see enough off nowadays. Don’t know why, it’s fun to battle your friends while in the same room. I might pick this one up.

Just curious… will there be discounts for people who have the other versions?

Doesn’t matter if there aren’t… I’ve got every other version, so will more than likely buy this one too.

Will it also have online co-op? Liked this as one of the best features from Resogun.


So, just to be clear, this is Super Stardust HD with extra content, right? Not an entirely new game?

I love HD and Delta, so I will be picking this up on launch day regardless.


YES! Spent many hours on HD, Delta is still my favourite Vita game. And now PS4 will have it’s SSD game.


Super Stardust was possibly the most played game on my ps3, loved it! It’s so awesome to see it back, instant buy! Let the eye melting commence!

Must have for me !!! Will it have platinum trophy ?

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